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A List of Gadgets and Technology

A List of Amazing gadgets and Technology

Evolving Architecture: Live in the Sun, Sip coffee on Asteroids!

Start My Vehicle. Experience Marathon Journeys. See Undiscovered New Places.

Do you remember this rhyme sentence we used, to learn the names of the planets in our Solar System? With changing pattern of education, we feel that the coming generations will not be using this sentence for memorizing the planets as methods of learning are evolving to become more interactive and smarter.

15 Biggest Predictions for the Future of the Internet

Internet has become a big word. Well, I’m certainly not talking about the number of characters. But rather its ambit! We already live in an age when nothing goes well without internet. This would be so much more in the time to come.

7 Things to Expect from the New iPhone 7 | iPhone7 Features and Specifications

It’s less than 12 hours to go before the highly awaited iPhone 7 is officially unveiled to the world. Hence, we are certain that most of you ‘gizmo freaks’ and apple worshippers might be eager to know its new features. Its predecessor, the iPhone 6 was sure plagued by several issues such as ‘bending’ and lack of basic features such as expandable memory.

How to Install iOS 10 on your iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, SE & iPad

09/13… Save the date! Yes, the wait has finally come to an end as the all new iOS 10 will be now available for download to make your iPhone experience faster & more amazing than ever (and that too free of cost!).

Photography Guide for Android users: 5 Best Photography Apps for Android

If you are an android user and fond of clicking photos, then you must have knowledge about photography apps useful to you. Here are given some photography apps for android users.

Future of Augmented Reality: How it Gives Way to Technological Advancement

Had Pokémon Go not become as big as it did, Augmented Reality too wouldn’t have gained the popularity it has amassed today. Or rather, I should say it would

Top 5 Basic Software in Windows

Windows systems are used to perform a variety of tasks effortlessly. These systems are known for their efficiency and user-friendly appearance.

10 Common Windows Problems and Fixes

  Windows systems are used to perform variety and range of tasks. These tasks include basic to advanced actions which may consume considerable system resources. Due to prolonged use of the system, it starts creating certain issues and some of them often appear randomly.

Augmented Reality: Augmenting your Real World

We live in a world where distinguishing between fact and fiction is increasingly becoming difficult. In fact, the lines are blurring so much that “reality” is a saleable product now.

An Insight into 26 Big Data Analytic Techniques: Part 2

Till now in my blogs about Big Data, I have acquainted you with different aspects of Big Data, from What it actually means to facts and do’s and don’ts of it.

Top 5+ Common Reasons Behind a Slow Running Mac

This unnecessary data not only occupy precious storage space, but it also affects system speed and performance. Let’s discuss 5+ common reasons behind a slow running Mac.

Predictions of Top 12 Innovations by 2050

Government groups and research agencies have chosen 2050 as the year to look towards. “It’s a nice round number,” as Kostas Stamoulis, the director of the Agricultural Development Economics Division of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization put it.

How to Make Your Photos Better

There is a Quote which says, "You don’t take a photograph, you make it." This is the simplest deliberation of a good photography and a perfect photograph.

Crazy Tech Conspiracy Theories That Will Leave You Baffled

Sure we’re living pretty comfortable lives thanks to consumer technology and industrialization. But that doesn’t mean we’re fully satisfied. Regardless of how advanced or high-tech manufacturers claim their technology to be.

Interesting IoT Devices for Smart Everyday Work

Smartphones with internet is making us smarter. And smarter people need smarter world with smart objects around. And in making this world a smarter place some people came with an amazing idea. An idea changing the way we have been looking at our everyday life.

5 Best Ultrabooks 2017 – Thinnest and Most Lightweight Laptops

There used to be a time when people were bounded to use heavy and large size computers which were very uncomfortable to use. But now a day’s technology has done so much progress and availed us to use very slim and light weight computers, Ultrabook’s are one of them and these computers are available in very affordable price and a lot of options are available. You might get confused to choose the right one for you so, her is given a blog to help you choose the best one for you. just go through the blog and decide it yourself.

5 Best Laptops For Graphic Designers In 2018

Graphics designing is a profession where you need a powerful machine that can handle high performance graphic processing. Find out this year's top 5 favorite

10 Cyber Security Threats To Be Aware Of

10 Cyber Security Threats to be aware of, these threats are growing at a rapid pace as more and more devices are getting online and thus giving easy access to