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Petty Pest Control Services

Petty Pest Control Services for affordable 24/7 raccoon and squirrel removal, bed bug exterminators, and more in Toronto, Hamilton and the Niagara region.

Preparation: The Key to Successful Pest Control

I can’t stress it enough: the key to successful pest control is preparation!

In the last several weeks, I have come across several instances where I’ve gone to treat apartment units for either bedbugs or cockroaches. I supply the property managers and/or the landlords with preparation sheets for treatment. For example, I went to do a bedbug treatment where the tenant was complaining about bedbugs in the couch, chair and bed. When I went in the tenants big-screen TV was sitting in the middle of the couch, and other items were sitting smack in the middle of the chair.

Well Jim, why don’t you just move these things? First of all in some apartments it be extremely difficult to move them anywhere. Secondly what if I drop them? Who is liable for the damage? All it really takes is common sense. If I’m treating your place for bedbugs, anyplace that you sit or sleep need to be clear of your clothing and other items. If I’m treating your place for cockroaches, your kitchen cupboards need to be totally cleaned out because I will not spray dust or bait where there is food or plates or cutlery.

The sheets contain information on what the tenant or owner needs to do to help us reach the common goal, which is the elimination of the pests that are within your home.

What I find some of the time is that the sheets are either ignored or only partially followed. Then the results are inevitable, we get a call from the landlord or the manager telling us that the problem is not entirely eliminated. And to be honest they typically don’t dig what I tell them in reply, that the units were not prepared properly and when I invoice I do not put in my typical warranty.

I fully understand that preparing for pest control treatment can take a large amount of time, depending upon what’s in your home or apartment, to get rid of the offending pests in your home it is imperative that the owner or tenant take the time to prepare properly. Without proper preparation, a partial extermination or failure totally is entirely possible.

Just like other things in life that require some work, cleaning and preparing your home for insect and/or mice pest control treatment is imperative for your success.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Exterminator

Exterminators are the key to effective and lasting solutions to your pest infestations. If not treated properly, pest infestations can cause property damage, health related risks and an uncomfortable environment for your family to live in.

Health Risks: Pests are known to carry harmful diseases and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. Cockroaches are known to intensify allergies and asthma related problems as they carry E-coli and salmonella. Lyme disease is also an extreme illness that can be caused by tick bites. Other pests such as ants can contaminate food, bees or wasps can cause allergic reactions and other injuries.

Professional Training: A benefit to hiring an exterminator is their ability to eliminate various types of infestations. They are trained to identify the type of pest infestations, use the appropriate chemicals, baits and traps to remove the infiltrators humanely as possible.

Identifying the source: The key to a successful pest infestation removal is to eliminate the source of the problem. If only the pests are removed but the source isn’t, more infestations are a high probability. Professional exterminators are able to find the source behind the infestations and effectively avoid future infestations.

Time: Pest infestation removal has to be dealt with quickly due to the risk of more infestation and to minimize property damage. Dealing with infestations yourself will take longer with no guarantee of success. Exterminator companies have specials tools and resources that may not be available to consumers, which allows them to provide treatments faster. The average time to complete treatment is within one to six hours and larger infestations can take up to a week.

Avoiding damage: From a long term perspective it is recommended to pay a professional exterminator for treatment. This is due to the damage that can be caused to carpets, foundations, floors, furniture, walls and other property that will eventually need to be repaired.

Overall, to get the most effective and efficient treatment, avoid health risks and property damage it is advised that pest infestations should be eliminated by a professional exterminator.

Flea Extermination Service and Flea Control in Toronto

Ridding a home of fleas can be a frustrating and costly endeavor which is why many would often turn to a flea extermination service for help. Unlike some pests encountered around the home, fleas cause discomfort and irritation to both pets and people. They account for more than half of all dermatological conditions requiring veterinary assistance, and even a single flea bite to a hypersensitive animal or person may cause intense itching and irritation.

