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Start Your Day Mindfully: 10-Minute Guided Morning Meditation

Meditation, like exercise, is beneficial no matter when you do it, but many master teachers say morning meditation practice is particularly fruitful. Start your day off the right way with this mindfulness morning meditation. This is a quick morning meditation that will relax you and give you a boost of positive energy.


Follow these steps to set an intention for your day

Say, “I am grateful for this day. As I begin a new day, I dwell in gratitude and ask for divine guidance.”
Now, set your intention for the day. What do you want to do today? And, more importantly, how do you want to feel for the day? (Happy, productive, healthy, energetic, calm…?) State your intention out loud: “I intend_____________________________.”
What do you choose to let go of as you begin this brand new day? (Guilt, feelings of unworthiness, worry, doubt, anger…?) Say out loud what baggage you are leaving behind, starting in this moment: “I am letting go of _______________________.”
Open your eyes to the room, ready to start your day.
Depending on the intention that I’ve set for the day, I’ll usually choose a mantra from the book A Course in Miracles that I’ll carry with me throughout the day. For example, if I have a negative feeling toward someone, I might use, “Love holds no grievances.” Or, if my intention for the day is simply to be productive and joyful, I’ll repeat to myself, “My happiness and my function here are one.”


Guided Morning Meditation for a Good Day

I’ve been slacking about doing my morning meditations lately, which is annoying because I can feel my stress and anxiety levels rising.

That’s not to say I haven’t sat there and tried and tried… because I have! But lately my mind is so busy! Zipping here, there and everywhere.

It’s SO frustrating.

I miss my zen.

I NEED my zen every day.

Luckily… I’ve found it again! I found the most amazing 10-minute morning meditation – a GUIDED meditation – last week and have been using it every morning since.

First, just in case you’re new to meditation or wondering what on earth I’m talking about…

The “Hoo-Ha” about Meditation

Oh there’s a big deal alright…

I like to think of meditation as a gift you give yourself every day.

Because even if you just sit there quietly for five minutes, you’ll feel a lot calmer afterwards. I’ve even locked myself in a bathroom cubicle at work for a few minutes to cool down after an unexpected altercation and it worked wonders.

Personally, I like meditation because it grounds me. It forces me to relax, to focus on what’s important and to be grateful for what I have. I always feel elated and full of positive energy afterwards. It’s AWESOME.

Benefits of Morning Meditating

You don’t have to meditate in the morning, you can do it in the evening too – or whenever you feel like it really. There are no rules.

I pull out my yoga mat for 10 minutes after I wake up and then if I feel like it, I do about 15 minutes just before I go to bed. It’s a great way to calm down everything that’s happened during the day and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

But starting your day with a few minutes of meditation has a powerful, positive impact on how the rest of your day is going to go. That’s why so many people like to do it in the morning.


Reduces stress and anxiety
Relaxes the nervous system
Boosts immunity
Balances emotions
Lowers blood pressure
Increases creativity
Helps with concentration and focus
Provides peace of mind
Increases your energy level
Creates a sense of calm
Allows you to live in the present
Lets you understand your true self
Those are just a few. And I’m no exaggerating. Meditation has helped me SO much over the last few months, I only wish I’d found it sooner!

Anyway, enough waffling on about how great it is. Try it if you don’t believe me 🙂

This is a good place to start though. It’s the morning meditation I start my day with and it’s by far the best guided meditation I’ve found so far.


Find your inner zen and grab that good day!


A Morning Meditation to Start Your Day Mindfully

It’s a common notion that the way you approach your morning can set the tone for the day ahead. My favorite way to start the day is with yoga and meditation. Meditation, like exercise, is beneficial no matter when you do it, but many master teachers say morning practice is particularly fruitful. After a night of rest your mind is clear, and research shows that willpower is greatest in the hours after waking. I find that this fresh reserve of self-control is helpful for maintaining focus and for staying consistent with my practice.


Wake Up!

So why should you start your day with meditation and how can it help? First of all, nearly every great meditation tradition recommends meditating in early hours of the morning. There are a lot of good reasons for meditating in the morning.

First, your mind is still quiet when you wake up.

Second, meditation is to your mind what yoga or exercise is to your body. It’s like giving your brain an oil change before heading out onto the race track of your day. It calms your monkey mind.

Third, the world around you is still quiet. That kind of silence is deeply restorative and nourishing for your body, mind, and spirit.

Fourth, when you enter the day having bathed in the bright light of meditation, you feel free. It’s amazing what this can do for your outlook on the world. You can handle everything life throws in your path.

Fifth, meditation can make you more productive. If you start the day cultivating a mood of calm, confidence, and focus, it’s amazing how that can help you stay on point all day long.


What Does The Science Say?

According to the research, starting your day with meditation is likely to help you in a number ways. Of course there are any number of meditative approaches and techniques, and in this instance, we are focusing on guided morning meditations.

One of the benefits I love best is how meditation can make you more productive during your day.

In 2012 the University of Washington published one of the most popular study on this topic. The research revealed that so called knowledge workers who trained in mindfulness stayed on tasks longer and made fewer task switches–and felt better about it–than a group without that training. They also demonstrated better memory for the tasks performed.

Georgetown University and the University of Pennsylvania published a fascinating study showing that marines who trained in mindfulness demonstrated better working memory capacity (WMC) under highly stressful conditions than non-meditators.

What is WMC? You and I use it every day. We use our WMC to manage our cognitive demands and regulate our emotions.

To put it simply, robust WMC keeps you focused–more productive–under stress. If you think about the Marines in action, you can imagine how important this capacity is during life-threatening situations when it’s important to think on your feet. For better or for worse, their lives depend on it.