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Updated by Jamie on Aug 26, 2016
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9 Tips to Choosing the Best Wallpaper for Your Space

Wallpaper can certainly pack a style punch, becoming a feature of the room or transforming it completely. There are endless wallpaper designs and finding one to blend seamlessly with all parts of the décor and your own tastes, can be a challenge. Not to worry though; we have some pro tips on choosing the ultimate wallpaper for any project. Once you’ve found it? Speak to Marshels about their professional wallpaper hanging service.


Choose where it will go carefully

Choose where it will go carefully

You’ll be better able to select a well-suited wallpaper design if you know exactly where it will be going in relation to the furniture beforehand. Will it cover a feature wall? Will you use it in the entire room? Or will it be used to accentuate other décor such as your artwork or furniture items? When deciding on what will work with your existing pieces, a good way to add interest is to use contrasting elements with a mixture of matt and shine, or warm and cold colours.


Determine the mood you want to convey

The design of your room, and your wallpaper especially, can give a lot away about your personality and style. That’s why it’s important to look for wallpaper styles that will set the mood and focus for your space. Research wallpaper trends and check out design resources or wallpaper books to help guide you.


But do trust your instinct

Do choose a wallpaper that you love, rather than the one you’re not so keen on but think you should choose. After all it is your personal space and you’ll only be left regretting your decision when you have to face it all the time! Whittle your research down to a few designs and then go with your instinctive response to the one you like most.


Sample it

Sample it

If you’re undecided, choose a few of your favourite samples and leave them up in the room for a few days. Ensuring that it works well in the setting and positively impacts on everything else in the space will almost always give you the clear winner.


Think about lighting

How your wallpaper will look in natural daylight or artificial lighting will differ and could affect how big or small the room appears. Be sure to select some samples and see how they work with the space in the morning, afternoon and night time.


Look to interesting textures

There are so many types of wallpaper readily available and textured wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular. Subtly textured prints or hints of shine in a matt paper can enhance the depth of key details and colours, which will make the design stand apart.


Make a statement with pattern

Patterned wallpaper is an instant way to deliver boldness and really alter the appearance of a room. However depending on the size of your space there are certain patterns that may be more suited; for a big room? You have the freedom to really go for it with large and striking patterns in vibrant colours. Smaller rooms are typically better suited to smaller patterns with more details, with lighter colours to open up the space.


Want a more subtle look? Opt for neutral colours

If big and bold isn’t your thing, a minimalist design can still create that wow factor you’re looking for. Choose a simple wallpaper in neutral tones, which takes on enticing elements such as a reflective or textured pattern.


Go for quality

Go for quality

Whatever your design preference, the better quality the paper the better the overall look and feel of the space. Be sure to get a wallpaper with a high quality finish - cheaper prints on shinier papers could look garish and ruin the balance of the room. Opt for a softer tone of ink and print mark if you can.

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