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Headline for Shopping Streets in Guiyang- Shop till you drop!
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Shopping Streets in Guiyang- Shop till you drop!

Located in South west China and capital of the Guizhou Province, Guiyang is mostly popular for its busy shopping streets on Zhonghua Road, which combines commercial activities and shopping.


Golden Phoenix Tower

Located on Middle Zhonghua Road, this tower building brings together shopping, science, antiques, entertainment and dining under the same roof. Visitors find a variety of items from clothes, accessories and other things while shopping here.


The Friendship Mansion

The Friendship Mansion is teeming with clothing stores, liquor stores, knitting textiles, food, footwear, jewellery, household appliance and furniture and many others. Most popular as the one stop shop amongst the locals, this 'mansion' is certainly like no other.


Guiyang Department Store

The Guiyang Department Store is the biggest store in the entire Guizhou Province, with a thirty storey building combining business activities, accommodation, leisure and entertainment, and shopping. Visitors are sure to find plenty of items as it is one of the more popular shopping destinations amongst the locals. When it comes to accommodation, however, though there are quite a few Guiyang hotels, searching for one that is centrally located while also providing a tranquil escape from the city is tricky, but Anantara Guiyang Resort is one such option that provides both.


Beijing Road Shopping Area

Beijing Road shopping centre is ideal for those searching for a more local variety of products, from handicrafts, local medicine and other local products. Qian Yi Bao and Qian Cui Hang are considered to be two of the most common stores with the locals for their needs.


Birds and Antique Market

The Birds and Antique market is situated inside a large exhibition hall on Yangming Road, where the setting mainly involves an exhibition of items and mixes that with sales and performance. With a total land area of 2000 square meters, a visit to this market will require a good pair of walking shoes to get the visitor through the entire centre. The market contains local medicines, paintings and antiques and also sells animals like cats, dogs and birds to the public.


Yan'an Road shopping street

For a different shopping experience, visit the Yan'an Road shopping street where visitors can linger in and out of small goods stores or even visit the night market which is open till mid night, allowing visitors to the market to wander through the streets, shopping, all night long. The night market is seemingly more popular with the tourists as the street starts buzzing after the sun sets and is converted to a street party every night. Visitors can even indulge in an array of delectable local cuisine while walking these streets and shopping for clothes or other items. Some recommended products include the traditional liquor known as Maotai Liquor and is famous for being the most distilled alcohol in the world. The Anshun batik is an indigo dyed cloth depicting traditional designs of fish, birds flowers. Visitors can also purchase Guiding Yunwu Tea, ethnic silver accessories with unique patterns and designs or try a local Thorny pear which is believed to have a high volume of medicinal attributes.


Hunter Plaza

Visitors searching for a more modern approach to shopping would find that Hunter Plaza in Wenchang Nan Road is a towering skyscraper set in the backdrop of this busy city which is home to a large variety of local and international brands, offering clothes, shoes, jewellery, bags and many more. Hunter Plaza also offers shoppers with an assortment of dining options which cater to local cuisines and Western cuisines.


Guiyang Flora Plaza

This Plaza is typically aimed at the younger generation of people as it features a large array of multinational branded stores.


Guiyang Modern Capital

The Guiyang Modern Capital is located in central Guiyang, which is a thriving commercial centre. The mall is considered to be a high end department store.