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Auto Job Application

Fruitlessly scrolling through websites, unable to find a job? Many of us have been through this draining struggle of job search. What if we introduced a solution! A simple, fast and easy escape from all these tensions to rapid employment. OWCareers is the fix to your problems. It is a worldwide job portal, offering services like no other, serving to bring job seekers and employers on one exclusive platform.

The traditional job search has many flaws, not to mention the endless hours it requires to swim through piles of material to find your required employment. Most jobs are hidden on official websites or in newspapers, out of reach of the average seeker. Furthermore, not every job posted on a website is authentic. Many can be fake, with often no absolute proof of verification. Not only this, 75% of jobs posted online are already either expired or taken before you even apply for the position. To further complicate matters, many pages and forums post fake job advertisements to raise their own views, sidetracking your quest.
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Opportunities in DUBAI

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International Doctor’s Day

It is amazing, how incredibly easy it is to forget the importance of medical professionals, until an injury or some illness brings you back calling for them. The services and sacrifices doctors make to help their patients on a daily basis, silently working into the night, usually go unnoticed. The many hours they incorporate in their passion for humanity, overlooking their own desires and needs to favor the greater good, demand attention. To appreciate these tireless efforts of the medical community, the world has proposed the dedication of an entire day to these angels in disguise; Doctors.

Observed on 1st July, the day serves to shine the spotlight on the worthy contributions of good doctors and to encourage everyday citizens to acknowledge the considerate hours they have put into practicing medicine. All over the country institutes make special efforts, healthcare organizations plan themed events. Some even take their staff for an outdoor lunch, others hold unique ceremonies to present physicians with gifts and tokens, expressing recognition of their work. Over the course of history, a card with a red carnation used to be mailed to doctors and their spouses, even the deceased were accredited by flowering their graves, traditions, still followed in some parts to this day. Read more at

The Don’ts of Job Hunting

Seeking a job, we all know is no easy task. What with the intense competition and spare few job opportunities on the grid, getting your job hunting game polished is a must. However, many of us, even the well experienced seekers find it hard to avoid certain basic mistakes which do no more than lower your chances of actually scoring that particular job. To ensure the same fate does not await your future, here are some worthy ground rules you should follow, to navigate these dangerous waters to make your dream job, a reality.

It makes little sense why all the young job seekers attempt to perform this massive feat all by themselves. We hire mechanics to change our car’s oil, carpenters to do our wood work, so why not take professional help on this pressing issue as well. Trained career coaches aid in providing you the best job search advice, tactics on salary negotiations and other tips and tricks, here and there. Low cost options such as non-profit groups and university are available as well.
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Tips and Tricks to an Effective CV

Almost every job will require you to present yourself in a well-organized, easy to read form; a CV. Even the Auto Job application for OWCareers needs your information in a CV format for further proceedings. Many applicants ponder the effective ways to construct a good CV, however, not many succeed. Naturally, for an employer to gain some insight into an applicant’s past, a CV is the most readily requested document. However, you have a timeline of 8 seconds to either capture the company and make it to the approved pile or be tossed off into the rejected section. Here we present to you a guide, implementing all the tricks and tips that will help you differentiate, what sets a successful CV apart from a failure.

The first and foremost aspect to take care of is the length of your curriculum vitae. A standard CV should not exceed more than 2 A4 pages If it aims to be appealing. No employer wants to read your life story, the trick is to make it short and to the point. However, this does not mean you omit important fields of information. Nothing makes an employer more repulsed than having to second guess an answer to an un-attempted question. company representatives are experienced and immediately note any gap in the provided details. If you lack past experience, don’t just leave the field blank, elaborate on any volunteer work or projects which you have been on to showcase your abilities.
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Tips for Writing Cover Letters

Countless times have we sat and pondered on the best ways to make a CV, however, it is rare to give enough thought to the cover letter aspect of the application. Cover letters have been underestimated by many applicants simply because its sole purpose has been too hazy to gain it any attention. A cover letter is actually your justification to the employer to state why you are the best for the job. Nowadays, it has become customary to include cover letters in your resume, even online application forums like Auto Job Application working from OWCareers, require you to submit this document. Many of us, however, fail to do justice to this piece of writing. To help you out, here we elaborate on ways to construct a refined cover letter, guaranteed to stand out.
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The Company’s Culture; A better Approach

