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Types of Fishing Boats in Maldives – Enjoy your Journey across the Waters

A water taxi or shuttle boat will take you to your resort on landing in Maldives after which you'll have many experiences on various types of boats. Read on to get updated on numerous types of vessels.


Classes of Boats

A boats 'class' is measured on the length of the vessel; depending on the length and allocated class there is a list of items that should be on board as required by law. There are 4 length classes that fishing boats are divided into. Class A boats are 16 feet in length, Class I vessels are over 16 feet and less than 26 feet, Class II boats are longer than 26 feet and less than 40 feet and finally there is the Class II vessel that's longer than 40 feet and less than 65 feet in length. The length is measured from top end of the bow to the stern in a straight line.


Capacities Allocated to Fishing Boats

There is a recommended weight capacity and maximum number of passengers listed in the owner's manual and manufacturer's details, which should always be followed and adhered to. There is a capacity plate attached close to the vessels transom near the operator's post which you can check for maximum weight and capacity; as recommended by the manufacturer.


Ideal Boats for Beginners

If you are all set for a fishing holiday and look forward to investing in a boat there are many vessels that cater to various budgets and needs. A beginner should look at an all-purpose fishing boat and options such as aluminium fishing boat, bowrider or pontoon. In the Maldives you will come across the Naladhu Ranee at the Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort; this is just one of the many luxury yachts you will encounter at this luxury holiday destination and it is not necessary to buy the vessels for these luxurious boats are yours to charter for full or half day tours on the glistening ocean.


Types of Hulls

A boats hull will determine how well the vessel performs in the water. Displacement Hulls are round in design and serves the purpose of chopping through the water. The boat ploughs through the water in order to provide a smooth ride as it cut through the water with minimum propulsion. Downsides are it requires more fuel and is slow. The Planing Hull; this type of vessel is flat and V shaped on the bottom this enables the front part of the boat to rise above the water for the boat to skim across the sea. Advantages are it uses less fuel since it rides almost above the water and is faster. Multi Hull boats are common with catamarans and pontoons which are used by Maldives five star resorts for island hopping and fishing tours around the Maldives. Air pockets between the twin hulls help the vessel to glide smoothly while giving stability to the spacious vessel.


Types of Engines in Fishing Boats

Weight and horse power of the engine makes a huge difference on the boats performance. In the Maldives you will find outboard and inboard design engines. The speed boats provided by luxury Maldives beach resorts will whizz you across the waters in seconds with their powerful engines; quite a thrill for the adrenaline junky. Boat engine sizes depend on the vessels size number of passengers, fuel economy, reduced vapour lock in warm climates and many other factors.