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Ozone dealers in bangalore

Techgreensolution is a popular ozone dealer in bangalore. We supply ozone generators for various applications. Get a free quote now

Ozone Applications in Aquaculture - Techgreensolution

Ozone applications in aquaculture improves water quality and productivity. Ozone generators are used for treating fish water in aquaculture industries.

Banquet Hall Odor Removal - Techgreensolution

Banquet halls uses synthetic products like carpets, curtains,etc which produces toxic gas odors.Ozone generators are effective in banquet hall odor removal.

Ozone Applications in SPA | SPA Ozonators-Techgreensolution

Ozone applications in spa reduces chlorine and bromine usage in spas and hot tubs.With spa ozonators you will use less chemicals for sanitization.

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal -Techgreensolution

Ozone generators permanently remove smoke odor resulting from fire damage, cigarette and tobacco smoke.Ozone is very effective in smoke odor removal.

School Odor Removal | School Odor Free - Techgreensolution

Ozone generator in school eliminates odors in the classrooms and makes healthy environment.It is very useful in classroom,labs,school odor removal.

Coffee Shop Odor Removal - Techgreensolution

Ozone generators are effective in coffee shop odor removal. They are used to kill microorganisms such as mold and mildew, which results in fresh smelling.

Ozone Applications in Cooling Towers - Techgreensolution

Ozone applications in cooling towers reduces the decay of pipes in the heat exchanger units. It eliminates the use of chemicals and saves energy costs.

Dormitories Odor Removal | Dorm Odor - Techgreensolution

Ozone generators in dormitories eliminates the dorm odor and prevents diseases like cold ,flu.Ozone systems are very effective in dormitories odor removal.

Ozone Applications in Drinking Water - Techgreensolution

Ozone applications in drinking water completely removes sulfur,manganese,taste,iron and odors without adding chemicals,provides purified drinking water.

Ozone Applications in Drinking Water - Techgreensolution

Ozone applications in drinking water completely removes sulfur,manganese,taste,iron and odors without adding chemicals,provides purified drinking water.

Fire Damage Smoke Odor Removal - Techgreensolution

Ozone generator is used to remove smoke odor from fire damage,tobacco, burned food . Cigar and cigarette smoke odor removal is easy with the ozonizer.

Ozone in Food Processing Applications - Techgreensolution

Ozone in food processing reduces pesticide levels in fresh fruits and vegetables.Ozone in food processing controls bacteria and viruses.

Ozone Generators in Gym | Gym Odor Free -Techgreensolution

Ozone generators in Gym or fitness center are used to eliminate the odor which are coming from gym during the workout session,it results in cleanliness.

Ozone Applications in Poultry | Ozone in Hatchery- Techgreensolution

Ozone applications in poultry improves the quality and life of poultry.Ozone in hatchery can stop spreading infectious diseases by killing harmful bacteria.

Home Odor Removal | Home Odor Purifier - Techgreensolution

Ozone generators are the best for home odor removal, which are used to prevent airborne impurities and creates a healthy atmosphere in home.

Ozone Applications in Hospitals - Techgreensolution

Ozone applications in hospitals prevents contamination and spread of infection. Ozone generator in hospitals keeps the environment infection free.

Hotel Odor Eliminator | Hotel Odor Removal - Techgreensolution

Hotel Odor Eliminator by techgreensolution is great for hotel odor removal .It helps to destroy the bacteria and microorganisms present in the air.

Kitchen Odor Eliminator - Techgreensolution

Kitchen Odor Eliminator is used to eliminate the odors from burning and other food preparation smells.It is useful for large and small kitchen odor removal.

Laundry Odor Removal | Ozone Generator - Techgreensolution

Ozone generators remove laundry odors very effectively. Laundry odor removal is necessary in potential cleaning and decreases the use of chemicals.

Locker Rooms Odor Eliminator - Techgreensolution

Locker rooms odor eliminator uses ozone to kill the mold and mildew which are generated by very high odor and it results in better smelling.

Mold Odor Removal | Mildew Odor Removal -Techgreensolution

Ozone generator removes molds,mildew,fungus,water damage and prevents the return of molds.No bleach,all natural and very effective in mold odor removal.

Office Odor Removal | Office Odor Control - Techgreensolution

Ozone generators by techgreensolution destroys the office odors permanently without using scents.It kills the microorganisms and purifies the air.

Paint Odor Eliminator | Paint Odor Removal - Techgreensolution

Paint odor eliminator is used to remove the paint odor and kills mold,because it is one of the strong and sickening smells that people can be around.

Pet Odor Removal | Pet Odor Control - Techgreensolution

Techgreensolution provides the best Ozone generators to eliminate the pet odor without any artificial fragrances and are very effective in pet odor removal.

Bar Odor Removal | Ozone Generator - Techgreensolution

Ozone generators for easy removal of pub and bar odors without artificial fragrances. It will eliminate Odors that build up in bars, pubs, casinos etc.