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Chetu participates in a various industry conferences and events. Join us for latest updates.

UniBasic Software Programming and Development Services by Experts

Are you looking for UniBasic software programming services? Chetu Inc., a Florida based IT organization offering software development services using UniBasic technology by the certified experts. To learn more, visit now!

Top 5 Mobile Application Technologies of 2016

Find out the top 5 Mobile Application Technologies of 2016. To read complete blog, visit website now!

Five Benefits of Online Event Registration Software

Event managers are becoming less and less reliant on physical tickets and in-person queues thanks to the introduction of event registration software. These systems reduce event organizers’ workloads and enhance experiences for event participants and audiences. Event registration software and applications are becoming more popular every day due to their numerous benefits.

Four Benefits of Recruitment Software

Without the benefit of recruitment software, finding the right candidate for your organization can be difficult. HR departments for companies of all sizes rely on custom recruitment software to accelerate recruitment and save associated costs. To read more, browse website now!

Sports Betting Software Solutions & Services

As profits continue to increase for the sports and gaming industry, the same can be said for corresponding technology segments, including the sports betting industry. Modern gamblers are more likely to turn to online betting applications for their sports and race betting hobbies than they are to go to an actual track. To read more, visit website now!

Solar Software Development Solutions

​Public and private organizations of all sizes have been increasingly investing in solar energy as a mean of saving money over time and promoting themselves as environmentally friendly. Considering the obvious financial benefits and ease of adaptability, technology companies have been quick to meet the market’s demand for solar energy management software systems. To read more, visit website now!

Implementing Big Data Solutions for Precision Agriculture Software

A rising trend toward data-centric precision agriculture is being identified among farmers of all sizes and specialties. Many have begun applying specific precision agriculture practices, leveraging big data in order to increase yields and improve land management operations.

Points to consider while choosing good Construction Management Software

All the SMBs needed a reliable software and applications which not only help them to grow, but also help them to streamline the processes. Construction business management relies on custom construction management software to automate and manage the workflow efficiently.

Benefits of Computer Based Training (CBT) & Web Based Training (WBT)

As technology has evolved, the education sector has also upgraded proportionally. In today’s world, CBT is a new era of learning. CBT helps students learn from training programs on their desktop or phone, at any time. Before the internet, this system worked well, but after internet introduction, CBT needed to be expand. To read more, visit website now!

What is Clever Education Software?

Clever expands technology in schools and in the classroom. It provides software applications a platform to comfortably link with schools and offer a centralized location to manage all of their learning materials and resources. To read more, visit website now!

How can Construction and Healthcare Industries Leverage Wearable Technologies?

As technology grows, the demands of wearable technology also increase proportionally in various sectors. As per healthcare IT news reports, organizations spent more than $250 million on wearable tech in the first quarter of 2016. These devices have the capability to collect huge amount of data and improve decision-making capabilities.

What is ITSM and how it important for business?

ITSM or IT service management refers to the customer-oriented IT services directed by policies, processes and procedures to manage, streamline and improve the customer service experience. ITSM is not limited to hardware or networking; its main purpose is to enhance the IT customer service with parallel of completion of business goals.


Chetu Makes Inc's Honor Roll, Appearing on the Prestigious List for the 5th Time in a Row.

Top 4 Reasons to Customize Your CMS

Open source CMS themes, along with built-in plug-ins and widgets may seem like a great idea when looking into a content management system for your company, but they come with a few pitfalls. Custom off-the-shelf systems typically cater a broad range of needs and rarely satisfy the individual of each business. That’s why a customized CMS is the best way to go. Here are 4 reasons you should customize your company’s content management system.

Benefits of Data Management Software

What are your data management software needs? Let Chetu help you. Quickly tell us your project needs, and one of our team members will get back to you with a detailed response.

Benefits of WordPress Websites

Customized html WordPress themes can be designed by professionals. For custom WordPress website, theme, and plugin development services, consult WordPress experts at Chetu Inc.

5 Benefits of Automated Payroll Software

Payroll is a tedious and time consuming process. The more employees a business has, the more time is devoted towards payroll completion. With automated payroll software, you can process payroll through a computerized system. Visit to read more.

Foreseen growth in java development for custom mobile and web apps

Many rumors surround Java and its expected lifespan in the programming world. Some say it is quickly coming to an end given the growing popularity of other languages like Python and Ruby. However, many are sure that Java is not going away anytime soon. To read full blog, visit website now!

Advantages of Xamarin

Read Full Blog to Know the Advantages of Xamarin. Visit now!

Benefits of PHP Programming Language

In today’s web environment, there are many technologies like Java, ASP, Perl, and other languages that are available for website, software, and web application development. There are many debates as to which is better, but one language has risen above almost all others, PHP. To read full blog, visit now!

Why Mobile is the Holy Grail for Indie Gaming Startups

Indie programmers developing games for mobile can maximize profits and exposure by using tools like Xamarin to develop cross-platform games for Windows, iOS and Android. To read full blog, visit now!.

Advantages of Xamarin Technology

If you are in need of native mobile app development for several platforms, Xamarin will allow you to create an app for each platform using shared code and native features. Xamarin developers use this rapid mobile development tool to speed up the process while optimizing native app quality and experience. To read full blog, visit now!

Chetu's CEO, Atal Bansal, to Deliver Keynote Speech at FIU's Fall 2016

Chetu Inc. is excited to announce that CEO Atal Bansal has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the Fall 2016 to the Induction to the Profession Ceremony for engineering, computing, and construction at Florida International University.

Having a Quality Web Portal can Keep Travel Agencies Alive

Online travel booking engines have transformed the way individuals and businesses plan vacations and trips. To read full blog , visit now!

5 Points to Consider Before Choosing Your SQL Application Development Company

When looking for high performing SQL applications, choosing the right development company is one of the most important factors. To read full blog, visit now!

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