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Updated by Juliana Roberts on Aug 14, 2016
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Things Needed to Try Kayaking – Making The Most of Your Kayaking Adventure

In order to have the best experience of kayaking you need to ensure that you have the necessary equipment and accessories that you tend to overlook before venturing out.


Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

The PFD also commonly known as life jacket is specially required for the safety of kids and those who are not confident swimmers; in any case they are good for professional kayakers also to wear when kayaking in rough waters. It is always good to keep one or two with you for any emergency to wear before going into deep water areas or unknown rivers. Make sure that your life jacket fits you well when you are seated on your kayak. If not a too loose life jacket can disturb your paddling and a too tight one can make you breathless and uncomfortable.



You definitely need to have your paddles for kayaking which goes without saying. However, having the right paddles is very important just as much as you need to have the right kayak that suits you best. Next to the kayak, the paddle is the most important piece of equipment you need that is tailor-made by size and shape for you and your kayak. Don't go for cheap paddles to save your cost because it is a one-time investment you make. Having the right sized paddle for you and your kayak gives you the best experience of kayaking. Consider the shape and size of the blade, handle and length of your paddle when making a purchase.


Dry Bags

These are vital to keep all the other items that you load into your kayak dry throughout your expedition as quite often you are bound to have water getting into your kayak during the trip whether it is a short or long tour. The waves on lakes and rapids on rivers would definitely get water in the kayak. The dry bags endure that all your belongings are kept absolutely dry unlike the dry compartments you may have inside your kayak that would still have dampness. Keeping your food, phone, wallet, camera and clothes dry is paramount and the only way you can ensure you do that is by storing them in dry bags that are water resistant. Remember to fix your dry bags to your kayak before hitting the water. Some of the luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi located by waterways or mangroves such as Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara are known to offer complete kayaking excursions for guests.


Survival Kit

When kayaking on large dangerous rivers and lakes you need to specially keep your own survival kit with you. The kit will have items to help you survive at least one night in the wilderness where you need to expect the unexpected. Drowning and hypothermia are main causes how people die during extreme accidents during kayaking expeditions. Your survival kit needs to be tailor-made for your needs that would have the essentials for you to survive if you are stranded due to an emergency situation or due to poor lighting that causes you to stopover for the night in the middle of a jungle.


Having The Right Kayak

If you don't have the perfectly fitting kayak for you then it is like trying to go on a kayaking trip where you would not be able to endure perils along the way and put yourself and the rest in danger. Spend lavishly in custom-designing your own kayak with best quality raw materials going into it with the right shape, weight and size. Don't forget to sit inside your kayak while being built time to time with your life jacket on together with your paddles to get a perfectly fitting kayak that you are going to use for all your adventures in future.