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Real Estate Investing

Great real estate investing articles for you to read and share. Information on buying, financing and selling real estate investment properties.

Home Inspection Issues That Should Be Looked At When Buying Investment Property

When selling your home there is a good chance that the buyer will request a home inspection. Having too many issues in the home inspection report could send up red flags to the buyer that causes them to back out of the deal. Many of the issues found in home inspections can be remedied beforehand so that the home inspection will turn up nothing but a clean check of the home and useful suggestions on various aspects of the home. Ideally getting your home inspected prior to listing it for sale is best since a home inspector will go through your home just as they would for a buyer and give you a list of all the issues they find. With that pre-listing inspection list you can repair those problem areas ahead of time so there is one less thing to cause your home sale to go bad.

Podcast 64 Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent and Blogger with Paul Sian | Invest Four More

In this podcast I chatted with Mark Ferguson of InvestFourMore where we talked about real estate, blogging, investing, the Greater Cincinnati real estate market and more.

Investment Property Buying Tips

Buying an investment property with hopes of making income from rent or flipping the home for a profit is a somewhat different process than buying a home to live in. Often times buying a home for flipping involves a quick transaction with cash or a ready to use line of credit used to purchase the home. When buying a home with the intent of renting it out for income the lender will look at your credit worthiness and asset base. Residential rental properties require active management and the legal requirements for dealing with residential tenants are much stricter than they are for commercial tenants. By understanding what is involved in the process of buying an investment property for rental income or with the intent of flipping for a profit you put yourself in a better position to make a smart decision as opposed to one that could cost you money in the long run.

Zoning Laws and How It Can Impact Your Investment Purchase

Real estate oning laws are rules and regulations set by local government to control what types of buildings and what types of uses of land are permissible.

Financing An Investment Property Purchase

Financing an investment property has different requirements than financing a traditional property you buy to live in. Here are some tips to consider.

Tips For Selling A Rental Home

Rental homes are the holy grail of passive income, but what happens when you need to sell your rental home because you're in a bad deal. Learn how to exit..

Five Great Tips For Buying A Real Estate Investment Property

Here are five important tips to help ensure that the purchase of investment property is profitable over the long run. Skip a step and there could be consequences that lead to negative return and worse.

8 Smart Tips for Finding a Rental Property

If you are looking to invest in buying rental property, read my 8 tips for finding rental property for sale. Buying rentals can be a great investment.

Excellent Tips For Selling A Multi-Unit Building

Read here for some great tips on how best to prepare for selling a multi-family building. Interest in multi-family properties is at an all time high, make sure you get the best price with the following ideas.

House Flipping - How to Build a Profit Generating Real Estate Team

How to Create Your Own House Flipping Team that churns out profits project after project. Home flipping contractors, flexible lender, and real estate agent is at the core of your group. These three key members will help you buy low, invest appropriately, and make money flipping houses with your team of professionals.

Five Great Tips For Buying An Investment Property

When buying investment real estate it is best to go in prepared with full understanding and knowledge as well as with an expert team ready to assist you as this article explains.

Six Smart Tips For Selling A Tenant Occupied Home

Selling a home with a tenant in place involves some more challenge than selling an owner occupied home. This article provides some great insights on how to make selling a tenant occupied home easier.

Tips For Buying A Fix And Flip House For Real Estate Investment Purposes

Learn about buying houses for the purposes of repairing the house and then selling for a profit.

Buying a Vacation Rental: Smart Tips for First-Time Investors

Purchasing a vacation rental home is a big decision, but many people are making the move to real estate when it comes to investments because it’s a relatively easy way to diversify a portfolio and earn extra income throughout the year. Whether you want to buy a pre-existing vacation home or purchase a house with the intent to make some renovations for renters, there are quite a few details you’ll need to work out. Securing funding is, of course, one of the most important things to consider, but you’ll also need to make sure you’ll be able to keep up with the maintenance and insurance on the home.

Podcast: Hard Money Lending

Listen and learn about hard money loans and how they can benefit you as a real estate investor.

Understanding and Appreciating Risk When Investing In Real Estate

Real estate investors need to have a full understanding of the risks involved as real estate investments can quickly drain cash from the owners bank account if not done right.

Different Kinds Of Home Rehab Projects For Investors To Be Aware Of

Looking to get into the house rehab business? Investors need to make sure they take on what they and their team can handle as this article explores.

How Large Multi-Family Buildings Should Be Listed For Sale

How to properly market and list a large multi-family building for sale is explored in this article.

Timing The Real Estate Market

Why attempting to buy real estate low and sell high may end up costing more money.