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Headline for Nerf Gun Arsenals - Famous Youtubers Share Amazing Collections
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Nerf Gun Arsenals - Famous Youtubers Share Amazing Collections

These Famous Youtubers share their huge nerf gun arsenals, and each year they seem to get bigger. I'm sure it helps that some of them get their blasters complementary from the big honcho themselves - Hasbro! With millions and millions of views on arsenal videos on youtube, these videos have proven to be a popular hit in the community.

And when you are done watching, head over here to rate and review your favorite blasters in this huge nerf gun list.

Colors, Colors Everywhere in This Rainbow of a Collection

Coop's videos get crazier and crazier each year - and with good reason - he wants them too! His styling is quirky, because it fits his character, and his fans love him for it. Check out his huge armory, complementary of Hasbro. It pays to be a Nerf fan on youtube!

NerfBoyProductions Updated Update of His Wall of Glory

A hidden room behind a shelf, nerfboyproductions is known for his relaxed videos that tend to take interesting turns. In this video he shows of his secret lair full of blasters hanging on a giant pegboard wall. Funny enough, he doesn't really know how many he has, he just wants to show you that it's a lot. He also does this every year, maybe even a couple if I remember correctly.

Aaron's 100

There are over 100 blasters in this arsenal, as well as some melee weapons all neatly arranged on a peg board. The new bow and rhino strike look great on the wall.

This Was Posted on New Years

Youtube user Wazzup gives you a glimpse of his arsenal, laid out in neat arrangement. It's orderly and fun to look at because he went through the trouble to bunch up similar blasters together. See that nice lineup of barrel breaks? What about the rayvens or alpha troopers.

157 Piece Collection Here

Yup! One amazing collection here! 157 Nerf guns, and what a site it is. Hyperfires, Swarmfire, Raiders, Mavericks, and even a side colleciton of Buzz Bee Blasters. Did I mention he has super soakers too. There's a bit of everything in this beauty.

There's Also This Dude

This video, while low quality, has been estimated to show around 700 blasters, which are purportedly stowed away in a discreet warehouse at the edge of the world. Hopefully he can get around to doing one with better quality.

Robert-Andre Couldn't Resist

This kid came out of nowhere and amazed us with his living-room filling collection. He goes by Robert-Andre, and while he's young and new to this whole thing, in a couple years he may find himself at the top of this list!

PDK Films Put Up His

PDK makes some pretty awesome war videos, and as you would assume, he's also got a good collection to use in them. Some painted, some not. Lots of clips!

And Here is Francis

In Francis's own words "I OWN THE BEST NERF GUNS EVER." His video is also the most entertaining, despite the fact he owns the least amount. But, he still earned a spot on the list! Say hello to Francis's collection.

Over 500 Blasters

Boxes and all. It is claimed to be largely thrift store finds, but they must be really nice ones if they found them in boxes! Either way he has an amazing collection, and one that tips the scales at that.