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This #SMSsummit features an agenda full of experts ready to share their secrets to success on social media.

The Social Media Strategies Summit

Social Media Strategies Summit - A social media marketing conference focused on providing engaging & informative social media strategy, case studies, training and concepts from the industry's leading companies & thought-leaders. Through this cutting-edge social media conference, you will learn the top trends and innovative thoughts from the finest social media experts and social media consultants.

WHAT’S ON DECK This #SMSsummit features an agenda full of experts ready to share their secrets to success on social m...

You’ve probably been to a number of conferences where you’re inundated with product pitches. Not at #SMSsummit Higher Ed. Our speakers are here to teach you the how-to of social media marketing initiatives that help you meet your institution's goals.

How Social Recruiters Can Find Candidates: Best Practices

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How to untangle social media and customer service

More and more companies are using social media for customer service. Undoubtedly it has a lot of perks for customers, what with increased transparency and quick turnaround time. But it has a lot of business perils too. This brings me to a very important question –

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN This #SMSsummit features an agenda full of experts ready to share their secrets to success on socia...

You read that right - you get to attend two conferences for the price of one. #SMSsummit will cover more specific social media topics, and MKTG CONF will delve into broader marketing topics including customer experience, brand, marketing analytics, tech and more.LEARN MORE

Why consumer distrust necessitates employee advocacy [PODCAST]

Who doesn’t check review websites or talk with a friend (or two) before taking a trip or making a major purchase? Does a day go by that someone doesn’t ask on social media, “Who knows a (fill in the blank) that can help me fix this problem?” Every brand should strive to be the answer to that question.

Cart horses to dash buttons: Key innovations that changed the face of marketing and sales in the last century

Look at the unorganized haphazardly parked horse carts. Imagine the sounds of traders shouting their lungs out to sell their wares.

How virtual reality is revolutionizing marketing

On the surface, the hype that tends to surround virtual reality (VR) seems centered around video games. In 2012, a Kickstarter fund for the Oculus Rift met its $250,000 goal in less than 24 hours – largely due to video gamers excited for the advanced headset to reach store shelves as soon as possible.

B2B vs. B2C Social Media Marketing: What’s the Difference? [PODCAST]

After leading the social media efforts of two nationwide grocery chains, Carlos Gil became Head of Global Social Media at BMC Software, a technology company whose products are used by 82% of the Fortune 500. While the shift from B2C to B2B might have seemed like a major challenge, it turned out not to be.

Cutting Through Social Analytics Clutter with Cassandra Clark

Go inside #SMSSummit Chicago with correspondent Elly Deutch, Manager of Social Media/Web at Garrett Popcorn Shops® who interviewed fellow #SMSSummit Chicago speaker Cassandra Clark, Social Media Manager at Discover on cutting through the social analytics clutter.

10 top employee advocacy tools to increase brand reach and ROI

Consider this statistic: employees are 2x as trusted as a CEO, senior executive, or activist consumer (Edelman). If that stat didn’t drive the importance of employee advocacy home for you, how about this: on average, brand messages are shared 24x more frequently when distributed by employees (MSL Group).

The 3 Simple Steps to Target a Specific, Actionable Audience on Facebook

With roughly one-fifth of the world’s population actively using Facebook, it is hard to argue that your organization’s target demographics are not active on the network.

4 Ways the Re-Launch of Facebook's Atlas Ad Server Will Impact Marketers

Late in September 2014, Facebook announced the launch of its Atlas Ad Server – a revamped and  remodeled version of the original Atlas ad serving platform that it bought from Microsoft in 2013. As with all things Facebook, the announcement brought with it a truckload of curiosity, excitement and wariness over the new kid on the advertising block.

What You Need To Know About Image Copyright Laws

Using an image from a Google search is harmless… until $70,000 (or more) is awarded against you in statutory damages. That could be on the low end. Potential damages like that spark a lot of questions in a marketer’s minds. Am I breaking the law? How do permissions really work on images? We asked Shannon Teicher, partner at Jackson Walker LLP and speaker at SMSS Dallas our burning questions to figure out the essential tips every social media marketer needs to know about image copyright laws.

Speakers Learn from leading marketers here to share how they achieve success on social

Learn from a mix of experienced in-house practitioners and award-winning agencies to get a 360° view on what it takes to execute a successful, revenue-driving social media strategy.


Sponsorship opportunities at GSMI are fully customizable to any company or organization. Sponsoring the Social Media Strategies Summit provides a unique opportunity to develop new business leads, revisit existing customers and strengthen client relationships, and brand your company name and generate awareness of your organization.

Does Your Brand Need Multiple Twitter Handles?

You’ve probably noticed that a number of companies don’t have one Twitter handle ─ they have many. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go out and claim every handle relative to your brand and start tweeting from them.

5 Reasons to be Selective with Who You Follow on Twitter

If you’re quick to hit the follow button on Twitter, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Being a bit selective with who you follow on the microblogging site offers a number of benefits that you may not realize.

Will Your Post Go Viral? This Algorithm Can Tell You

Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but the viral post is something all marketers hope to achieve. The problem is predicting what content will cause a post to be share enough to be considered “viral” seems nearly impossible. But what if there was a way to predict the kind of posts that would reach viral success? Too good to be true?

How to Make the Perfect Post for Each Social Platform

By now, you know it’s important to spread our efforts across the different social platforms. But are all platforms created equal? Will the same post make the same kind of impact on all social networks? Of course, we know the answer is no. If that were true, there would be no reason for each platform to exist.

How the NBA grew its Instagram by 425%

After reading that number you might be a little skeptical, but according to data provided to Forbes by the NBA, the league was able to tremendously increase its social media engagement through its NBA Cares campaign. The NBA Cares is a community outreach initiative sparked by the sports league to help address social issues that affect both children and families. The initiative hosts various activities to address education and health and wellness issues.

5 Mistakes You're Probably Making on Twitter

That’s okay as long as you are able to recognize those errors and move on. It’s when you continue to make the same mistakes that things get messy.

Brands Showing Creative Side with Twitter's Photo Collage

Lately Twitter is trying to make its platform a bit more visually focused. The social network made changes that include photos appearing automatically in streams, a new homepage layout, and – the most recent option – to create four-photo collages.

Everything You Need to Know About the New Twitter Profile

Twitter now bares a strong resemblance to Facebook: profile pictures are now on the left side of the screen, under a large header image that spans the entire top of the page. So, if you’re really into the Facebook design, you’ll appreciate it. If not, well you better learn to tolerate it ─ and fast.