For successful flea control, the home, pet and oftentimes, the yard must be treated. Yet the manner in which these treatments are performed can greatly influence the results. The following information will help frustrated pet owners effectively rid their homes and pets of fleas.

Essential Facts About Fleas
Pet Flea Extermination Service and Flea Control in TorontoAdult fleas (the biting stage seen by pet owners) spend most of their time on the animal, not in the carpet. This is why treatment of the pet in conjunction with the pet’s environment is an essential step in ridding a home of fleas. Adult fleas lay all of their eggs (up to 50 per day) on the pet. However, the eggs soon fall off the animal into carpeting, beneath the cushions of furniture, and wherever else the pet rests, sleeps or spends most of its time. This is where homeowners should focus control measures.

After hatching, flea eggs develop into tiny, worm-like larvae. Larvae remain hidden deep in carpet fibers, beneath furniture cushions and in other protected areas. The larvae feed mainly on adult flea feces (dried blood) which accumulates, along with the eggs, in pet resting and activity areas. Before becoming adult fleas, the larvae transform into pupae within a silk-like cocoon. Pupae remain inside the cocoon for 2 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer. The cocoon is resistant to insecticides and this is why some adult fleas are seen for an extended period, even after the home and pet are treated.

Treatment of Premises

If you neglect to treat the pet’s environment (the premises), you will miss more than 90% of the developing flea population — the eggs, larvae and pupae. If the pet spends time indoors, the interior of the home should also be treated. Before treatment, the pet owner should:

Remove all toys, clothing, and stored items from floors, under beds, and in closets. This step is essential so that all areas will be accessible for treatment.

Remove pet food and water dishes, cover fish tanks, and disconnect their aerators.

Wash, dry-clean or destroy all pet bedding.

Vacuum! — vacuuming removes many of the eggs, larvae and pupae developing within the home. Vacuuming also stimulates pre-adult fleas to emerge sooner from their insecticide-resistant cocoons, thus hastening their contact with insecticide residues in the carpet. By raising the nap of the carpet, vacuuming improves the insecticide’s penetration down to the base of the carpet fibers where the developing fleas live. Vacuum thoroughly, especially in areas where pets rest or sleep. Don’t forget to vacuum along edges of rooms and beneath furniture, cushions, beds, and throw rugs. After vacuuming, seal the vacuum bag in a garbage bag and discard it in an outdoor trash container.

Insecticide Application – Once these pests become established in a home, insecticides are almost always needed to control them. Always read and follow label directions on the insecticide container. Other than the person performing the application, people and pets should be out of the house during treatment. People and pets should also remain off treated surfaces until the spray has dried. This may take several hours, depending on carpet type, ventilation and method of application. Opening windows and running the fan or air conditioner after treatment will enhance drying and minimize odor.

Many different products are available for home treatment. The most effective formulations contain both an adulticide (e.g., permethrin) effective against the biting adult stage, and an insect growth regulator (methoprene or pyriproxyfen), necessary to provide long-term suppression of the eggs, larvae and pupae. It is essential that the application be thorough and include all likely areas of flea development. Carpets, throw rugs, under and behind beds and furniture, and beneath cushions on which pets sleep should all be treated.

Pay particular attention to areas where pets spend time or sleep, as these will be the areas where most flea eggs, larvae and pupae will be concentrated. For example, if the family cat sleeps within a closet, or hides under the bed, these areas must be treated or the problem will continue. Hardwood and tile floors generally do not require treatment, but should be thoroughly vacuumed.

Expect to see some fleas for 2 weeks or longer following treatment. Provided all infested areas were treated initially, these “survivors” are probably newly emerged adults which have not yet succumbed to the insecticide. Instead of retreating the premises immediately, continue to vacuum. As noted earlier, vacuuming stimulates the insecticide-resistant pupae to hatch, bringing the newly emerged adults into contact with the insecticide sooner. Flea traps, such as those utilizing a light and glue board to attract and capture adult fleas, can be helpful but will not eliminate a flea infestation unless used in combination with other methods. If adult fleas continue to be seen beyond 2-4 weeks, retreatment of the premises (and pet) may be necessary.