Usually, the CEO of a Company is the one calling the shots to every presenting problem, however, what happens when the boss is not around? Who will decide what course to take and how to fixing a narrow situation. Culture is what tells employees, which decision should be the best options. Entrepreneurship blogs have been promoting the importance of culture in the workplace consistently, but exactly is culture? To put it in a nutshell, it is a guide which dictates employee behavior in areas where the standard workbook fails. Many aspects contribute to making a perfect culture, some valuable pointers are discussed here.
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Global Educational Issues

In this world of rapid Advancement, making sure of the adequate training of our successors is vital. The demand for flawless education is increasing overnight, on the other hand, however, many critical issues have become a hindrance to achieving a more intricate and better functioning educational routine. What are these issues that the global knowledge providers and institutes are facing? Poverty, ineffective teaching skills and unfair distribution of funds top the list. Of the numerous topics up for discussion, here we address the most pressing problems that crave immediate global attention.
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Do’s and Don’ts of Career Assessments

Over the years, the image of the perfect job in your mind may have seen many reconstructions and changes to yield a picture that is nowhere near what you originally dreamt of. Your skills and the areas that hold your interest, over time, have made you format and edit that job to get the perfect career which suits you today. However, many of us get confused with this formatting part and are lost along the way of our wants and our benefits. Are you also unsure of the career best suited to your liking? Career Assessments can help you. However, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when indulging in these mind changes. There are many tools that serve as a career assessment. Usually,
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Career Counseling, Important or Not

Career development is one aspect of human life that could have started even before you were born. Most parents dream of making their child something special. At the same time, many children grow with a specific line of work, plastered in their mind as their ideal. However, these emotional choices and fanciful dreams are more likely than not, filled with multiple hurdles and may not even be the best option for you. We all know that every child grows to be different with varied strengths and preferences. How can that child be expected to suit any particular career planned for him/her since birth? So, what does an individual do when it comes to the pressing question of what field of work to go for? Career counseling comes in here.
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OWCareers Event at Sialkot

CEO OWCareers and CEO UOG Sialkot Campus inaugurating the biggest student event of Sialkot #IEEPIE2016 #OWCareers #inNOVA

OWCareers Event at Sialkot

CEO Adnan Ahmad (Career Expert) presenting souvenir to Mr. Rehan Ahamd CEO UOG Sialkot Campus #IEEPIE2016 #OWCareers #inNOVA

OWCareers Event at Sialkot

CEO Adnan Ahmad (Career Expert) during visit of UOG library #OWCareers #IEEPIE2016

Undefeated Marketing tactics

For effective business growth and development having marketing techniques that work is a necessity. Without these tactics, expecting the growth of any business is likely to be just empty dreams. However, more often than not, many tactics are simple solutions that don’t need much effort to be incorporated,but give stack loads of benefits in revenue. Usually, it is these simple tactics that will raise the productivity of your business to the heights of success. So, for your especial benefit, we have compiled the best marketing tactics that are sure to multiply your earnings by several folds.
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How to Make Your Auto Job Profile Shine; Incorporating Academics

In a job application, all the emphasis seems to be placed on the CV and cover letter, however, the less noted parts, including video descriptions of your CV, your online presence, the past experiences, and academics hold just as much weight. Sadly, these aspects of an application are ignored too often and are not given the thought and consideration that they deserve. However, for an online profile that stands out among the many applicants, you need to address these aspects. From a number of these less acknowledged attributes, we have chosen to highlight and address the proper ways to incorporating your academics, as this is also a very caring attempted part of the profile.
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The International Brotherhood

Quite a few of us claim to know what we mean by being brothers, many also follow the unspoken rules of the relation, and everyone understands what it means to be one. Similarly, brotherhood, if we take its raw meaning from a dictionary, means the bond between brothers. You may have often heard of a lot of brotherhood talks passing your ear in everyday conversations, yet having not had the interest in the subject, not many of us can claim we know what it exactly is. Yes, we will tell you what being in a brotherhood signifies, however, before we actually elaborate on that we first need to address the actual meaning of brotherhood.
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OWCareers, Our dream Employment hunting, without effort

