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Hospitality and Tourism - AIHT

Amazing job and career opportunities: for all those who love variety, hospitality is just the right industry to choose.

Dimensions of Travel & Tourism Course

A number of universities, community colleges, and vocational schools feature degree programs specific to the growing field of travel and tourism courses in India.

Skills Required For A Career In Hotel Management

Hotel industry has seen a drastic growth (domestically as well as internationally) in the last few years because of which more and more people are chasing for hospitality jobs.

Step Towards A Future In Hospitality Industry

Hospitality management focuses on ensuring customer safety and comfort in a hotel, restaurant or entertainment facility.

5 Things to Ponder on Before Pursing Hotel Management

Hotel management is undoubtedly one of the best courses on offer at the moment. There has been a trend of students showing inclination towards professional courses than academic, and the hospitality and tourism.

Why Make a Career in Hospitality

The first and the most interesting reason to join this industry is that it offers a number of roles to choose from.

How to Convert Passion for Music Into A Career

While breaking into the music industry is a struggle for most, a few things can make it easier and less time consuming

For A Career in Hospitality Sector!

A career in the hospitality sector welcomes the students and gives them opportunity to work in vibrant, cheery and warm environment such as the transport, restaurant and hotel, tourism, travel and many more!

Why is Travel and Tourism Course Attracting Students of the Country?

It taught us the essence of travelling, its ups and downs and how it’s not just about escaping the life and its repetitiveness; it is about making a life carved of your passion.

Spotlight: Career in Hotel Management

The number of fields that have emerged to be the new popular have been increasing exponentially. Hotel management is one such field that…

Wish to Become a Tourist Guide? Here is What You Need to Know

A career in travel industry sounds too good to be true. It is an interesting job to become a guide for other globetrotters. If you wish to become a travel guide then you should have the ability to get along with people easily. One cannot become a tourist guide if they do not like to interact with people.

A Marketable Career Choice: Hospitality Management or Hotel Management - Tackk

Hotel Management is more specific to the management of the commercial establishments such as a hotel, resort or restaurant. Study programs in Hotel Management are concerned with coordinating the many operational tasks necessary for running...

Why Hospitality is a Glowing Career Opportunity

The recent shift in the mentality of people to maintain a work life balance led by adoption of technology especially internet has caused a boom in the hospitality sector. The realization came fueled with an increased per capita income that people tend to spend on recreational activities. This is a great reason for aspirants to…

The Vast World of Hotel Management Industry!

The world of hospitality and tourism is growing with every passing day. People have become very enthusiastic about travelling and exploring new places and cities.

Mapping the Scope Of Career In Tourism

Travel and tourism is a wide field that is full of bright employment opportunities for all. With the potentially high sector that it is, there are now many travel and tourism courses in India.

Perks Of Being in Hospitality Sector

Hotel management at this stage is growing in leaps and bounds due to the push given by the Prime Minister Modi.

A Career In Hotel Management

The job market is very vast today; hospitality and tourism are very upcoming fields around the world. People love to travel and explore the world.

How Challenging It is to Make a Career in Hospitality Industry?

There is a huge demand for hotel front staff and managers, especially. Several chains of hotels and independent hospitality houses are looking for talented.

The Perks of Building a Career in Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry sure has flourished over the years, and is attracting tons of millennials towards it. The sector, in 2015, added to 3.1% of global GDP. Research suggests that the industry nearly supports 266MN jobs in the world.

Tourism Jobs: Why Professional Training Counts

This is what makes a career in tourism lucrative for those indeed passionate about the field. But like all other professions, training from a professional institute goes a long way.

Latest Trends Seen In the Hospitality Industry in Past Few Years

The hospitality sector is creating great avenues for those who are looking for a good experience at limited budget.

Job Prospects After a Tourism Course

Employment potential in travel and tourism sector is huge and largely untapped. Job and career opportunities are many, both in private as well as public sector.

In every management field, there are some key skills that every employer is on a lookout for particularly. Besides the domain knowledge, the skills work in favours.

Make A Successful Career In Hotel Management Industry!

Students looking for a career in hospitality field should have strong communication skills, reasoning skills, numerical aptitude along with a pleasing personality.

Build a Career in the Hotel Management Industry

Youngsters have become very passionate about travelling and exploring new places and cities. Therefore, the world of travel, hospitality and tourism is growing with every passing day.

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