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Oestrogen Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in Some Women - LifestylePrescriptions.

As one ages the body loses it youthful vitality. This is the reason a 60 year old cannot run as fast as a 20 year old. There is a class of diseases known as dementia that affects old people. Dementia is a condition common with old people characterized by memory loss, personality changes and reduced reasoning. Alzheimer disease accounts for up to 60% of people suffering from dementia. When it comes to this disease the onset can begin from the age of 40 and advances as a person becomes older.

Natural Remedies for Cough & Sore Throats - LifestylePrescriptions

People love chilly breeze after the hot summer weather. Then all it started is cough, cough and sniff, sniff. When we got cold it is very difficult to manage other works. Cold comes with sore throat and body pain. That is something when you suffer from a sudden flu attack. So be careful and follow Healthy Living, take care of your health from the very early day of catching cold.

No Guilt Chocolate and Strawberries Irresistible Pairing


Who would not love the sight, smell and taste of the chocolate dipped strawberries?

The Effects of DCIS Over-diagnoses - LifestylePrescriptions

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) is a common clinical breast anomaly. Most people don’t understand it. It has no symptoms and isn’t diagnosed manually through breast palpitation. In most cases, it doesn’t develop into invasive cancer.

Managing Daily Hassles is Important for a Healthy Life

Due to the kind of world we live in people face numerous things in their life that gives rise to stress. In order to live a healthy and fulfilling life the said stress needs to be managed. It might be close to impossible if one wants to get rid of all the stress in his or her life, especially if they interact with the world on a daily bases.

Lifestyle Change with Ornish Medicine - LifestylePrescriptions

Using Ornish medicine to attain an improved lifestyle change might be the best thing you do for your health. Dean Ornish leads a research group in making an interesting discovery. They study the effects of a diet change and some lifestyle habits on general human health.

The Anti-aging Secrets of Giloy - LifestylePrescriptions

According to Dr. Ashutosh, Giloy is the best universal herb packed with many medicinal effects for the human health. The healing property of the verb includes curing fine lines and wrinkles, pimples and dark spots. Its antioxidants features fight with free-radicals and give you a juvenile flawless glowing skin through removing toxins.

How to Drop Your Body Fat - LifestylePrescriptions

Most of the women do many different things to get rid of their stubborn body fat. For all the practical reasons they do crash dieting, buy Low-carb and low-calorie foods, join slimming clubs and go to gym to reduce the fat through the exercise. They do all the possible things to fight against their weight problems. But did you ever think of the consequences.

An Outbreak of Obesity - LifestylePrescriptions

Everybody wants to look slim and stay fit. However, sugar-free food stuff and diet drinks are not the solution to the issue. To keep your weight down you need to follow a Lifestyle Prescription of healthy food habit.

What is META-Health? - LifestylePrescriptions

First, let’s define META-Health, because in the near future you will hear people say:

  • “Are you META-Healthy?’
  • “I am META-Healthy.”
  • “I feel my META-Health is improving.”
  • “The other day I experienced a META-Healing.”
  • “I practice META-Health Fitness with great success.”
[LPTV Video] Bruce Lipton PhD - The Power of Beliefs - LifestylePrescriptions

Bruce Lipton PhD, author of Biology of Belief, is probably one of the most inspirational speakers you can even meet. His wisdom combined with his profound scientific background and knowledge will inspire and empower you to live a healthier and happier life.

Do You Trust Your Body’s Healing Intelligence? - LifestylePrescriptions

When you experience physical, emotional or mental symptoms in your life do you “know” WHY? Do you feel there is a deeper reason why your body reacts with these symptoms? Or do you believe this is a random reaction, an error or just plainly something wrong with you?

Amazing Vitamin C Health Benefits - LifestylePrescriptions

That fresh vegetable of fruit that you have ate and threw in the dust bin will be the subject of our topic. Discovered less than a century ago in the 1930s, Vitamin C has been materialistic in promoting the general well being of human life. Prior to that people used to suffer from a disease known as Scurvy due to lack of the important vitamin.