OWCareers, the world's first job portal, brings available vacancies all over the world, suited to your requirements, directly to you. Operating from Pakistan, we are a group of people united in one aim, easing the job search dilemma. Clearly, every one of us has to go through the traumatizing experience of finding a job. Here at OWCareers, we handle this experience for you. Our goal is to make switching jobs just as easy as switching phones, no drama, just go and get a new one from the vast variety available!
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How to Gain Greater Success as an Employee

Job success and career growth are both, much-awaited aspects of employment once a person starts working in a long term position. Most can’t wait for the moment when they would excel and be promoted to higher responsibilities, however, what they don’t realize is the fact that it takes so much more than a mere wait to achieve greater job success. Why isn’t every next person chosen for a promotion? Well, let’s just say it’s because they lack the certain growth qualities and company benefiting tactics that are needed for the promotion. So, in the light of these statements, the question at hand is, what really ensures more and more job success?
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How to Make Your Auto Job Profile Shine: Past Experiences

Cover letters and CV's are no doubt a vital part of your job application, may it be traditional or online via job portals like Auto Job of OWCareerrs. However, for strong online profiles, other aspects like an interactive video link, adequately elaborated past experiences and academics as well as a strong proof of your online existence, carry a lot of weight. Yes, Auto Job has vowed to give you the earliest hits on an available vacancy, but in order to compete with the other applicants, you will have to figure out authentic ways to build your profile. One such way, already mentioned, is including your relevant experiences to date. In one of our older descriptions of the Auto Job application, we did go through the importance of this part of the profile, however, now we give it a complete elaboration to highlight how very important a role it plays in your profile and the proper ways to utilize this section of your application.
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Job Portals and Their Role in Job Search

Jobs are becoming scarcer by the day, with new positions being increasingly difficult to find let alone procure, finding one has become nothing short of a challenge. The immense talent pouring out with degrees every year, all demand posts to sustain their living, but unfortunately, not many seats are available to accommodate these fresh applicants. With more than 20 hopeful graduates applying for each seat, the immense competition is higher than ever. In such a situation, 'first come, first served' comes into play. The earlier you submit your application, the more likely you are to be chosen for a job, given the other variables are kept constant. Usually, however, the news that a vacancy is circulating reaches your ears too late to give you the benefit of being the first applicant. Here is where job portals come in.
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Q) How do you get started on OWCareers?
A) Access the website and click on the tab that says 'create job seeker profile'. This will lead you to a series of steps that will allow you to sign into OWCareers and avail its services.
Q) Is there a way to look for a specific job?
A) Yes, you can easily search for a job fitting your requirements by clicking on the find jobs feature and filling in the relevant data. Our automated system will find the most likely match for your query.
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The Right Way to Grow Your Career

Advancing your career in the right direction can be a challenge for any individual. Having built up a base, directing it towards the correct steps of the ladder is equally important to achieving the dream position you always wanted. However, planning for and maneuvers needed for this rightful direction of your employed life, are not simple. What with the heaps upon heaps of hurdles, supervisor expectations, limited opportunities and massive distractions circling around us, wading through the dangerous waters of a career in the making can be pretty tough. To help you out on these nasty twists and turns, we present to you a basic guideline that you can adhere to, to ensure the future of your career.
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How to Make Your Auto Job Profile Shine; Online Presence

Auto Job requires you to create an online profile on OWCareers. Most people are able to understand this part and proceed to complete the request in order to avail Auto Job services. However, what they fail to realize is how to increase the strength and credibility of their created profile. Thousands of users create online Auto Job profiles, similarly, countless applications are sent to each job vacancy as well. However, to score high on the referral criteria, there are certain aspects that need to be addressed as well. Many people incorporate correct CVs, however moving on, their profile starts to lock in the cover letter, past achievement and academics and their online persona. We have addressed a lot of these issues in order to help you build a sound profile on Auto Job, however, an issue still not addressed is the online presence of yourself.
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Auto Job Appliation

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Virtual Recruiter Process

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