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To All The Dad's Raising Courageous Children

It’s not uncommon for men to wrestle with feelings of inadequacy. This list should help you rediscover the meaning of true masculinity and fatherhood so that you can embrace your identity and purpose with new confidence.

Why Fathers Throw Children

Even in an age when we claim to have evolved beyond narrow gender stereotypes, fathers know their children need them. Good fathers challenge their children to take risks while keeping them safe. - National Center for Fathering

Striving to improve the lives of children and establish a positive fathering and family legacy that will impact future generations.

5 Ways to Connect With Your Daughter

Dad, connecting with your daughter is one of the most important things you can do with her. Setting time aside for moments to connect can shape the way that she will expect to be treated when she is older. What example are you setting?

The Case for Dedicated Dads

Research has shown that fathers, no matter what their income or cultural background, can play a critical role in their children’s education. When fathers are involved, their children learn more, perform better in school, and exhibit healthier behavior. Even when fathers do not share a home with their children, their active involvement can have a lasting and positive impact.

What Does It Take to Be a Good Father? Interview with Josh McDowell.

The greatest security of a child used to come from knowing that mom and dad loved him/her. About 20 years ago, with the explosion of divorce, this started to change. Now a child’s greatest security comes from knowing that his parents love each other and will not divorce.

Fatherhood Aborted

Engaging fathers is the next step in winning the pro-life effort. We need to make sure that fathers see the value of life as they influence the women around them.By reading this book, and encouraging your friends to read it, you will understand where the pro-life movement needs to go, and help be an ambassador for this important cause.

Be The Dad She Needs You To Be

A call to dads to step up to the plate to become the loving, actively engaged father that a daughter needs for life and relational success

National Center for Fathering

Carey Casey, Ambassador for Fathers with the National Center for Fathering, is a dynamic speaker, inspiring audiences with a call to Championship Fathering.

Thriving in Your Role as Dad

Author and filmmaker Rob Stennett offers encouragement and advice to fathers who feel insecure in their parenting role in a lighthearted discussion based on his book The Perfect Dad: A Totally Achievable Guide to Not Messing Up Your Kids.

A Father Worthy of Imitation

The noble task of fatherhood is fraught with temptations. And one of the greatest temptations is that our good efforts go without avail. With shortsighted vision, we fathers can be tempted to give up.

The Superpowers of a Dad

What makes a good dad? Learn about the superpowers of a Dad that society often doesn't talk about, but bring huge impact to your family.

Routines of Fatherhood - Focus on the Family

Observations on Basic Patterns of Family Life.

Breaking the Cycle of Absent Fathers - Focus on the Family

The number of fathers leaving their kids has seen an increase in recent decades. How can we break the cycle of absent fathers and restore families?

DAD TIRED - Dad Tired: Lead Your Family Well

Dad Tired is a Christian podcast and community for fathers, husbands, dads, and men.

The Power of Fathers - Focus on the Family

As I watched the movie with my children, there were the usual suspects: a cute little girl, a dog and a father who didn’t know he had a daughter but was about to get his chance at redemption. Throw in some Elvis Presley tunes and competitive professional sports for dramatic effect, and you’ve got one of those feel-good movies that tugs at your heartstrings while tickling your funny bone.

  • Life is full of surprises, challenges and questions – and sometimes we all need help finding answers. Are you struggling in your marriage? Is your son or daughter involved in activities that have you worried? Or maybe you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy or navigating conflict with your aging parents. Whether you’re in the midst of a major crisis or simply a perplexing situation, we have compiled resources that can point you in the right direction. And remember – we’re constantly updating our content, so check back frequently for the latest and greatest resources.

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