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Headline for Sightseeing in Guiyang – A Marvellous City of Culture
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Sightseeing in Guiyang – A Marvellous City of Culture

Beautiful Guiyang popular for its minority groups offering colourful traditions, vibrant dances and many festivals is enhanced by scenic surroundings a glistening lake and verdant mountain backdrop.


Jiaxiu Tower

An iconic symbol of Guiyang this tower is located on famous Fuyu Bridge which spans the Nanming River. The tree tiered tower also known as the first scholars tower is resplendent with ancient architectural stylings and a wooden tiered roof. This exquisite expression of detail has given rise to the place being a muse to many poets and authors who were known to gather at the tower for inspiration.


Qingyan Ancient Town

This charming little town is popular for its reserve of vintage buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Apart from this, many travellers love exploring the other historically rich buildings and breath-taking scenery that well justifies Guiyang's nickname as the 'forest city'. Qingyan is also home to the ethnic minority groups of Buyi People, Dong People and Miao People. The design of houses for each minority varies in style; for instance you will observe the Diaojialolou of the Miao, the Drum Tower and Wind and Rain Bridge belonging to the Dong minority as well as the beautiful stone houses of the Buyi tribe. Enjoy the charming folksy atmosphere as well as the stunning surroundings.


Flower Stream Park

This park is named after the Flower Stream River which is dubbed China's first river for romance. The place is home to a number of colourful parks as well as historical buildings and is quite popular as a recreational centre for the rich and famous. Of course the city is home to many recreational resorts offering the ultimate in luxury; initiated with the introduction of the Anantara Guiyang Resort the very first resort to be housed in beautiful Guiyang; the city is now a top pick for holidaying in the picturesque folds of nature.


Red Maple Lake

Red Maple Lake or Hong Feng Lake is loved for the island and glistening waters that make up the area. The place is about 25kms from hotels in Guiyang and can be easily reached within 20 minutes. The region is made up of four sections; these are south lake, rear lake, north lake and the ethnic minority villages a definite must visit site for relaxing in the folds of nature at its best.


Tianhe Pool Scenic Area

This is a location that's 25kms from the city centre of Guiyang. The place is famous for its karst columns that make up the stunning landscape. Head over to Tianhe Pool area and you will be treated to beautiful mountain backdrops, karst caves, rivers, lakes, glistening pools, gorgeous waterfalls, natural stone bridges and verdant valleys. The place is easily accessible via public bus transport or a special line that plies the routs.