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Headline for Resources for Science Teachers
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Resources for Science Teachers

Here are some resources available to you and your students for Science.

Virtual Science Club

About the Virtual Science Club The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History had a long-running Science Club from the 1970’s through...

STEAM Carnival Kick-Off

The STEAM Carnival Kick-off at ESC Region 11 is a 3-Day STEAM experience including showcases,
exhibits, and hands-on investigations for 4th-8th grade

Calling all geeks, nerds, scientists, artists, and other cool people!

I am hunting for students who might have interest in doing an extracurricular STEAM project to go on a field trip next month! If you happen to know a student or two who might be interested in working on a project, I would greatly appreciate your help in connecting with them!

I will be helping a few teams apply to represent CISD at the Region 11 STEAM Carnival (link below). Each team will need at least 2 kids, but can have more. It is 4th-8th grade. I'm already working on a CE group, but only have one student. I'll need one or more students to pair him with. At JJE, AVC, and IMMS, I am available for event logistics, and to be the attending sponsor if a team is selected. That's if you want to field a team. I'm noticing that our female students have some great maker and engineering intuition on projects, but they are so shy about sharing their skills. This event could be a great opportunity for some CISD girls to practice their presentation skills.

The teams that are going will have a table where they guide visitors in participating with their project for a 4 hour block. They'll bring a project that has 2 of the STEAM content areas, and it needs to be hands on for the folks who visit the table to hear about the projects. Teams have to do a simple application and get approved but I can help with that. I just don't have a good way of connecting with the students directly to find interested participants. Also, I will need help navigating approvals specific to your campus, as I don't know all of the staff yet.

Here is the link to the event. It is October 17-19, but students that attend will only be there for one of the days.

I'll be going to the event, so if you know of some kids who would like to go too, help me bring them along too! The best way to do that would be to find 2-3 interested students who can work together, and send me their names. If nobody comes to mind, or your plate is too full, I may just field the single team at CE. Either way, it should be fun!

Alan Small
STREAM and Coding Coordinator
Castleberry ISD

Databases - Castleberry ISD

Discovery Streaming, Encyclopedia Britannica, & more

Destiny Quest for ebooks

Look for unlimited copies for whole class (whole grade level) use! eBooks can be streamed anywhere there is internet access.


Videoconferencing can break down barriers of time, distance and expense by connecting people around the world in real time.

Youth & Education

The youth/education program here at the Pro Football Hall of Fame aims to inspire young people to achieve Hall of Fame success on and off the field.

Challenge accepted!

To keep up the
excitement/collaboration we are planning to have a Challenge
Accepted once a month for all schools to participate in.