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Headline for Leonard's Department Store and the M & O Subway in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas.
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Leonard's Department Store and the M & O Subway in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas.

Wonder links to information sites and photos about the M & O subway and the Leonard's Department Store.

M & O Subway - Obie & Marvin Leonard

Construction of the tunnel. Obie & Marvin Leonard built the free parking lot next to the Trinity River under the Henderson Street bridge and this led to the entrance of the tunnel.

The skating rink area is now City Place

The Tandy Center has been renovated and converted into City Place, a mixed-use office and retail development with a new parking garage.

Leonard's Department Museum

Visiting the museum has many artifacts and historical photos. It is so fascinating and makes you realize why Leonards was such a hit with the public; it was a genuine company.

An article that has many facts and is interesting. The department store was bought by Tandy Corporation but they kept everything the same; after a couple of years the company expanded the stores and later a mall was created. In 1976 the skating rink was opened, which was one of the few that existed in North Texas at the time.

The Leonard Brothers expanded Downtown Fort Worth with their department store. Before the Civil Rights Movement the family company was embracing desegregation.

Video of the remains of the old M&O subway tunnel

The Star-Telegram's Gordon Dickson, Marty Leonard and Lauren Leonard explore the tunnel. The tunnel was sealed and now is a grassy area for the Tarrant County College.


Announcement of Subway Construction

Announcement of Subway Construction

The owners of Leonards announce the subway tunnel construction! The cars will have air condition and seat a maximum of 100 passengers. The cars will travel at a speed of 30 miles per hour and enter a tunnel of 14000 feet underground. The cost of the construction was more than 2 million dollars.


Leroy the conductor

Leroy the conductor

The stuffed animal Leroy is from the Leonard's Museum. Leroy was names as the youngest conductor of the subway. The stuffed toys were dressed like the conductors and become a popular sales item.


Subway Cars After Tandy Center

Subway Cars After Tandy Center

Tandy Corporation owned Radio Shack stocks and they used these newly boxed designed subway cars to keep up with the technology and theme of Radio Shack Modern look.