Pests can be quite difficult to eliminate from your home if you do it alone. Contact Petty Pest Control Services today if you are looking for a reliable flea extermination service in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga and the Niagara region.

Pest Control Hamilton Raccoon Removal Bedbug Control Hamilton Niagara

Hi I'm Jim Petty. Thank you for visiting the PP Services website.

If you have an immediate problem with raccoons, wasps, termites, please call the number at the bottom of the screen immediately (289-439-4343).

The reason we're standing in front of new construction in Hamilton is to illustrate some of the reasons why new homes still have pests such as raccoons, mice, rats, squirrels, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wasps, just to name a few.

As we continue to push out from the city centres we are continually displacing the habitat of these pests. However they're still looking for homes and food.

In a new construction site, that can be dumpsters, that can be garbage, and as well they're also looking for new places to live. Hence the new construction. They will find a place to live either before, during, or after construction. You have to be careful to look inside.

If you have any of those issues please call us at the number located at the bottom of your screen and have a look around your own home for soffits, any holes in the ground at the base of your house, any new decks. All these animals will love to take up residence in your home.

In older areas some of the things you really have to look for is rotting wood, either in your shingles, underneath your shingles, panels, boards, fences. These are a perfect area for rodents and insects to get inside. What you need to do is have a look around. If you have any holes on the bottom of boards have a look there. If you can pull boards away, again, rodents will get in perfectly. Insects will bore into soft wood. Carpenter ants in particular like really damp wood for their home. If you see a pile of sawdust you have an indication of either carpenter ants or carpenter bees.

Call us immediately at the number at the bottom of your screen if you have any of these issues.

Another issue you can look at if you have used or old furniture is bed bugs. Or if you travel a lot. It's not necessarily whether or not you have a clean home but bed bugs can be very incideous, they can lay dormant for up to a year and they will come out and they will bite you. They will not carry disease, however, they will leave a nasty bite.

I'm Jim from Petty Pest Control Services. If you have any issues with pests in your home please give me a call at the number listed on our website,(289-439-4343)

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Jim Petty.
Petty Pest Control Services
194 Brathwaite, Avenue, Ancaster, Ontario L9G 5A3

Possum Removal in Hamilton, Toronto & Niagara Region

Possum removal can be quite tricky and more often than not, families would call a professional to help get rid of the pests. Possums are native to Australia, New Guinea and Sulawesi not southern Ontario. However, they are here. Experts feel that they were introduced to the area in the 1960s. Possums tend to be roughly the size of a large house cat.

Like our other friends the skunk or raccoon, possums are opportunistic omnivores, eating any kind of vegetation or meat that’s available. So as with our other pests, you can find them looking in your garbage or your compost heap or even in your barbecue.

Possum Removal Services in Hamilton, Toronto & Niagara RegionThey are tremendous climbers and they will climb onto roofs and trees to get away from danger. Although I have never encountered them inside an attic, if there’s a hole there it’s not past the realm of possibility that they would take up residence inside your attic. It’s far more likely though to be a raccoon or squirrel.

Do possums play dead? Yes they do – this is not an old wives’ tale. I would not approach one that that looks dead, as there have been recorded incidents where someone has been bitten by a possum after picking it up thinking it was dead. And as we always recommend, if bitten by a wild animal you should always go get a tetanus shot and call animal control.

A lot of times they will take up residence underneath sheds, decks and abandoned burrows from other animals.

Petty Pest Control Services will trap possums using chicken or sausage, then take the animal to a safe area where they will not bother you and we will not bother them.

We also recommend exclusion work to ensure that no other animal or possum can get into your shed or under your deck. For assistance on possum removal in Hamilton, Toronto, Mississauga or the Niagara region, contact Petty Pest Control Services right now.

