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Infant Colic

A complete list of everything you need to know about infant colic.

Colic Recognition, Insight, Education, and Support

Learn everything there is to know about colic in one place. All of the information provided is taken directly from publications and studies on colic.

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The frequent occurrence of a regular evening fussy period in two groups of infants is reported as indicative that this is a normal physiological event of the first few weeks of life.

How Long Does Infant Colic Last?

Calculate when your baby's colic will end using pediatric clinical data. Our easy to use calculator will give you answers in seconds.

Colic Symptom Checker

Take this colic symptom checker survey to find out if your baby has symptoms that may be caused by colic.

Colic Diary-Topic Overview

A diary for colic shows the baby's daily activities and the amount of time spent in each one. The diary should include:Crying and fussing periods. Who was present when the baby was crying? What comfort measures were used? Was the baby being held when the crying began?Sleeping periods. Was the baby sleeping alone or in the caregiver's arms?Awake times. Was the baby alone and happy or being held? Were bathing, changing, or other activities taking place? Feeding times. How much formula was taken? How long did the baby breast-feed? What position was the baby in during feeding? How was the baby burped? Did the baby spit up or vomit after a feeding? If you are breast-feeding, the health professional will want a record of your diet during this period of time.Stool pattern. What is the amount, color, consistency, and odor of the baby's stools?Number of wet diapers. What is the color, estimated amount (small, moderate, or large), and odor of the baby's urine?Weight. When during the day was the




Colic — Comprehensive overview covers causes and treatment of excessive crying for no apparent reason.

Colic Support

Millions of us go through it. Is it colic? What is colic? Is it the wrong diet? Is your baby hurting? So many questions. But it is important to know that you are not alone. It is a very serious matter and we need to support each other. Come here to vent out your frustrations and hear words of encouragement.

Colic vs High Needs Babies - What is the Difference?

The purpose of this infographic is to educate individuals on the differences between a colicky and high needs baby.

The 6 Best Colic Remedies

The condition is defined by frequent bouts of crying — not caused by a medical issue — in the evening for three or more hours, and on a regular basis.