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Updated by tonya-welch on Jul 10, 2017
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Top 10 Over-The-Top Costume Bling for Women on Amazon

Once Upon a Time there were limited places and occasions where you could bedeck yourself in a bib of glittering, dangling jewels: While playing dress-up as a child. While walking over red carpet in Hollywood. While ruling over a monarchy. But these days it has become commonplace to see women (and sometimes even men) wearing glitzy costume bling everywhere, from an opulent evening wedding to league night at the local bowling alley. "Excessive" has become "bourgeois", and this is good! We can all use a little glittery nonsense in our lives. Here are my top 10 over-the-top costume necklaces found on Amazon.

Tropical Paradise - Janefashions®

As if the color "hot pink" isn't enough by itself, this necklace combines hot pink with huge crystal flowers, delicate pink pearl teardrops and some dainty green leaves to temper the pink explosion. The whole set screams for an airy, shapeless summer dress and a white-sandy beach surrounded by a lush tropical forest. The only thing it's missing is a big parrot somewhere in this mess.

Cascading Pink - EVER FAITH®

Pink butterflies swarm the wearer of this beautiful soft pink necklace that cascades down the chest. I like the thin branches on the left side, giving the allusion that the butterflies on the right are in flight. Sadly, this could only be worn by a woman whose chest is about as flat as the mannequin's.

Frosting - Janefashions®

I don't typically care for white crystal or rhinestone necklaces that are meant to simulate diamonds. I prefer color! However, the shape and design of this set is just opulent as hell.

Blue Spiders - EVER FAITH®

I'm a bit mystified by this necklace as people who wear spiders don't generally wear light blues. People who wear light blue don't generally wear spiders unless it's Halloween, and then you would expect the spiders to be orange or black. But the set is very pretty and would make an interesting addition to a costume jewelry collection.

Violets in Bloom - Hamer®

There is a whole lot of pink and purple in this very busy necklace set. I envision this set being used to add a splash of color to a little black dress.

Crystal Falls - Affordable Wedding Jewelry®

There's just something about huge blue stones. Think the infamous Hope Diamond, or the fictional Heart of the Ocean from Titanic fame. Blue is such a rich but calming color, like still pools or gorgeous eyes. This set would look fabulous around a tall turtlenecked blouse.

Green Tear Drop - EVER FAITH®

Green is my color - I just can't get enough of it. And there are several of my favorite shades of green in this gorgeous necklace. I think I would have much preferred silver-tone metals for this piece, though.