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Best Cardio MMA Workouts

MMA is one of the hardest sports. Fighters need to be prepared in several ways to stand the long fights. From this list you can learn what type of cardio training they do.


10 Minute Core & Cardio Workout

Have no time? Then try this quick routine to boost your heart rate up and shape your abs.

MMA Conditioning Cardio Workout

If you like running on treadmill then this routine is for you.

No Gym Boxing / Cardio MMA Drills

Another great routine that helps to develop fighting skills, muscle endurance and stamina.

30 Min Knockout MMA Workout at Home

This is an excellent conditioning workout you can do at home. It lasts only for half an hour, but it works your entire body. You can also learn how to punch and kick.

MMA Cardio Circuit Training

Firstly, that guy in the video looks perfectly. I wish I has such a perfect and strong body. :)

For this routine you will need equipment like a kettlebell, pull up bar, etc. It is a good example how you can develop speed, strength and endurance in one workout. this routine is for those who are at least at intermediate level.

15 Min Conditioning Training

If you know the various punches and kicks, you can add an extra boost to your workouts by using light dumbbells. That little extra weight is add a big boost to your workout.

4 Keys to Cardio for MMA Fighters

This is a good guide about what kind of cardio is good for fighting.

M-100 MMA Cardio Workout from Funk Roberts

Funk Roberts' is one of my favorite fitness channels on Youtube. In this video he first talk about a kind of supplement, so skip the first 3 minutes. Then, the fun starts.

Intense Home MMA Workout | Can You Handle It?

This is a great cardio workout combined with a few strength training exercises. You can do at home since only bodyweight exercises are done.

Best Cardio Boxing Workout Routines to Melt Fat Quickly

Have you got a punching bag? Would you like to try shadow boxing? You can find some really good cardio boxing workouts here.

Killer MMA Heavy Bag Workout

This is an excellent heavy bag-conditioning workout from Sean Fagan. I love it! Not easy but it boosts your endurance.

How to Improve Your Cardio for Mixed Martial Art

This is a great MMA workout using high intensity metabolic training. If you are a fighter try this MMA workout to help improve cardio, endurance and condition.

CAGE Cardio Bodyweight Fight Deck

Powerful and efficient MMA training workouts will give you elite conditioning in 20 minutes or less.

MMA Exercises for Bginners and Ladies

And finally here is a workout for you girls with jump rope and bodyweight moves.