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Top 10 animals you wished you had as pet.

This list is showing which animals seem to be a likable choice for a pet.





Panda´s are really cute animal. When they are young they are friendly and love to play. They are more friendlier than other bears. Raising a panda would be an enjoyable time.





Kirby is a pink puffball. He can inhale objects and copies his enemies ability. Kirby is also immune to a lot of things, and he can be flattened and be unaffected. Kirby is an unstoppable force, but he might end up inhaling you.





Koala are animals who are native to Australia. Koala are very cute animals and they are lovable creatures. But, you must be careful, like all animals, Koala´s can be very aggressive to you, so you must be careful.

Antarctic Seals

A Seal is an adorable animal. They are cute, but it may be unhelpful. Seals really good at doing tricks, but you will need to feed them a lot of fish.


Penguins are animals that live in the arctic, but if they lived in hotter places you would want to have one as a pet. Penguin are very cute when they are young. They know how to slide their belly, and they are very friendly. Penguins also have funny waddles.


Elephants are known to be aggressive and deadly. That may be true, but if you had the elephant at a young age and took care of it, it would obviously know who you are and like you. Elephants are good for carrying stuff you have a hard time caring, and they are a mode of transportation.


Dolphins are creatures smarter than humans. They are strong enough to take on sharks. They also are very playful and very friendly. But, some dolphin's will go on the offensive and attack. If they are good enough to take on and kill a shark, they won't have a hard time on humans. You must be careful with dolphin's, don't get on its bad side.




Monkeys are very cute animals. They would be fun have as a pet and they are just as smart as humans. But you should be careful, Monkeys are animal with one of the best reflexes and jumping ability. They do know how to fight, and with their quickness they can take down any an enemy, and if they are running away from something, there agility will help them escape.


If a Kangaroo wouldn't attack you, they would be an amazing pet. They can attack you want to attack, and maybe it can be a mode of transportation.




Pokemon's are wild animals that you can catch and train. They usually end up attacking you so you must be prepared in case of an attack.