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Ramon Beane

When it comes to hobbies, I like to read, but can get distracted easily. My poor books may lay forgotten for days upon end until I discover them with a thin layer of dust

care at home

The benefit of partnering with an agency is that the person you are hiring is not directly your employee, but that of the agency.

granite worktops London

Some homeowners may be a bit wary about opting for natural stone when it comes to their kitchen or bathroom worktops, as they have the impression that caring

When you are running a business your main focus is on your business and your customers. While ensuring that you comply with legislation and provide a safe environment for staff

Beresfords are a privately owned, award winning, independent estate agent that has been operating in the property sector since 1968. We are one of the largest independent estate agents in the south east with offices throughout Essex and into Greater and Central London, and pride ourselves on being a family run business, that focusses on traditional values with a modern approach.

We help families move home, businesses move offices and give people inexpensive and accessible storage solutions. With a fleet of 30 removals vans we have the flexibility to complete jobs efficiently and cost-effectively, big and small.

Unicol designs and manufactures a range of TV kiosk style enclosures for large format TV screens in floor-fixed and free standing versions. Theses units are Ideal for indoor digital signage applications especially for retail shopping malls or in window displays. Single screen or back to back versions that will accommodate deeper high bright TV displays are built specifically for the make and model of TV. Interactive units are also available using interactive foil technology so that your favourite TV can be used or installed units retrofitted. Cooling is achieved by air recirculating fans.

Natural stone Custom Cut & Fitted with care. Kitchen worktops & bathrooms London. Contact Us Now To Discuss Your Project

whirlpool baths

With your newly installed steam shower, you need not become a gym member just to use it. You just need to head to your shower room and stay there for as long as you want. Steam showers are low maintenance and they can last for a very long time.

vacant property

It’s only those who don’t actually own any property that think being a property owner is easy. Owning property requires a lot of time and could be costly if

Doncaster Hotel

Hard as it may be to believe, not every bride-to-be has been dreaming of her wedding day since she was a little girl, prancing around in a white fluffy dress

shower cubicle

Having a bathroom that’s as pleasant as can be is the dream of many. Who, after all, wouldn’t want to spend time in a bathroom that’s clean, refreshing,

flooring Gloucester

Whether you choose sleek marble, timeless hardwood, or contemporary vinyl, the flooring selection needs to be in line with the room’s aesthetic and practical requirements. If you live in the area, carefully choosing the best flooring Gloucester contractor for installing your flooring

Remember, each event you work on, whether big or small, contributes to your growth as an event planner.

The global push for universal healthcare is evident. Click here to examine the viability and impact.

see here

In recent years, non-surgical cosmetic treatments have gained immense popularity in the UK. These treatments offer effective solutions for enhancing one's appearance without the need for invasive surgery and extended downtime. With advancements in technology and an increased emphasis on natural-looking results, non-surgical cosmetic treatments have become more accessible and widely accepted indeed. But what

Although they are sometimes seen as distinct fields, physical and mental health are closely related. The best possible health demands a holistic strategy that addresses the body and the mind. People frequently feel exhausted by today’s fast-paced lifestyle, defined by interactions heavily reliant on technology.

precio accion Tesla

El desarrollo que se está viendo actualmente en los vehículos eléctricos es bien visible en la industria automovilística. Pero dentro de esta industria hay una dura competencia de alta velocidad, y se destaca un nombre que impulsa su desarrollo en el mercado global: Tesla, Inc. Esta compañía parece estar envuelta en un aura de fascinación,…

precio accion Tesla

México ha ganado protagonismo en la economía global en los últimos años. Sin embargo, sus altas tasas de interés, que no se prevé disminuyan pronto, generan debate.

fairground stalls hire

In the corporate world of today, maintaining high employee morale is crucial for productivity, job satisfaction, and overall company growth and success. While there are various ways to achieve this, one highly effective method is hosting events and giving away prizes to your staff.

will dispute specialists

Things can start to get a little heated when inheritance is involved – families can be torn apart. Click here for tips to avoid a bad outcome.

Business units to rent

Discover factors that influence the location of your business. Consider these, which we have mentioned in this blog to find the best spot for your business.

flooring Gloucester

The foundation is the blank canvas on which your dream home will be painted, serving as more than just a support for the walls. Although these elements undoubtedly add to a living space’s aesthetic and practical features, it’s crucial to remember how important a home’s foundation is.

In this article, we are going to see why in-person events should still be a priority for UK businesses in 2023. Explore the benefits of in-person events.

Sex is great, but it isn’t always easy. Click here to find out what you can do to improve your sex life if you have noticed a dip in performance.

Central America, a slender bridge of nations nestled between North and South America, holds within its grasp an abundance of wonders. Though compact, it