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Updated by MCS Cleaning Service on Sep 13, 2016
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5 Things to Consider When Financing Your Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Financing your commercial cleaning franchise is not difficult when you know how. Banks will often be able to lend you up to around ¾ of the cost of your franchise, but it is important to know precisely how much money you will need to start everything off. Below are five things to consider if you are interested in running your own commercial cleaning franchise:


Training costs

Even if you are hiring staff members who have worked as cleaners or franchise managers before, it is still advisable to train them to work in your franchise specifically.



Knowing how many people you will employ and how much their wages will amount to is an essential aspect of your budgeting.


Administrative work

How much will it cost to finance the administrative work of your franchise? Will it be cheaper to do this all at a head office, or to delegate some tasks more locally to different branches of your franchise?


Sales and marketing

Marketing is a vital part of any company. In the present day, this will include a substantial digital and online element. How are you going to finance your marketing strategy? How big will it be? Will you employ a specific marketing team to develop and sustain a marketing strategy? These are just a few of the important questions to ask yourself.


IT and human resources

Almost every business will use some kind of computer based system, whether that means creating a company website or having an internal computerised system for keeping track of which cleaning jobs you are dealing with (or both). As such, it is crucial to factor IT (and IT support) and human resources into your application for finance for your franchise.