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Headline for Get Active - 4 things to do in Beijing to Keep Fit – Keep Fit!
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Get Active - 4 things to do in Beijing to Keep Fit – Keep Fit!

Fitness is no foreign concept to Beijing. Despite its highly industrial landscape, Beijing nevertheless applauds the active lifestyle. Hard to believe that? Let the setting speak for itself!


Dance in the park

"One, two, three..." you will hear him directing, "turn, now, look east!" That voice belongs to Jiao Jinwu who visits Ritan Park to teach dancing. Ritan Park is where you can really let loose. Dance groups gather at the park from 9 to 11 am. Following the interval, they would again assemble at 3.30 pm and dance along until 5 pm. As you amble along, you will see these dancers spinning around the trees and waltzing to the traditional music. And Jian Jinwu is not the only dancing trainer visiting the park. The septuagenarian retiree, Gao Shan, is there to mould you into an expert dancer. Dance until you drop in Beijing. Serviced Apartments and hotels are available nearby for you to retire to when you want to unwind after a full day of dancing.


Run on purpose

Music is for the slow-moving... If that is your thinking, get into running – but with a purpose. Meet Stephy Chung, who moderates a running team at Jingshan Park, every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 am. The team will get into the job straight away. So do not expect any warm-ups. You are supposed to run up to the top and back about five times. And if you think you are physically fit enough, you can expand the routine even more. Although it takes only two minutes, getting to the top is not going to be a cakewalk.


Climb the rock

Well, that is going to be even tougher than running. And more challenging! Zhang Qi's rock climbing venture at Ritan Park gets full of activity between March and November. The climbers are greeted with the indulging vista of two metallic and rocky walls at the park's southern side. One wall is 15 metres high, while the other is eight metres. And hey, there are also shoes for rent. So that leaves you without any worry about having proper climbing shoes. If you are staying at a hotel or serviced apartment like Ascott Beijing, you can probably get your lunch prepared to take with you on your climbing picnic!


Do not let it fall!

Hacky sack – that is how the game is known. Whether you are old or young, it hardly matters. All that you need to do is to keep the hacky sack, that toy with the feathery top, from falling to the ground. This is another attraction at Ritan Park and, more amusingly, you will meet masters of the game. These skilled players have been at it for over a decade. Their dexterity to move the hacky sack with their head and toes is simply incredible. And the best is when they perform dances too while playing hacky sack. Masters or not, people gather at the park to take part in this game. If you happen to reach here after 5 pm, the park is filled with a larger crowd. Try this game out, and you will discover how this amazing little game can do wonders to strengthen your muscles.