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Tire Shredding Equipment

Tire Shredding Equipment. We offer fully integrated turn-key systems. Visit us at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA • CALL US TODAY! 1-801-505-6841 USA


Green Tire Recycling - Crumb Rubber Plant - ECO Green Equipment

Crumb Rubber Plant. ECO Green Equipment, USA.

ECO Green Equipment - Tire Recycling Equipment - Crumb Rubber - Tire Shredder

Handling and shredding of waste tires is one of the greatest challenges facing the recycling world today. ECO Green Equipment has designed powerful and effective shredding solutions specifically to process waste tires. Our shredders use a low speed, high torque mechanism for powerful reduction of passenger tires, truck tires, and pre-shredded OTR tires. Due to the increasing demand for secondary products from shredded tires, we offer our customers a complete line of shredders and shredding systems for a wide range of applications and custom engineered systems to deliver optimum production and shred size.

ECO Green Giant | Two-Shaft Tire Shredder

The NEW ECO Green Giant two-shaft tire shredder with patent pending knife design from ECO Green Equipment. Call Now for more information: +1 (801) 505-6841 USA.

ECO Grater | Secondary Tire Shredder | ECO Green Equipment, USA

The New ECO Grater, secondary shredder, for processing primary scrap tire shreds for steel and fiber liberation. Contact a ECO Green Equipment representative...

ECO Monster Blade Change Service Video

Blade change and service video for the ECO Monster, single-shaft tire shredder.

ECO Krumbuster® System Video | Tire Milling Equipment

ECO Krumbuster® Module Video featuring the commercial grade ECO Krumbuster® cracker mill for fine tire and rubber grinding/milling.

ECO Green Equipment, USA. (801) 505-6841

Grater Video, Tire Shredders, ECO Green Equipment

The ECO Grater is the ultimate tire recycling machine for mid-stream grinding and steel liberation. It is specifically designed to take pre-shredded tires chips and produce between 1.75' and 0.5' rubber chip of tire recycle. The Grater can process up to 5 tons of input per hour. The main rotor housing is equipped with replaceable wear plates to increase the durability and longevity of the cutting chamber. Another unique feature of this machine is the ability to turn the knives once before having to send them to be sharpened or replaced, minimizing operating costs for recycling tires.

Contact an ECO Green representative today for assistance in your Tire Recycling Project.
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Huge Car Tire Shredder Recycling Equipment Plant

Eco Green Equipment has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the recycling industry for over a decade and is emerging as a leader in providing cost effective turnkey tire recycling systems. Our main focus is to provide custom designed tire recycling systems that deliver optimum production for a variety of applications such as TDF (Tire Derived Fuel), rubber mulch, and crumb rubber. We have manufactured and installed recycling systems in countries all over the world, including the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, South Africa and Asia. These systems are specifically designed and tailored to fit the diverse needs of our global customers.

Contact an ECO Green representative today for assistance in your Tire Recycling Project.

Dust Removal Video, Tire Shredder, ECO Green Equipment

ECO Green Equipments' Dust Removal System is the premier system for the removal of dust and fine powders from rubber recycling to maintain a clean and healthy work environment. This tire shredding system employs a large vacuum to clean air and preserve clean work conditions.

Contact an ECO Green representative today for assistance in your tire recycling project.
Call us today: 1-801-505-6841
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Panel de control - Video, Maquina Recicladora de Llantas, Reciclado de Llantas, ECO Green Equipment

ECO Equipo Verde produce plantas de reciclaje de neumáticos llave en mano completos con los sistemas de control de primer nivel. Estos módulos proporcionan al operador de la planta una visión integral de cada componente de los equipos, así como el conjunto del sistema en cualquier punto de la planta.

Póngase en contacto con un representante de ECO verde hoy para recibir asistencia en su Proyecto de Reciclaje de Neumáticos.

Llámenos hoy: 1-801-505-6841 en los EE.UU.

ECO Monster - Single Shaft Tire Shredder

The new ECO Monster single-shaft tire shredder by ECO Green Equipment, USA. Contact us now for more information.
+1 (801) 505-6841

ECO Krumbuster® System Installations

Various locations and installations of the ECO Krumbuster® grinding mill.

Disk Screen Video, Tire Shredders, ECO Green Equipment

ECO Green Equipments' Disk Screen is the premier screening equipment to ensure that the rubber recycling system produces the desired output size for your tire shredding product. This tire recycling equipment recirculates oversized shredded rubber as it exits tire shredder to recirculate into tire shredder. ECO Greens' Disk Screen assures tire recycling output accuracy and efficiency.

ECO Green Giant Installations | 2017

Recent installations of the ECO Green Giant two-shaft primary tire shredder. Copyright, ECO Green Equipment, 2017.

Industrial Tire Recycling Equipment & Shredders

Modern recycling isn’t as inefficient and costly as it was in the past. In fact, with the right equipment, it can be incredibly lucrative. One vital tool for turning a profit through recycling is a tire shredder. EcoGreen equipment is high-powered and efficient, with the Green Monster single-shaft shredder capable of processing up to 12 metric tons of tires per hour and the Green Giant two-shaft shredder capable of processing up to 30 metric tons per hour (Source: Environmental XPRT).

ECO Grater | Secondary Tire Shredder 2017

ECO Green Equipment's secondary tire shredder, the ECO Grater, for rubber and steel separation. Call Now for more information. +1 (801) 505-6841