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The Spindletop Oil Find and it's Impact

A digital curation of primary and secondary sources related to the Spindletop oil discovery of Texas in 1901.

Bankers' Magazine 1927 Article on Spindletop and it's Impact

Provides an insight from 26 years after the oil discovery as to it's immediate impact.

Provides a first hand account from a citizen of Beaumont, probably a worker correcting the editors of Scientific American on the some misinformation they printed about the events of Spindletop


The Lucas Oil Gusher at Spindletop 1901

The Lucas Oil Gusher at Spindletop 1901

A world famous photograph showing the Lucas Gusher when it struck oil in 1901.

Taken from American Petroleum Institute website. The site credits the American Petroleum Institute; however, a Texas roadside historical marker credits John Trost (June 24, 1868 - August 4, 1944)

Texas population by race, sex, age, nativity, and urban—rural residence: 1850–1990

Data taken from the Historical Statistics of The United States database.

Dallas Morning News Article from 1901 on the Widening Oil Circle of Beaumont

Provides a first hand account showing that the discovery of more oil wells and widening oil circle at the Spindletop site.

Advertisement for the San Jacinto Oil Company printed in 1901 in the Christian Observer

This advertisement shows how oil companies presented themselves and advertised to draw people into the region or work for them.

The Original Dallas Morning News Article on the Lucas Oil Discovery

This was the original article printed in the Dallas Morning News on the initial find at the Lucas Oil Geyser at Spindletop printed the day after the find.

Giant Under the Hill: A History of the Spindletop Oil Discovery at Beaumont, Texas, in 1901 (Book)

A book detailing the history and impacts of the Spindletop oil discovery.