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Headline for #budapest #lastweek - Volume 1, Issue 4 - Things You Probably Don't Know About Budapest
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#budapest #lastweek - Volume 1, Issue 4 - Things You Probably Don't Know About Budapest

News for expats from Budapest, Hungary.

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Past issues:
Issue 1 — Whose Underdog? August 15-21, 2016
Issue 2 — Something Stinks August 22–28, 2016
Issue 3 — What’s The Capital of Budapest? August 28-September 3, 2016


[TRANSPORT] Wizz Air adds Porto to Budapest Airport’s route network

Another sunny spot of Europe gets linked to Budapest.

..., the ultra-low-cost-carrier’s added its second Portuguese link from Budapest on September 4.

[CELEBRITIES] Celebrity spotting in Budapest - the new Hollywood

Some like it, some don't, but the movie business sizzles in Budapest.

If you want to have lunch at a table next to Angela Jolie, a drink at the same bar as Jude Law, or Brad Pitt, then visit Budapest.

[META + LISTS] Budapest is listed among the most beautiful cities in the autumn

What's not to like in meta's lists about lists.

The capital city of Hungary has been chosen as one of the locations suggested to visit in autumn, as this cities are wonderful in this season as well, writes The popular travel site Skyscanner enlisted 15 places from all around to world to give some tips on where to go in the upcoming months.

[QUIZ or LINKBAIT] 6 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Budapest - TripAdvisor Blog

Number #6 will blow you out of your wetpants. Kidding. Tell me two of your friends who don't know that fact. Only two.

Chances are you know Budapest is brimming with fairytale buildings, a layered history, Turkish baths, and paprika-packed dishes like goulash, but did you know that stunt performer Harry Houdini was born here? Or that the world’s largest geothermal cave system can be found under the city? Or that touching the pen of the statue of Anonymous near Heroes’ Square will allegedly make you a better writer? Turns out, there’s probably quite a bit that you didn’t know about the Hungarian capital city. Lucky for you, we rounded up six trivia tidbits to whip out at your next cocktail party.


You've asked for it now it's here. Oops, you have to wait another year to participate. But at least here's a lead to find out where to practice your SUP (stand up paddle) skills.

Planned for years finally organized. Paddling trip on the Budapest part of Danube.

[POLITICS, RAILWAYS] China, Serbia, Hungary make progress on Budapest-Belgrade railway deal

Not everything is in the air. China is pushing the Serbo-Hungarian friendship. I can only wonder if this is pro or contra migrants / EU / free trade / free movement ... but many will love the wider choice to get to Belgrade, fast.

Further progress was made in realization of the project for the modernization of the Budapest-Belgrade railway, the Serbian Ministry of Transport, Construction and Infrastructure said in a press release here on Friday.

[PUBLIC TRANSIT] Budapest mayor expects metro refit to accelerate

Keep repeating the mantra: "The M3 metro line refit will accelerate." over the next couple of months and your aims will advance.

Budapest Mayor István Tarlós expects the renovation of the capitalʼs M3 metro line to accelerate, he told the press after holding a two-hour discussion with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Friday morning, Hungarian news agency MTI reported during the day.