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Fintech: robo-advisers and automated financial advice tools

This list offers a non-exhaustive overview of robo-advisory fintechs.





Acorns automatically invests your spare change. Our mobile-first investment platform enables commission free investing, portfolio management with automatic rebalancing and dividend reinvestment, and real-time account monitoring.


We help you decide how to invest your savings. In Advise Only you will find the expertise of finance professionals and many other savers like you.


Don’t expect different results with the same old methods. Your registered investment advisor can’t just be better than the others - he must be different. With a focus on reality-tested methods, low costs, and over-the-top discipline, AssetBuilder offers that difference.


Betterment is the smarter automated investing service that provides optimized investment returns for individual, IRA, Roth IRA & rollover 401(k) accounts




Paying hidden fees or losing money in your 401k or 403b? Blooom is one of the fastest growing online registered investment advisors (RIA) that works as a fiduciary in your best interest. Take control of your retirement future, try a free 5-minute analysis of your retirement account and see how you can earn 2x as much with professional help! Fix your 401k and keep it fixed.


FlexScore gives you total financial clarity wrapped up in a single score. It's fast, free, and even a little fun.

free finance ETF portfolio tool -

Looking for the best online asset management for a diversified passive investment portfolio? Try our free online asset management tool to develop a diversifi...

How Asset Management Works - A New Approach Explained by SAMT AG

Asset Management for Everyone. How Asset Management Works. Develop a diversified portfolio with ETF funds and Alternative Investments. - SAMT AG Swiss German...


A RoboPlanner™ for financial institutions to provide all customers with automated and comprehensive financial planning and investment advice.




Jemstep is transforming the way investment advisors run their businesses by providing the best of digital advice technology for client engagement, onboarding and service delivery.


Traditional and hard to understand investment fees could be costing you up to 30% of your potential wealth.

Online Financial Advisor | ModernAdvisor

ModernAdvisor is an online financial advisor. We manage personalized investment portfolios inside RRSP, TFSA, or taxable accounts for a remarkably low fee.

Personal Capital

Take control of your money now with Personal Capital. Manage assets and investments, get objective advice and strategies, all at

Responsive - AI-Driven Online Wealth Management

Responsive is an AI-driven online wealth management service that adapts your portfolio according to global economic changes in the market. Responsive brings active institutional grade technologies and methodologies directly to the everyday investors at half the traditional costs of mutual funds or active wealth managers. Currently a licensed Portfolio Manager in Canada.


Robo Advisor 2.0 - Scientific Wealth Management for Everyone (for probably the best price in Europe)

Robo Advisor 2.0 - Scientific Wealth Management for Everyone (for probably the best price in Europe)

SAMT AG - the Robo Advisor 2.0 - has established new ways in Asset Management with a modular core Satellite Concept. A portfolio is constructed form many dimensions. Next to a scientific ETF portfolio SAMT AG offers different Modules to further diversify the portfolio with fundamental analysis and commodities as well with alternative investments.

These modules get coordinated by a proprietary risk management module.

Read more about the modular Asset Management concept

In addition to the new modular asset management concept SAMT AG is using customer friendly pricing models

  • Management Fee of only 0,48% (based on NAV) a year (probably the best offer in Europe)
  • A 2nd payment model where the customer only pays if SAMT AG delivers performance.
    In the "no win= no fee" pricing investors pays only for delivered performance.

    See more in our Image Video

SAMT AG - der Robo Advisor 2.0 - geht neue Wege beim Asset Management indem ein modulares Konzept angeboten wird, dass in mehrere Dimensionen diversifiziert ist. Neben einem wissenschaftlich diversifizierten ETF Portfolio wird in weiteren Modulen eine Diversifizierung über Commodities und Fundamentalanalyse angeboten.

Die unterschiedlichen Module werden durch ein selbst entwickeltes Risikomanagement System gesteuert.

Mehr lesen über die modulare Core Satellite Vermögensverwaltungs-Konzepte der SAMT AG

SAMT AG verwendet dabei ein denkbar einfaches Bezahlmodell:

  • nur 0,48% bezogen auf NAV im Jahr (das ist vermutlich das günstigste Angebot in Europa)
  • mit einem zweiten "Kein Gewinn = Keine Kosten" Zahlmodell nur für Gewinne zahlen. Das bedeutet, der Kunde zahlt nur, wenn er auch wirklich Gewinne macht.

Image Video SAMT AG

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios.

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios™ - an automated investment advisory service with no advisory fees, no account service fees, and no commissions charged.




The easiest way to manage & improve your investments




Swanest is an online investment assistant using automation & algorithms to help self-directed individuals in building and managing personalised investment portfolios.

Swissquote ePrivateBanking

Who better to manage your assets than yourself? Discover ePrivate Banking, the Robo-Advisor of Swissquote. Try our electronic asset manager now!

True Wealth

True Wealth, Swiss Online Wealth Management. Intuitive, transparent, cost efficient: Invest with ETFs.


WealthBar is online investing made easy. Get real financial advice at a fraction of the cost.


Wealthfront manages your investments for you online. We personalize, diversify, rebalance low-fee Individual, IRA, Roth IRA & 401(k) rollover accounts.


Wealthify is an online investment service which lets you build personal investment plans and then manages them for you. Start investing from £250


The smart and simple way to invest in Future You. We use a Nobel Prize-winning approach to build you a diversified portfolio of low-fee funds in minutes.

Website at

Investpro solution combines automated investment portfolios recommendations with financial education, in simple format and language, customized and in the right moment to each user. All features through interactive interface and short and intuitive videos. We start providing this solution in the Brazilian market, which is one of the most concentrated relevant financial markets in the world.