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Headline for #budapest #lastweek - Volume 1, Issue 3 - What is the capital of Budapest?
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#budapest #lastweek - Volume 1, Issue 3 - What is the capital of Budapest?

News for expats from Budapest, Hungary.

Past issues:
Issue 1 — Whose Underdog? August 15-21, 2016
Issue 2 — Something Stinks August 22–28, 2016

Future issues:
Issue 4 — Things You Probably Don’t Know About Budapest September 4–11, 2016


[BUSINESS + HOUSING] Samsung mega-investment in Göd officially confirmed

We like FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) flowing in to Hungary. But this is not going to help with the low long-term rental housing stock. Read more on the affecting factors and trends in housing rental trends here.

[MOVIES + HOUSING] Budapest doubles for Paris in second series of Maigret

Ok, you may not believe in this but the roaring movie business has a great affect on the long-term apartment rentals stock downtown Budapest. I first wrote about it last summer.

[CREATIVE + VIDEO] Lehel Kovacs' Sketches Bring Us Around The World in Eighty Days

Budapest based illustrator, Lehel Kovacs has created a series of illustrations following Jules Verne's novel 'Around The World in Eighty Days' using google map's street view.

[PICTURE] of the day: 'Jó reggelt Budapest!' (Good morning Budapest) - National Geographic

I bet just a few of you folks found yourself looking at a deserted Lanchid. Yet, on rare summer mornings Budapest is literally empty. I recall working in Andrássy 2 and walking across the avenue midday for lunch. Almost no cars, it was surreal. Empty like a small village.

[VIDEO + EVENT] Budapest: Bubble Blowing Day

The most joyous event of the week was...

On Sunday August 28, the 6th Bubble Blowing Day took place in Budapest's biggest park on Margaret Island.

[CUTE + SCIENCE] Dogs use same parts of brain to process speech as humans, Hungarian study says

Mind your puppy better.

"Super, well done," her trainer says, and Maya, a Hungarian golden retriever, happily holds up her left paw, responding to the praise.

[SCHOOLING] The British International School, Budapest's New Purpose-Built Extension

Most welcome news of the week, knowing how long their waiting lists used to be.

The British International School, Budapest is extremely proud to present the new exciting, purpose-built extension.

The bright and spacious building adds 3000m2 to our established 6000 m2 campus. This new wing, which mainly houses the Secondary School, provides 24 new classrooms, an ICT room and coding laboratory, two additional state-of-the-art science laboratories and a Sixth Form Centre.

[FUN] What is the capital of Budapest?

Let's start the Autumn with a funny question with a serious answer
Spoiler alert: Budapest has no capital, as Budapest is already a capital of a country (Hungary.) Now you must realize it would be too much of a meta for Budapest to have a capital, I hope.

[PUBLIC TRANSIT] Will Budapest’s Déli Railway Station Get Back on Track?

For many years, central Buda’s Déli Railway Station is widely seen as an outdated eyesore, as its 1970s-era building is overdue for major renovations. Some Hungarian politicians have even considered demolishing the entire facility to make way for a massive new parkland – a commendable idea, but one that involves huge logistical challenges for all of Budapest, as Déli is currently one of the city’s most bustling transport hubs. However, the government recently made a final decision that Déli will continue to exist as a rail terminus – so what will the future bring for the dilapidated depot?