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List of Edutainment Games, Apps & Software for Children

Here is the list for you to explore the world of edutainment websites, resources to apps, games, software and much more.

Using Technology in the Classroom - EdTechReview™ (ETR

Using technology in the classroom: Educational system is changing itself with the advent of modern technology.

New Lesson Plan Book Web Application Hits the EdTech Scene

Making teachers’ lives easier as they begin planning for the 2016-¬2017 school year, TeacherPlanBook has hit the market.
The company, which has been providing educators and school districts with lesson planning software since 2012, knew it wanted to make their superior paperless lesson planning product available to a larger audience — and untethering the experience from a tablet was the way to do it.

4 Neat and Functional WordPress Themes for Online Courses

Wordpress Themes for Online Courses – List of best LMS WordPress Themes outstandingly powerful, smart e-learning management system (LMS) based on WordPress platform in which courses, lessons, quizzes and questions are easily made and managed.

YouTube Channels You Should Follow to Know Awesome Science Facts

Explore the list of amazing YouTube channels that can be followed by all the curious souls thriving to know more and more of science every day.
1. In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt
2. Nottingham Science
3. Veritasium
4. Your Discovery Science
6. Vsauce
7. SmarterEveryDay
8. MinutePhysics
9. Applied Science

Cyber Bullying Facts and Statistics Educators and Parents Must Know

Some of the important cyber bullying facts or Statistics about cyber bullying that educators and parents must know.

Top Project Based Learning Ideas and Lesson Plans You Will Find On the Web

Here is the list of the best project based learning lesson plans you will find on web.

YouTube Channels For The History Heads

Here are some History YouTube channels that you can follow next time instead of picking the huge book.

Why We Want Our Students to Ask More Questions in the Classroom

Read out the points to understand why students must ask questions in the classroom and how can you get them raising hands in your next class.

Getting Smart on Digital Learning: 11 of the Best Resources, Tools, and Apps for Teachers

List of online tools that teachers can use to enhance their experience of digital teaching in the classroom, and they can help students.

5 Tech Tools for Student Engagement

Here are a variety of tools for student engagement that can be used in the classroom to improve or elevate a lesson.

20 Cyber Bullying Quotes That You Must Spread Right Now

I hope that the cyber bullying quotes below may help in discouragement of the bullying online and offline.

YouTube Channels You Must Follow To Learn About Physics

Here is helpful YouTube Channels full of Physics Videos for students.

Why Educators Must Embrace Technology in Schools

Technology’s effectiveness in engaging students relies upon teachers implementing it in an intelligent, ethical and practical way.

Amazing Language Learning Apps for iPad

Check out these amazing language learning apps for iPad that you can use to learn a new language. Some of these are Duolingo, ConjuVerb, Hello-Hello Spanish, Beginner Japanese for iPad and much more.

Flipped Classroom: How Does the Role of a Teacher Change for Teaching the Connected Class

Flipped Classroom Event: How does the role of a teacher change for teaching the connected class? There are multiple dimensions along which one needs to map the process of learning to capture the essence of a flipped classroom.

Flipped classroom is an informational strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the conventional learning environment by conveying instructional content of the classroom. It moves actions, including those that may have usually been considered homework, into the classroom.

English Learning Using Technology

Learn how technology is helping to build better English Language Learning skills in Latin America.

Foreign Language Online Platform

Learn how i2istudy makes foreign language learning easy. Amongst a lot of foreign language learning online platforms available, this one is a great.

TextHelp for Educators | Teach for Google

TextHelp app for teachers and educators which helps to enhance their teaching skills.

Lingosmio: Online Courses Foreign Language

Lingosmio: Online courses foreign language for teachers and educators.

EdTech trend personalized learning Insights

Personalized Learning in India: All other aspects of education like technology, curriculum, or instruction will revolve around the learner making learning personal.

Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety Videos

Have a look at these six great videos on Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship that you must use as resources with your students, teachers and parents community.

What is the Impact of ICT on Education?

Know about the definition of ICT in education and the benefits of ICT in education from the list of articles at

Online Assignment, Exercises or Worksheets - EdTechReview™ (ETR)

Online assignment, exercises or worksheet for school and college students at EdTechReview.