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Mold Making By EnvironMolds, LLC

EnvironMolds, LLC offers environment-friendly materials for artists, craft persons and mold makers. Whether you are a beginner or a master craftsperson, our products will be helpful for you. If you want to learn the craft of mold making or get the products then place your order online. We are always here to help you.


Water Glass, ArtMolds Sodium Silicate

ArtMolds Sodium Silicate is the common name for a compound Sodium Metasilicate which is also known as Water Glass. It is available in aqueous solution as well as in Solid form and is mainly used in cements, fire protection textile and automobiles.

Latex Mask, RD-407 Mask Making Latex - ArtMolds

ArtMold's RD- 407 Mask Making Latex is the best latex mask that money can buy. It has been used b the industry professional for years and years.

Additive And Subtractive Processes of Art

Artworks can be created by removing materials or adding them. Let's find out more about both forms of art.Life casting is an exciting but challenging art...

Latex Rubber as a Protective Coating

Liquid latex rubber is an immensely versatile product that can be used for many more purposes than the popular mask making and special effects for theater, films and television. For instance, latex casting rubber serves well for protecting various items too. All you have to do is dip the model, product or fabric in the…

Get your supplies for plaster casting with EnvironMolds

Plaster casting is very popular among artists and life casters alike. As a material, plaster is readily available, cheap, user friendly and versatile. They are skin safe, but it is better to study the instructions and then use it, so that your skin does not burn. Contact EnvironMolds to learn about the supplies and method.

SkinRite Silicone Rubber at EnvironMolds

ArtMolds’ SkinRite 10 is the right choice for E F/X artists, doll reborners and more. Find out how.

How to Make a Latex Mold?

Latex rubber is a mold making material of choice. Apart from the useful properties, making a latex mold is relatively easy.

Binding With Water Glass

Sodium silicate or water glass works as an excellent bonding agent for varied types of materials.The author also shares some of like important facts on mold making and casting topics.

Hands-On Workshops At EnvironMolds

EnvironMolds conducts live workshops that give artists the opportunity for practical learning.

Baby Casting Kits at EnvironMolds

EnvironMolds offers a range of life casting kits that are suitable for capturing a baby’s hand or foot and will be the source of joyful memories forever.

Cast Rite Casting Stone For Plaster Casts

CastRite Art Casting Stone has emerged as the plaster of choice for making all kinds of casts, life casts and more.

Have Art Studios - Need Tools

An art studio is incomplete until the right mold making and casting tools are at hand.

Alginates Need AlgiSlo!

Working with alginate is not as easy as you think! The skin safe properties definitely make alginate the best mold making material for capturing molds from the live human body. This water-based formula never fails to capture impressions properly and can yield wonderful life casts. However, a major drawback is that alginate tends to cure…

Water Glass, ArtMolds Sodium Silicate

ArtMolds Sodium Silicate is the common name for a compound Sodium Metasilicate which is also known as Water Glass. It is available in aqueous solution as well as in Solid form and is mainly used in cements, fire protection textile and automobiles.

Learn About Types of Molds

Mold making is a fascinating art that ranges from simple to complex methods.

Of Different Mold Making Materials And More…

Find mold making materials to suit varied applications at EnvironMolds.

Gastronomy Feats with Sodium Alginate

This food grade sodium alginate powder is the perfect answer for all chefs and cooks.

Moldable Gel For Ballistic Testing

EnvironMolds is not just limited to art supplies and materials per se. There is much more that you can easily find at For instance, the website even stocks top quality ballistic clay and gel that can be used as backing material for the testing of ballistic vests. The 20% clear ballistic gel can be purchased…

5 Reasons To Buy Art Supplies From EnvironMolds

Making molds and casts calls for a variety of art materials and supplies. And among the various art suppliers both online and offline, I always prefer to source my requirements from EnvironMolds. If you too are looking for a reliable supplier of quality art materials, find out why you should be turning to EnvironMolds: 1.…

What are Polyurethanes?

Casting resins fall into three classes, polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resins. EnvironMolds LLC brings high-quality Polyurethanes that are very low in odor emission. The two varieties that we offer are opaque and a water clear resin. We even offer a unique polyester resin formula that will expand your castings up to 160%. Would you like to get the product from us? Do you have any query? Then feel free to call us or visit our website.

Use Clay for Modeling

Clay is an important art material used for sculpting, mask making, mold making, special effects and clay animation. Plasticine clay is non-dying so it can be molded or reused many times. It is the renowned choice of professional sculptors for clay modeling all over the world. It is high-quality oil-based and never hardened or changes with air exposure. Let your imagination fly high with the product.

Why to Use Silicone Rubbers?

EnvironMolds, LLC offers a great selection of high quality silicon mold rubbers. The silicone rubbers enable you to easily make your own silicone molds from our mold making silicone rubber. Please read about the families of silicon rubber so that you can choose the correct product.

Cleaning Up After Molds and Casts

Mold making and casting involve the use of various materials and there is bound to be some spills or residue of the same. Taking certain precautions and following with timely cleanup is essential.