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Magento eCommerce Extensions

Get Magento Modules for your eCommerce stores, useful to increase your sales and overall growth. You can also get custom design modules according to your business needs.

What To Watch Out When Migrating to Magento2

The latest version of Magento has brought about a sense of excitement throughout the global online marketers. More security, more flexibility, more premium Magento extensions, and more functionalities. Everything is more with Magento2.

Abandoned Cart with Template Customization

Abandoned Cart With template Customization Magento Extension allows store owners to get connected with consumers by sending customized reminders if checkout is disabled.

Ask Less With OnePage Checkout And They’ll Buy More

Attracting more visitors and converting them to consumers is the prime goal of every online shopping platform. It might seem as easy as you read, but the reality is something different as only a few percent of visitors purchase products. We design unique themes and hire SEO professionals for better page ranking, but everything might go in vein if the final step of order placement is not up to the mark – Checkout.

Universal Currency Support By PayPal

Universal Currency Support by PayPal Magento extension automatically converts any currency into PayPal supportive currency using current market rates to enable your buyers to shop from anywhere.

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It is way easier to reward your customers with 'Rewards Point Extension' and stimulate buying behavior, retain customer loyalty and get them back for another purchase using free points and attract new customers as well.


Get flat 30% off on all Magento1 & Magento2 extensions

Get flat 30% off on all Magento1 & Magento2 extensions

We provide Top Magento Extensions to our customers, specially designed by certified Magento developers, keeping in mind the requirements of your target audience.

Request A Quote Magento® 2 Extensions

Request a Quote Magento2 Extension lets you receive quote requests through front-end and manage theme easily using admin panel with automatic email notification.

Event Booking Tickets and Reservation Magento® Extension

Event Booking-Tickets & Reservation Magento extension allow online visitors to book tickets and select seats easily with image upload option makes it look mo...


Great Offer On Request a Quote for Magento2

Great Offer On Request a Quote for Magento2

Entering the eCommerce marketplace can be a real challenge for many entrepreneurs with global leaders already enjoying their place on the top. For many online buyers, the appeal of purchasing products is not only the user experience, but also affordability it offers. As a retailer, you have to take care of everything including user-engagement, smooth navigation and a lot more that can be brought with Premium Magento2 Extensions.

Add Multiple Products To Cart Magento® 2.0 Extension in Magento eCommerce Extensions

Add Multiple Products to Cart Magento2 Extension lets online buyers to place bulk orders without going to product page, but add selected products from catalog itself.

Add Multiple Products to Cart Extension for Better Shopping Experience

Try Magento extensions for eCommerce stores provided by EmageZone, a team of professionals where we are dedicated to create new and customised extensions for the clients.

Add Multiple Products to Cart in Magento®

Online shopping business has great opportunities these days. We have access to a great amount of customer data and free tools like eCommerce modules and Google analytics serve as incredible way to understand customers’ behavior and bring more to the store.

Blue Dart Shipping Magento® 2 0 Extension

With Blue Dart Shipping Magento2 Extension, customers can check Cash on Delivery simply with zip code and it creates a PDF with product details for further p...

Make Product Search Easier On your Magento Store

Ever wondered what would happen if you put all the products of your eCommerce website on the front page? You’re right, it will be a scrolling nightmare. Home page will be many, many kilometer long. Because we all want to give customers a better shopping experience, this is the reason that product pages and categories are essential and premium Magento extensions are available to make shopping a smooth experience.

‘Click-To-Close’ Approach Turns The PPC Account Into a Blockbuster

Try Magento extensions for eCommerce stores provided by EmageZone, a team of professionals where we are dedicated to create new and customised extensions for the clients.

Add Multiple Products to Cart in Magento®

When planning to enter the eCommerce marketplace, selecting the right platform to develop your own store can be extremely daunting at first. With the multiple options available to create and manage your online storefront, some hosted by the provider and others may be hosted on your own hardware, the choice has always been quite difficult between the two – Magento & Shopify.

Advanced Free Promotional Gift With Every Purchase

Advanced Free Promotional Gift With Every Purchase Magento Extension is an amazing tool to reward online buyers with free gifts for every order they place at your store.

SEO Audit Checklist To Beat Out Your Competitors

I still remember the days when a lot of money was spent on traditional media campaigns to gain popularity through billboards and TV advertising. But it’s a different story today and Magento SEO has become a crucial way to beat out your competitors.

Daily Deals / Multiple Deals Magento2 Extension

Display cool deals with Daily Deals Magento2 Extension, allowing you to manage deals in the most professional way countdown timer and automatic activate and deactivate feature.

Add Multiple Products to Cart in Magento®

Today, online marketplace is more competitive than ever before and no consumer wants to waste time on making a few failed attempts to buy a Christmas jumper online before giving up. They would prefer visiting your competitor to get the same product at the same price.

Mega Menu Extension For Magento®

Organize featured products and improve Magento store’s usability and navigation with Mega Menu, highly customizable extension and designed to perform great on every device.

This Diwali, Make More Loyal Buyers With Unbeatable Features

Sales is important, but more important is creating a bond with the buyers and make them loyal to your online shopping business. And customers visit a store that they find appealing, engaging and creatively designed using premium Magento extensions.

Add Multiple Products to Cart in Magento®

Technology is changing and people are happy with it. The changes are going to affect each aspect of the web world and online shopping is the most crucial one. During the next 5 years, mobile commerce will become more influential than it is today. This is the reason that more and more developers are offering premium Magento extensions that are compatible to mobile devices.

Signs of a Genuine & Trusted Ecommerce Website

All right. You’ve got a beautifully designed eCommerce website with finely tuned checkout process. But, still the conversion rate is quite lesser than expected and shopping cart abandoned is an ongoing problem. Maybe online buyers don’t trust you! Higher product prices and cost of shipping have long been the leading causes that people abandon shopping…

Add Multiple Products to Cart in Magento®

Magento Community vs. Magento Enterprise Editions sounds much like a head-to-head comparison, but it actually isn’t. We’re not here even trying to turn this into a good vs. evil kind of discussion where one of them emerges as a bad boy and the other one emerges as the hero.