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Updated by Oldham Orthodontics on Sep 08, 2016
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The Do’s and Don’ts for Clear Aligners

If you hate the idea of traditional metal braces, but would love a discreet solution to achieving a beautiful smile with straight teeth, clear aligners could be the ideal treatment for you. Clear aligners are made from practically transparent medical grade plastic and can be removed at meal times and when you clean your teeth, so there’s no need to worry about food getting trapped in your braces. Here is our guide for the do’s and don’ts of looking after your clear aligners:


Don’t drink beverages other than cold water when wearing your clear aligners

Consuming hot beverages whilst wearing clear aligners can actually damage them. As they are made from plastic, the heat of hot drinks can wrap the aligners, making them less effective. It’s also worth considering that when you drink, tiny amounts of the beverage is also likely to seep into your aligners. This means that sugary drinks will have prolonged contact with your teeth, damaging the enamel and increasing the risk of cavities. Some beverages, for example, wine, may actually stain clear aligners.

The exception to the rule is cold water. You should drink water whilst wearing your clear aligners as there is no risk of warping or damage to your teeth.


Do clean your clear aligners regularly

Just as you brush your teeth at least twice a day, you should also clean your clear aligners. This will help your aligners to stay clear and discreet and removes bacteria that could go on to your teeth when you put them back in. Like teeth, clear aligners accumulate plaque and other debris over time. Be sure to use the cleaning products recommended by your orthodontist.


Do take your aligners out to eat

One of the biggest benefits of clear aligners is that they can be removed at meal times. No matter what food you are eating, whether it be fruit and veg, or even just a sauce, it’s essential to remove your aligners as food can lead to staining. Attempting to bite into or chew food can also lead to your aligners breaking.


Don’t chew gum when wearing your clear aligners

Whilst chewing gum is a great way of keeping your breath fresh, it can stick to your clear aligners in the same way that it would your teeth and gums.


Do wear your aligners at night

Always wear your aligners whilst you sleep as this will help you to achieve much faster and more effective results. For the best possible results, you should wear them for the full day, removing them only to eat and drink and brush your teeth. At least 22 hours a day is the recommended time – failing to wear them can mean that your teeth will not constantly shift over time.


Do store your clear aligners in their case when not wearing them

If you remove your clear aligners to eat or drink, always keep them in the case provided by your orthodontist to prevent damage. This will also mean there is less chance of you accidentally losing them.

If you would like to learn more about clear aligners such as Invisalign, you can contact Oldham Orthodontics today to book a consultation.