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Best Books for 10 Year Old Kids - List and Reviews for 2016

Whether a ten year old boy or girl is a fan of mysteries, fantasy or books that are just plain fun to read, there are quite a number of great choices in 2016.

Of all the books available, which ones are the "cream of the crop" - i.e., the ones that kids in this age range love the most?

Here are some wonderful picks from this year's reading "hot list" for kids at or around 10 years of age...


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter has no idea how famous he is. That's because he's being raised by his miserable aunt and uncle who are terrified Harry will learn that he's really a wizard, just as his parents were. But everything changes when Harry is summoned to attend an infamous school for wizards, and he begins to discover some clues about his illustrious birthright...

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 2 The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

Thor's hammer is missing again. The thunder god has a disturbing habit of misplacing his weapon--the mightiest force in the Nine Worlds. But this time the hammer isn't just lost, it has fallen into enemy hands. If Magnus Chase and his friends can't retrieve the hammer quickly, the mortal worlds will be defenseless...

The Trials of Apollo, Book 1: The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

After angering his father Zeus, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus. Weak and disoriented, he lands in New York City as a regular teenage boy. Now, without his godly powers, the four-thousand-year-old deity must learn to survive in the modern world...

The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin

After her best friend dies in a drowning accident, Suzy is convinced that the true cause of the tragedy must have been a rare jellyfish sting-things don't just happen for no reason. Retreating into a silent world of imagination, she crafts a plan to prove her theory...

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

The New York Times bestseller A Long Walk to Water begins as two stories, told in alternating sections, about two eleven-year-olds in Sudan, a girl in 2008 and a boy in 1985. The girl, Nya, is fetching water from a pond that is two hours’ walk from her home: she makes two trips to the pond every day...

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