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Insurance Tips and Hacks - My Articles for The Balance

10 Places to Find Affordable Health Insurance

What if you don't have a job or can't find affordable health insurance from an employer? Here are the best ways to get it at a reasonable price.

Life Insurance | Should You Borrow Money From a Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance FAQ : Borrowing from a life insurance policy. Understanding Loan Provisions, policy terms, advantages, risks and the in-force illustration

Actual Loss - Do You Know How Much You Would Get Paid In a Claim?

Definition: Actual Loss in insurance refers to 1. costs incurred due to a claim which are paid by an insurance company 2. your actual costs

What Does it Mean to Have Comprehensive Car Insurance?

What is Comprehensive coverage? When is Comprehensive car insurance coverage used? Does my deductible apply? Are comprehensive claims responsible claims?

Buying a Car? Here's What You Need to Know About Gap Insurance

Are you obligated to purchase gap insurance when you finance or lease a car? Here are the details you need to know to make a smart decision

Do You Know What You Get With Minimum State Car Insurance? Is it Enough?

State-by-state list of minimum car insurance requirements. Understand bodily injury, property damage liability. Is minimum car insurance enough?

Everything You Need to Know About State Financial Responsibility Laws

State financial responsibility laws protect all drivers on the road. Answers to common questions about car insurance financial responsibility laws.

After a Car Accident: Should You Use Aftermarket Parts on Your Car?

When a vehicle is taken to the repair shop, the replacement parts used may include aftermarket parts. They are not made by the original manufacturer.

5 Things Everyone Should Do After a Car Accident

Do you know what information to obtain after a car accident? An outline of what procedures to follow after a car accident to ensure you are treated fairly.

Diminished Value and Insurance: How to Get The Full Value Of Your Claim

What is Diminished Value and how to get paid for a diminished value insurance claim after an accident. How to determine diminished value of your car

The Largest Cause of Teen Crashes and What You Need to Know About It

Distracted Driving Definition and Statistics. Teenagers and distracted driving. What to do to about teen distracted driving. Will it increase car insurance

How the Insurance Company Determines Reconstruction or Dwelling Value

A simple explanation to help understand how insurance determines the reconstruction cost or insured value of your home. Why insurance value is different than your tax evaluation or real estate value

Additional Living Expenses Coverage: How to Get It and Why You Want It

Additional Living Expense Coverage (ALE): Definition, Cost and Examples of how this coverage helps renters, homeowners and condo owners in a claim

What to Expect From Your Insurance in Disaster Claim Situations

Here is a guide to making a claim: when to call insurance, how to understand coverage, process to get your claims settlement cheque faster

3 Types of Water Damage: Water Backup, Overflow, Discharge and Flood

What types of water damage are covered by insurance? Sewer back up, overflow, and other terms explained to help you understand what your policy covers

Understanding what an Insurance Peril Is: Homeowner, Renter and Condo

Definition: What's an insurance peril? Insurance perils describe risks that cause damage on home insurance. What's covered? Open vs named perils

What Is an Insurance Endorsement or Rider and How Does It Work?

Insurance companies create endorsements to offer options to add coverage or increase coverage limits, but they may also limit or restrict coverage.

How to Insure a Vacant Home

What is a vacancy permit? When do you need one, when is a home vacant? Everything you need to know about insuring vacant homes with examples and FAQ

5 Reasons an Insurance Company Could Cancel Your Policy and What to Do

How to stop an insurance company from canceling your policy. Insider tips to help you keep your policy and some answers to your questions.

Everything You Need to Know About Drones, Your Insurance, and Tips!

What you need to know about owning a drone and your insurance. Is it covered on your home policy? How to get low-cost coverage, drone resources & tips

Understanding Your Health Insurance Deductible and Out of Pocket Costs

Understanding how the medical deductibles work in health insurance plans with definitions including non-comprehensive deductibles and family maximums