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Most Expensive Wall Lamps in the World – Things of Beauty

Wall lamps are used to adorn homes, hotels, offices and other places. Prices of these vary depending on material, craftsmanship, design and manufacturing. Listed below are some of the most expensive.


Hooked Wall Lamp

This smoothly designed wall lamp gives your home, hotel of office a modern look. The lamp is completed with solid knurled brass and has detailing completed out of matt rubber. Shades for the hooked wall lamp come in various colours and hues.


Nelson Cigar Wall Sconce

This is the kind of wall lamp that adds a comfy cosy atmosphere to the room. It is generally hung in a cosy corner of the room right under a nice big comfy chair; this is in order to infuse the area with a welcoming and private glow as your personal reading space.


Eye of the Day Sconce

This is a very beautiful wall lamp that adorns the wall as a bunch of flowers; which in fact throws you off the scent to think the wall décor is actually a lamp. However when lit up the glass flowers add an alluring beauty to your wall. This together with the lamps listed above are limited editions and well-designed masterpieces. Most of these are used as hotel lamps in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels with one stop online shops such as Hotelrefurb offering a variety of quality products.


Sabino Art Wall Décor Sconces

Going into the history of this innovative method of lighting; it is a must to mention the man behind the creation of sconce wall lamps; Marius Ernest Sabino. Sabino gained prominence during an era when electrical light fixtures were a novel thing of elegance. Deviating from the usual ceiling light fixtures Sabino invented the artsy wall sconces out of the most celebrated type of glass. The price of course was quite steep placing the wall lamps in the category of celebrated pieces of art work.


Innovations in Hotel Wall Lamps

Now we know the most expensive wall lamps are things of immense beauty whether with a modern touch or classical lines, let’s have a look at classic hotel lamps that add a touch of beauty and cosiness to the rooms. The Classic Arc Reading Lamp available at Hotelrefurb is one of the most popular. It offers the perfect ambiance for enjoying a relaxing read in bed; especially after a long business meeting. The Angular Wall Lamps let you manipulate the light for personal reading. This allows you to stay awake and catch up on some reading without disturbing anyone else in the room.


Choosing the Right Wall Lamps for Hotel Rooms

The most expensive wall lamp will certainly add that extra allure and elegance to your hotel room. Price certainly does make a difference since this offers you better workmanship, quality and design. The most elegantly decorated hotels will certainly splurge and choose wall lighting on elegance, functionality and ambiance enhancement rather than concentrating on the price.