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Plastic Surgery

U Eye Laser Cosmetic is a clinic focused on the pursuit of visual perfection and beauty enhancement. A duality that is unsurpassed in the GTA and beyond.

Health and Wellness Blog: Laser Eye Surgery

No need to explain how important our eyes are. Just think ... every morning the first thing we do after we wake up - we open our eyes, before resuming our daily routines. Just imagine for a moment how challenging it would be if we couldn't see or see well?...

Thighplasty (Thigh Lift Procedure) - UELC

Thighplasty surgery also known as thigh lift procedure targets the excess skin and fat at the thighs to give you toned and defined legs and smooth skin. The expert surgeons at UELC are always available to help you feel and look great through a free no obligation thighplasty consultation.

Ear Pinning (Otoplasty): Is It Worth It?

Ear pinning, also known as otoplasty, surgically pulls your ears closer to your head. The procedure is designed to permanently fix protruding ears, and the results can instantly improve your self-confidence.

Laser eye surgery. My experience - Sticky FingersSticky Fingers

In my late teens I started work on a new newspaper being launched in my city. I was fresh out of journalism college and keen to start work in the newsroom with fancy new computers. Computers with green screens and more.

Brachioplasty Surgery (Arm Lift Procedure) - UELC

Desc L Brachioplasty surgery by the expert surgeons at UELC will enable you to have athletic and great looking arms once again by removing the sagging and loose skin on your upper arms. Contact UELC for a free no obligation consultation.

Is it Time for a Mommy Makeover?

Childbirth is natural and beautiful. What happens after that to a mother’s body, however, can leave her feeling a little less in awe. Depending on how many children you have had, your body may respond positively or negatively to the process of carrying a child for 9 long months.

Treatments with Broadband Light Can Delay Skin Aging

Did you know that treatments with Broadband Light can delay Skin Aging? The non-surgical procedure known as Forever Young BBL Treatment gives you a healthy glowing skin with reduced signs of aging. Head right in to learn more about it now!

How A Blepharoplasty Procedure Changes Your Face

Individuals who seek out an eyelid lift do so for a variety of reasons. A blepharoplasty helps to improve the overall appearance of your face and wake up your complexion.

Hair Transplant Procedures and Recovery

Are you facing hair thinning and hair loss problems? Have you considered Hair Transplant Procedures? Read on to know everything about the hair transplant procedure and recovery. Contact us today for your Complimentary Consultation!

Facial Fat Grafting

Are you having sagging skin or prominent wrinkles on your face? Stop worrying now! Facial Fat Grafting or Fat Transplant Procedure helps to restore the fat in your face which makes it look rounder & healthier. Skim through for more details about it.

Spring is a Good Time for Liposuction

Do you want to get liposuction done? Spring is a great time. With about 4-6 weeks of recovery, you will be all set with a rocking figure for summer! Contact us today to get your free consultation with the experts at UELC for your cosmetic surgery.

Five Lasting Benefits from Receiving Plastic Surgery

Along with the standard considerations that come with any surgical procedure, there are also multiple benefits you will experience once the surgery is complete

Breast Implant Filling Types

After deciding to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, the implants will be filled with silicone or saline. Both have their benefits, and you determine which best suits you.

Buttock Augmentations - Procedure, Recovery & Implant Process | UELC

An individual may be unsatisfied with the way their body looks, and in particular, their buttocks. They may seek surgical assistance in the form of a buttock augmentation.

How Botox Can Help with Sweating Problems

Excessive sweating is known as hyperhidrosis and can affect an individual’s quality of life. Science has shown that Botox is an effective, non-invasive treatment for hyperhidrosis.

Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery) - Procedure & Recovery

It’s natural for the breast to change from a variety of factors such as aging, weight changes and pregnancy. A mastopexy helps to reshape the breasts and improve their appearance.

Are You a Good Candidate for A Facelift?

The ageing process causes the skin on your neck and face to sag. This can make you look older than you are. If your face is showing signs of ageing, you may consider a facelift.

Here's what laser eye surgery feels like

The first time I wore a pair of glasses I was a year old. My mum realised I was as blind as a baby bat and took me down to...

Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery at U Eye Laser Cosmetic

If You Have a Moderate Degree of Farsightedness, Nearsightedness or Astigmatism, Contact UELC Today to Find Out if Lasik Eye Surgery is Right For You!

The Caisse sees a future in laser eye surgery with $25M Lasik MD investment

The pension fund says it intends to finance acquisitions that Lasik plans to pursue in North America and Europe during the coming months

Worried About Laser Eye Surgery? | UELC

U Eye Laser Cosmetic offers Safe and Thorough Assessments, Advice & Services to Ensure your Laser Eye Surgery Results meet your Expectations

Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Review Milton Keynes

I have finally decided to have my eyesight corrected with laser eye surgery and am keeping a diary to follow my progress to show before and after healing.

How Long Will the Results of Laser Eye Surgery Last?

With laser vision correction, it is possible to obtain 20/20 vision or better. The procedure is quick, simple, and safe, with permanent results and a fairly short recovery period.

What to Know About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgeries in North America. However, there are many things to know and discuss with your surgeon prior to undergoing this procedure.

Procedures to Help Treat Acne Scarring

When you suffer from acne or acne scarring, it is natural to be concerned about treating it. Advancements in laser technology can treat these scars and improve your appearance.