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Updated by Daisy Legan on Aug 23, 2016
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Delectable Desserts in Dubai – Sweet Treats for the Foodies

Dubai is a melting pot of different cultures and the remarkable balance between modern technology and old traditions. Give these amazing desserts a try to enjoy creativity and unique flavours.


Chawan Mushi

Chawan mushi is a traditional Japanese savoury dish made from steamed egg custard. In Dubai, the dish is served as a dessert with some modifications. In reality, the modified version of Chawan mushi only has the fact that it is served on a teacup, in common with the original Japanese savoury treat. The dish is prepared with layers of custard. This custard is actually a sort of foam layered with fresh papaya to create the illusion of a mousse. If you wish to enjoy this delectable treat, there are plenty of restaurants in Silicon Oasis that serve it. The Desert Palm PER AQQUUM is not only a great place to stay while in Dubai but also an excellent spot to sample the city's amazing culinary creations.


Electric kulfi

Kulfi is a traditional Indian dessert that resembles ice cream. It is comparable to frozen yoghurt. However, Dubai restaurants have taken the ever popular kulfi to the next level. Electric kulfi is the latest creation by talented chefs in Dubai. This innovative dish is made with modern cooking techniques and presented as a crispy, deep fried version stuffed with popping candy to create an electrifying surprise with each delicious mouthful.


Chocolate samosas

If you love the crispy crunchy exterior and the flavor explosion inside samosas, then you will love Dubai's sweet twist on the classic Indian savoury dish. A creation of a Michelin starred chef, chocolate samosas are, as the name suggests, stuffed with a rich, thick and perfectly spiced chocolate sauce. The crispy portion of the samosas is made up from fine filo pastry, which is rolled into beautiful quenelles.


Full English breakfast

Eggs, baked beans, black pudding, sausages and bacon make up a beloved breakfast item that is loved by the entire world. At Dubai, you can order a full English breakfast for dessert! This is a novel dessert plate featuring a sweet version of the classic English breakfast. The delicious components include vanilla panacotta topped with passion fruit curd (the eggs), white chocolate and a delicious tropical fruit sauce (the baked beans) and French toast with raspberry and nutella to make up hash browns.


White chocolate matcha surprise

Matcha or Japanese green tea powder, is all the rage nowadays! If you love matcha and visually stunning dishes, then you will adore the white chocolate matcha surprise. The dessert is made up of a delicate sphere made up of white chocolate. The waiter will serve the chocolate on a plate and pour a warm green matcha sauce on top. The sauce melts the top of the chocolate sphere and reveals the lovely raspberry sorbet inside!


White truffle ice cream

The white truffle is the most prized ingredient from Italy and combining it with the delectable creaminess of ice cream results in a match made in heaven! The dish straddles between the sweet and savoury boundary to create an incredible melding of flavours. Be sure to indulge in this delicious treat on your next visit to Dubai.