Amended Brain Training - Stress Test Online - LifestylePrescriptions

Our surrounding is responsible for all the actions taken by us. It is the environmental factors which affect an individual’s mental and physical health in a great way. The factors vary from physical, social, geographical and sometimes political. Even the financial aspects also influence us to a certain way.

How Fast Food for a Pregnant Woman Can Increase Risk of ADHD in Children - LifestylePrescriptions

The unborn child depends wholly in the mother for protection and also for nourishment. Therefore, anything the mother consumes might be potentially harmful to the baby. This is why pre- natal care is often compulsory for pregnant women so that a doctor can give professional advice on how the safety of the baby can be maintained.

META-Health Client Case: Thalamus - LifestylePrescriptions

Organ Reaction: ( – / + )

Stress Trigger: Self-renouncement

At age 17 several separate traumas occurred over 3 days in succession.

Viral infections are riskier in the morning - LifestylePrescriptions

Every morning, our body clock improves the ability to let viruses spread between our cells, ten times quicker than how it is by the end of the day. This alternatively means that people have greater possibilities to catch an infection at the early hours of the day. This was proved by a scientist of Indian-origin, and has been backed up by proper references.

Unhealthy Food: an Outbreak of Heart Disease - LifestylePrescriptions

Food ought to be the source of nourishment for all the living being. But regrettably, you will be surprised to know that near about 50 million Americans get sick as of eating unhealthy and unsafe food. Above 100,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths are recorded in a research. Some health experts predict that there is a chance of one heart disease, in every six due to the intake of the wrong food in this modern era.

Optimizing your Concentration - LifestylePrescriptions

Mind blockage is your worst nightmare especially if you are working on a tight schedule. Case Scenario: you are set ready to get down on an assignment that requires critical thinking, maximum concentration and creativity. You have you PC ready, writing material, an iPod to stimulate your mind and large book volumes for research and reference. Then all over sudden you mind goes blank and you continuously find yourself looking for excuses to go to the washroom or the kitchen for some soft drink or coffee.

Enter Love Exeunt Stress - LifestylePrescriptions

If you are constantly depressed, then the obvious question any therapist will ask you is when was the last time you fell in love? Human beings are social beings and we are often in need of love more than we realize. The power of love is demonstrated on the extent some people are ready to go for its sake. Take for instance the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare.

Understanding Hypovolemic Shock - LifestylePrescriptions

Hypovolemic shock is used to medically refer to a condition in which one has lost too much blood that puts the patient at risk of developing life threatening complications. Every now and then people loose blood when an injury opens a blood carrying vessel. However, the body has a mechanism of preventing lose of blood. Here are some mechanisms:

Meat Protein Causes Obesity Over Fat - LifestylePrescriptions

Proteins are an important part of our body, and we need it regularly for proper growth and development. They are known to repair our cells and build new ones, and that is a vital part of our daily function. Protein foods break down into amino acids while we digest.

Health Coaches to Extend Women Lifespan - LifestylePrescriptions

Woman plays a variety of roles. It is not easy to being a women. Sometimes she is a homemaker, sometimes an entrepreneur. She has to take care of her house, spouse, children and parents. In the whole scenario all that is important is her health. She needs to be energetic from inside to undergo with all the pain and hardship.

Is this the Truth about the Zika Virus? - LifestylePrescriptions

The high number of children in Brazil born with mental deformities (microcephaly) caught the world’s attention and raised a lot of questions. This was faced by quick travel advisories and a discovery by CDC that the deformities are caused by Zika virus. Zika virus was alleged o be spread by an infected Aedes species mosquito bite. These mosquitos are aggressive daytime biters but they also bite at night. However, there is no medicine or vaccine for the virus.

META-Health Client Case: Lungs - Bronchial Mucosa - LifestylePrescriptions

Organ Reaction: ( – / + )

Stress Trigger: Territory fear

Someone tried to overtake important parts of her work. Feeling very stressed periodically, especially when it happened (chronic process).

Regeneration Trigger: Retiring from work, 12 years after the initial stress trigger

Regeneration Symptoms: Bronchitis, making her very tired as she had problems sleeping