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Top Tip for Event Planning and Management

Memorable events don’t just happen. Organizing and holding an event takes planning. Whether it’s a conference, seminar or a customer appreciation day, and whether you have three weeks to plan or an entire year, your event’s success is in the details. We’ve collected 42 small business event planning tips from the experts, we will share some tips, idea , how to become successful event. Please Join us


Difficult to verify attendees at entry point? | MLeads Blog

In a big profile events there are so many Difficulties that occurs, and one of them are to verify your attendees at entry point. It’s a huge problem to verify each and every attendee, so you can’t perform this task manually. The organizations have to overcome all this issue that can cause a bad image.

Read: The Future Badge Scanning at Event

Attendee also has to wait for the person with scanner, and has to scan their invitation so all this will frustrate the attendee. And you don’t want to have this kind of frustration in your client or attendee. MLeads in an application that is the solution to this problem, using this app it will track all the attendees and add them to the attendees list as present.

Steps to Starting Up Your Own Events - MLeads | MLeads Blog

Organizing an event can seem like an incredibly overwhelming task. And without organization and thinking ahead, it can be. Well, let's work on avoiding just that -- from the months of preparing beforehand to maintain your cool the day off.

Here 6 easy steps for create, manage, track your own Event

  • Setup & Modify Registration – set up an event to handle online registration for your attendees and exhibition.
  • Manage Tickets - Set up ticket for your event
  • Manage Services - Set up Value added services for your attendees and exhibitors for your event.
  • Manage Session - Set up sessions for your event attendees.
  • Advance options – Customize email template, Manage promo code, Be social feature, customize badge, categories, import prospective attendees.
Manage your Leads and Events Anywhere Anytime | MLeads Blog

MLeads is a cloud technology (SaaS) based one-stop innovative mobile platform for leads and events management automation. Turning leads into sales is complicated and events are difficult to organize. MLeads is built to solve these problems by offering intuitive design and a process that is easy to understand and follow for sales and marketing professionals and event organizers.

The Future of Badge Scanning at Event | MLeads Blog

One good way of raising the return on investment of your attendees and exhibitors is to offer them a good way to easily exchange contact information and do lead retrieval.

Trade shows and conferences are frantic: people meet hundreds of people, keeping track of who they met during the day is a painful task. Nobody wants to waste time typing contact information in a Contacts app or in a CRM.

At MLeads App, we offer a simple and elegant solution only compatible with iOS and Android.

At most larger trade shows, the name badges will include a custom barcode or QR Code. This barcode contains identifying information when it is scanned.

Event Managers Can Make Plan an Event Easier | MLeads Blog

Whether you’re an event organizer, plan corporate conferences, or set up networking gatherings on the side, it’s been shown that event planning is one of the most stressful jobs out there. In 2014, Forbes listed Event Coordinator as the fifth most-stressful job in America, next to Airline Pilot and Firefighter. Recent developments in event technology mean …

7 easy steps for your successful event | MLeads Blog

The event industry is huge – conference, tradeshow, meeting, fundraisers, sporting event, food fests, festivals, fairs, brand promotions, you name it – and yet event organizers are poorly served when it comes to software tools that actually do what they need them to do.

Here's why an events management system is your secret weapon | MLeads Blog

Managing an event for the event planner is very hard work. Long hours, difficult clients and a ‘To Do’ list mean that at any given time, you’re juggling a myriad of equally important tasks. Keeping your head above the water can take some efforts. The difference between event planners who’re constantly struggling to manage successful

Keep your prospects engaged with post event marketing | MLeads Blog

Your event is over, but does your job get stop over here? As an organizer your efforts are not just limited to organizing the event, or creating post-event buzz, but well planned follow-up activities executed in a timely manner can bring more impact to your events. You should find out whether the event has served the desired value proposition for you, exhibitors, attendees, sponsors or not? Some must – do top post event activities are listed below:

How to measure whether you had a successful event or not

As an event organizer you always set your success metrics for your event. Being an organizer, you consistently analyze the most prominent metrics like attendee engagement and ROI of the event. For that you need to play carefully with the data which you collect after completion of the event.

Energize your event promotion with actively updated social media | MLeads Blog

Event marketing and social media marketing is an integrated combination of whipped cream with fruit salad which emerges as a complete yummy dessert. Social media have changed the way of thinking of reaching out to the audience. Evolution of social media platforms has opened the door for meeting professionals to broaden the scope of their events and engage with customers in a variety of interesting and effective ways listed as below:

Top Metrics which event organizer needs to know for handling events | MLeads Blog

Are you an Event organizer? Does your business require you to manage or host events? Our effort is toward building gap between stress an simplicity for event organizers, event managers

Lead retrieval made streamlined with instant badge scanning during event | MLeads Blog

Gone are the days when you needed to rent bulky lead scanning devices. Some of you may have met with a tiresome experience of getting in to the queue for getting the badges scanned with just one scanner your booth staff can connect with attendee, engage in conversation and scan the Badges and business cars within your mobile event app itself.

Any size company any size event any time anywhere 24X7 | MLeads Blog

You always want to make your every bash successful whether it is any corporate event or personal get together. You may not turn toward organizer every time for handling your events so as being a SME when sometimes you are organizing you events by your hand. You may not get in to the hotchpotch of preparing invitation card separately, to manage budget, handling useful data for particular bash. We have tried to enrich their experience of managing events pleasantly by integrating features which are aimed for SMEs.

MLeads leads you to smart event management | MLeads Blog

A well managed event drives revenue by creating awareness, acquiring sponsors, and bringing people together so, it can be a plethora of fun for everyone involved. While organizing event do you look for making your event a memorable experience and not a big fat disaster??

MLeads gives value add to sponsors | MLeads Blog

Organizing an event requires a lotof inputs, especially from sponsors. Obviously, they would want certain returns from it too. In order to achieve their goal..

How MLeads helps in organizing events and identifying painpoints | MLeads Blog

Organizing an event requires a lot of effort and other resources. You have to take good care of your attendees, sponsors, speakers. When you have an event..

Events Management | MLeads Blog

Event management is a highly strategic task. After all, you organize an event for a purpose. It is a resource intensive activity that has to achieve its purpose

Exploring The Tech Scene | MLeads Blog

We hope that you have had a very beneficial week so far. Yes it is Wednesday & that means only two more days until the weekend. But today we are going to talk..

10 errors that you should avoid when choosing the conference management software | MLeads Blog

In a conference management software, you do not invest every day. So that you do not regret your choice later, this will be well thought out. That is why we are