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Spiritual Healing

It is a non-touch healing therapy that works on a quantum level addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances simultaneously. It is the art and science of consciously bringing vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment, returning you to an optimal state of balance.

Biofield | Impact on Growth and Yield of Lettuce and Tomato | EBSCOhost

The study conducted to evaluate the Impact of mahendra Kumar Trivedi's biofield energy treatment on growth and yield of lettuce and tomato. Study the report in detail by following the above link.

Human Biofield Energy on Antimony and Bismuth Powders | EBSCOhost

The study to check and evaluate the effect of Mahendra Trivedi's external energy on atomic, crystalline and powder characteristics of antimony and bismuth powders. Follow the link to read more in detail.

Biofield | Growth and Anatomical Characteristics of Pogostemoncablin(Benth.)

The study revealed that a single spell of biofield energy treatment produced significant increase in growth in treated group throughout all the morphogenetic phases from in vitro to in vivo level.

Impact of an External Energy on Yersinia Enterocolitica | EBSCOhost

The present experiments on Yersinia enterocolitica [ATCC -23715], report the effects of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi biofield energy treatment, which has produced an impact measurable in a scientifically rigorous manner.

Evaluation of Biofield Energy Treatment on Cancer Cell Death

The present study evaluates the potential influence of biofield treatment on cultured human cancer cells and whether such influence was affected by varying the duration of the treatment (dose) or the distance between the biofield practitioner and the target cells.

Dahryn Trivedi –

Dahryn Trivedi, the Trivedi Master™ and the wife of Master of Transformation Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. Follow the link to know more about Dahryn Trivedi and her work.

Dahryn Trivedi – Publications | Google Scholar Citations

Visit the link and know more about the researches done by Dahryn Trivedi in the field of Biofield, Materials Science, Agricultural Science, Microbiology, Pharma and many more!

Dahryn Trivedi has made a huge impression in the scientific arena. Research institutes around the world are currently conducting rigorous scientific experiments to test, measure and validate Dahryn’s ability to transform living and non-living matter for a higher purpose.

Know More About Dahryn Trivedi at TrivediScience

Dahryn Trivedi is a Trivedi Master™ and also the wife of the Master of Transformation, Mr. Mahendra Trivedi. She was born in San Diego County, California, in the United States of America. Visit the web to know more!

Dahryn Trivedi – A Research Scholar & The Master of Transformation

Dahryn Trivedi's research experience includes various programs, contributions and participation in different countries in diverse fields of study. Follow the link to join to learn more about her.

Stainless Steel Powder: Impact from Biofield Treatment

Read this blogpost that highlights the impact of Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment on the structural, physical and mechanical properties of treated Stainless Steel powder.

 An Alternative Approach to Fight Against Enterobacter cloacae

The impact of Mr. Mahendra Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment is evaluated on Enterobacter cloacae with respect to its antimicrobial sensitivity, biochemical reaction pattern, and biotyping in a recent research work. Read here for the more details.

Biofield Energy Treatment to Fight against Diarrhea

Read here about the effect of Mr. Mahendra Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment on Shigella boydii (most typically associated with diarrhea) with respect to antimicrobial sensitivity, biochemical reaction pattern, and biotyping.

Science & The Trivedi Effect | Mahendra Trivedi

Mahendra Trivedi establishing a new scientific paradigm (The Trivedi Effect) that will bring about lasting solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and vastly improve the human condition. Visit the web at to know more!

Join Special Prayers with Mahendra Trivedi & Trivedi Masters

Visit website to join Mr. Mahendra Trivedi and Trivedi Masters special prayers event on this festive season. This unique program facilitates profound shifts and leads to greater prosperity in all areas of life. Join now to know more!

Mahendra Trivedi's Scientific Pulications List | Biofield

Join Mahendra Trivedi on and know more about the researches done by Mr. Trivedi in the field of materials science, biofield, microbiology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cancer, genetics, agriculture etc.

Mahendra Trivedi - Biofield Selected Works - BePress

Mahendra Trivedi’s work within the international scientific community is extensive and ongoing. This research constitutes an invaluable database for scientists attempting to understand the power of consciousness, energy medicine and the human biofield of energy.

Mahendra Trivedi's Biofield Therapy | Energy Fields of Life

Click the link to get Mahendra Trivedi's research publications and materials research innovations in agriculture, biotechnology, microbiology, materials science, genetics, cancer and biofield.

Follow Mahendra Trivedi on Disqus and participate in the discussion on various topics like: Live Stocks, Materials Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biofield etc.

Loop | Mahendra Trivedi - An Independent Researcher

Mahendra Trivedi is an Independent Researcher with expertise in cell biology, cancer research, materials science, biofield, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, live stocks.

Mahendra Trivedi - Biofield Energy Researcher –

Biofield energy treatment is a healing technique where life force energy is transmitted to a person’s biofield. Join Mahendra Trivedi on to know more about the researches validating the impact of biofield energy.

Mahendra Trivedi providing an invaluable database of his researches for scientists attempting to understand the power of consciousness, energy medicine and the human biofield of energy.

Mahendra Trivedi Biofield Researches at NCBI

Mahendra Trivedi amassed a collection of over 4,000 scientific studies in agriculture, biotechnology, genetics, microbiology, materials science,, cancer, human health and biofield. Join him on NCBi to know more!

Mahendra Trivedi - Public Profile - National Geographic

Mahendra Trivedi is a member of the National Geographic community. Mr. Trivedi has a collection of over 4,000 scientific studies in many life sciences and materials science categories.

Mahendra Trivedi Biography | PubFacts

Mr. Trivedi’s unique biofield energy (The Trivedi effect®) has been known for its significant impact in the field of material science, agriculture, microbiology research and biotechnology research. Follow him to know more!