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List of best articles on Windows

A List of Lesser Known and Extremely Useful Things in Winodws

Systweak Review

Long time ago Systweak software built a software "Advanced System Optimizer" and it is an extremely successful software. It has downloads in millions. This has lost of positive reviews.

Top 5 Windows 10 Problems And Easy Solutions

Every Windows user experiences some problems and does backbreaking work to fix those problems. Here are given top 5 problems in windows and their solutions.

Microsoft’s Cortana: 7 Amazing Things You Can Do with Cortana

Cortana is the smartest feature in windows. But a few know that you can do so many things with cortana. Here are described 7 Amazing Things You Can Do with Cortana.

7 Hidden Features That You Didn’t Know in Windows [2016]

There are so many features in windows but there are some features which are very important but lesser known. Those features are described here.

How to Speed Up Windows 8 PC: Steps to Make Your System Run Faster

There are a lot of users of Windows 8 and there is possibility that they are facing slow speed problem then do not worry about this solution is available here. You can Speed Up Windows 8 PC by following some Steps to Make Your System Run Faster.

10 Interesting Shortcut Keys on Windows Keyboard

Are you using Ctrl+D to Show your desktop or ALT+F4 to shut down your computer? Here are 10 interesting windows shortcut just for you check them out.

Easy Steps to Update Outdated Drivers For Windows XP, 7 & Windows 10

If you are a windows user then you have to update drivers which are outdated in tou computer. Here are given some steps to update outdated drivers from windows xp, 7, 8 and windows 10.

How to Speed Up Windows 10 - A Gateway for faster Use of Windows PC

At this time there are a lot of windows 10 users in the world it is the latest updated version of win-dows. But still it also slows down but do not worry there are trick available to speed up windows 10. So, use the given tips and trick and increase the speed of windows 10.

7 Amazing Hidden Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 has a lot of nice features but only few people know about these features. Here are described 7 Amazing Hidden Features of Windows 10 that will improve your experience on windows.

How to Speed Up Windows PC: Top 7 Tips

The slow process of your system always leads to frustration and time waste. Especially when you are using Windows XP or older, problems are bound to arise. Nevertheless, you can do several things to improve the system's performance and speed. It is certainly quite a task to find out reasons for pc slowdowns from the myriad list of computer related problems.....................

How to Safely Format a Windows Computer & Make Partition

A windows user needs to format the windows computer to make it faster and remove all the virus. So, here is given tips to format the computer and make partitions safely.

How to Fix Registry Error in Windows

Windows registry contains a massive internal database of configuration settings which includes program or hardware’s settings, information, location, version and other values. Whenever a new program or hardware is installed on the system it creates a registry for that. After prolonged use when Windows registry accumulates it creates many problems for the system. In this situation, it becomes important to clean Windows registry for system’s better performance.

How to Fix Frozen Window: 5 Instant Tips

There could be various reasons behind frozen Windows which may include issues with software, hardware or power supply issues. These problems also include external issues as well like malware attack.

Mac vs Windows - 10 Reasons Why Mac is Better and Faster than Windows

Being able to perform several tasks ranging from documentation to video editing and 3d modeling, Windows is a jack of all trades but master of none. It means

3 Effective Ways to Fix Registry Errors

Windows registry contains a monstrous inside database of arrangement settings which incorporates system or equipment's settings, data, area, adaptation and different qualities.

11 Lesser Known Amazing Features You Need to Know in Windows 10

If you are using windows, then you must know these amazing feature these will definitely improve you windows experience. So, know the features and become an advance user of windows.

Top 10 Windows 7 Problems & Their Solutions

Windows 7 problems and solutions - Today we are going to see, how to repair & fix most common Windows 7 issues and updated solutions that will help you to optimize, speedup & improve your PC performance considerably.

5 Best ways to Free Up Hard Disk Space on Windows - MyTechLogy

Your system hard disk gets cluttered due to various reasons like old and unnecessary files, obsolete files, duplicate data files, large files and due to other reasons. Initially, the system performs absolutely well but with prolong use it starts creating many performance issues.

5 Effective Windows Password Recovery Tools

Password recovery tools are effective tools to recover your lost passwords. It is used to reset lost user and administrative passwords which are required to log on to operating systems.

How to Recover Lost Password in Windows

Password recovery tools are effective tools to recover your lost passwords. It is used to reset lost user and administrative passwords which are required to log on to operating systems.

Following these simple steps, you can find a solution for a lot of your disk space worries. This way you can not only recover a lot of disk space but it will improve your system speed and performance.

Best Photo Editing Apps Photographers Should Have

You can use these amazing apps to make your images look good instantly. These apps help you save a lot of your time and efforts and offers extensively advanced features.

Fix: Windows 10 Automatic Repair

Many users have come across a loop while turning off their computer. The ‘automatic error’ lurks around while the screen is frozen up and then dims.

Windows computer systems are impressive machines when it comes to disposing day to day work but the fly in the ointment turns up to be the situation when your system run out of disk space memory.

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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 7

We have covered several ways that are absolute rescuer to recover permanently deleted files on Windows 7. using these ways you can recover permanentaly deleted files in windows.