Skunk Removal in Toronto, Hamilton & Niagara Region

There’s a reason why many individuals ask for immediate skunk removal in the Toronto, Hamilton & Niagara area. Read on to find out why.

It‘s the dog owner’s biggest fear…. You let your dog out into the backyard, you hear some very noisy barking and maybe a yelp. You run back your door to let the dog in, and then it hits you!

Your dog has just been sprayed by a skunk and he brought the smell inside!

Skunk Removal services in Toronto, Hamilton & Niagara RegionContrary to popular belief, these small critters are not only nocturnal animals, they are actually more active at both dawn and dusk. It’s something to consider when you’re letting your dog outside.

They are omnivorous, which means they’ll eat practically anything to survive. They’re not very fast, have extremely poor vision and rely upon their sense of smell to find food. Garbage, barbecue droppings and compost heaps will attract a skunk.

Skunks do not climb, unless the climbing is easy, for example beside a fence with piles of wood beside it. Or they’ll use bushes that are easy to climb.. Typically a skunk will burrow underneath a shed or a deck, or take refuge in a window well.

People tend to worry about skunks being rabid, however it’s typically not the case. Most other types of animals, with the exception of dogs, tend to stay away from skunks therefore the chance of skunks being bitten by a rabid animal is extremely rare. However, as a precaution, with any wild animal bite, we recommend that you go get the proper tetanus shot if it does happen. But if you’re that close to a skunk, let’s face it folks, you’re far more worried about being sprayed then being bitten.

Skunks can spray quite accurately up to a distance of about 10 feet, that’s not to say they can spray further but this is where they can really aim. Their spray contains a chemical from the mercaptan family, which is also used in natural gas to let you know when there’s a leak. What does this mean to you? It means a very small amount stinks to high heaven and is very difficult to remove until it just wears off.

We at Petty Pest Control Services use specialized opaque plastic traps for skunks. This allows us to approach the traps safely without fear of being sprayed. We then remove the skunk humanely and allow him to get on with his life without bothering you.

Another facet of our approach is animal exclusion. Petty Pest Control Services will eliminate areas that skunks will burrow under so that you and your dog can enjoy your backyard (or for that matter your front yard). We dig far enough down (typically about 2 feet), install the mesh and refill the hole so that it will hit the mesh and not bother digging any further.

If you do find a skunk in your home or near your area, you need to act fast. Contact us today for all skunk removal in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Guelph, Oakville and the Niagara region.

Flea Extermination Service and Flea Control in Toronto

Ridding a home of fleas can be a frustrating and costly endeavor which is why many would often turn to a flea extermination service for help. Unlike some pests encountered around the home, fleas cause discomfort and irritation to both pets and people. They account for more than half of all dermatological conditions requiring veterinary assistance, and even a single flea bite to a hypersensitive animal or person may cause intense itching and irritation.

For successful flea control, the home, pet and oftentimes, the yard must be treated. Yet the manner in which these treatments are performed can greatly influence the results. The following information will help frustrated pet owners effectively rid their homes and pets of fleas.

Ant Extermination & Ant Control Services In Toronto

Ants can infest your home and food supply. Contact Petty Pest Control Services for professional ant extermination and ant control in Toronto.

All ants live in colonies, consisting of an egg-laying female (queen), short-lived males, and workers (sterile females). The ants you see foraging in your garden or kitchen are workers. Workers that find food communicate with other workers by depositing a chemical message on the substrate as they crawl back to the nest. Although we cannot smell it, this “trail pheromone” sticks to the substrate for long periods of time and helps other ants find the food at the end of the trail.

In the spring, ants develop wings and fly to new locations and invade homes to forage for food or to establish a new nest.

Termites also develop wings and swarm during the spring and look similar to flying ants. Examine them closely to make sure that you have the correct pest! Ants are thin-waisted and have elbowed antennae. Termites have thicker waists and have antennae that resemble strings of tiny beads. You may need a magnifying glass to examine antennal features.