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List of best articles on Mac

This list has solution of common problems on Mac along with this you will get to know many unknown things about Mac. Lesser Known Things in Mac


How to Fix Your Startup Disk is Almost Full Error Message on Mac OS X

A common message that everyone watches on mac is "your startup disk is almost full", but no need to worry about this solution isavailable for this problem. Systweak blog has an article about this problem just click on the title and you will have the solution on your screen.

How to Make Space on Disk- A Simple Guide to Follow

If your system is slowing down then you will have make space on your device like mac, laptop and phone. There are so many tips to free up the space on your system just click on the title and know the amazing tips.

Top 5 Tips to Free up Disk Space in Mac

It’s the technology era. Haven’t we had enough of the same system maintaining tips? No, not at all. These are actually saviors. But what if you are a Mac user? Let me confirm it to you, that you too need these tips as much as Windows users need.

Will Laptops defined as Fashion Statements in Future rather than Smartphones?

Stephen Hawking, as we all know is a patient of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and also we all know about his computer which has made his life easier consisting of many different functions. Intel deserves a hats off for such a great invention in 1997.

Top 5 Mac Problems & Solutions: Follow Some Easy Steps

Every Mac user has some kind of proble. In this article there are given some Mac problems and easy solution of those problems click the title and know the easy solutions.

macOS Sierra: Everything you want to know

There is a good news for Mac users that apple has rolled out macOS: Sierra but it is on testing. At this time there is 7th Beta version of macOS Sierra.

5 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Mac - Clean Up Slow Macbook

If you are a Mac user, then there are chances that you may be suffering from slow speed of your device. But don't worry solution is available here are 5 simple ways are described to speed up your Mac.

5 Amazing Functions of Siri for macOS Sierra

Here are given some amazing function which are lesser know and which will make your experience better on MacOS Sierra. Here you will find how to use sirri on Mac.

Top 5 Ways to Fix Disk Space Issues on Mac

Every Mac user has some disk issuses. In this article there are given some issues related with mac disk and there solution. So, do not worry about your Mac disk space issue here is the solution.

5 Instant Ways to Fasten Up Your Mac

Every computer and mobile device face the issues of storage space eventually. Irrespective of the Mac variant you are using and how large storage space you have on your system’s drive it is going to be dried up with prolonged use. There could be multiple reasons behind slow speed and performance related issues on your system that includes a lot of data on your drive, malware issues, hardware issues etc. 

The Mac products are effective & user-friendly machines. They are adored by most of the people due to its high user interface, high-level security, better operating system and above all its swift operations.

Frozen Mac could happen due to various reasons. These reasons include a problem with software or hardware. Let’s discuss few steps to understand and solve this problem of frozen Mac.
Unfreeze your Mac: Take two steps action to unfreeze your system first.

3 Effective Ways to Fix Registry Errors

Windows registry contains a monstrous inside database of arrangement settings which incorporates system or equipment's settings, data, area, adaptation and different qualities.

Steps to Fix Mac Freezing Problem

If you are a Mac user, then there are a lot of chances that you are suffering with freezing problem of your Mac. So, there is given solution for your frozen Mac.

10 Best Mac Cleaner Software to speed up your Mac

If you are using Mac then you would like to keep it performing nice and for that you will have to keep Mac clean. Here are given top 10 mac cleaner software to keep your mac performing fast.

Upgrading to OS Sierra? Here Are Some Things You Need to Know

Apple have released their next generation operating system named OS Sierra. So, you would also like to upgrade to MAC OS Sierra. Here are given some things that you would like to know about Mac OS Sierra.

Windows has gradually improved the features of its operating system during last decade. There was a time when we use to struggle to speed up Windows XP or other OS

Updated Feature in MacOS Sierra: Feel the Difference

Apple has introduced its all-new version of the operating system called MacOS Sierra. It is designed to make the life of users easier. macOS Sierra is the next-generation Mac operating system.

What Is Disk Cleanup and What Are its Benefits?

You would have heard so many times that keep your disk clean but do you know the benefits of this? Here are given benefits for disk cleanup.

How to Improve Your Experience on Mac: Follow These 10 Tips

Mac is considered to be one of the most effective and user-friendly machines available. Mac operating system is set to support all user irrespective of the fact they are new to the system or using advanced features.

How to Get Away with iOS 10 E-mail Issues

iOS 10 has most its users excited. It brought in amazing new features, updates in existing features and changes in its UI.

How to Fix Shut Down Issues on Mac

You may have stuck in a situation where your system refuses to shut down due to app or program freezing or other problem. In that situation, you feel wondered how to fix shutdown issues on Mac.

Top 10 Siri-Like Software

Siri has changed the dynamics of devices used to perform with its amazing digital assistant features. It has offered extensive features to make digital life experience unique and easy.

Top 10 Amazing Features in macOS Sierra

It is no more called as OS X as the new name is macOS for the operating system and the name of the new version is called Sierra. Let’s discuss top 10 amazing features offered by Apple in new macOS Sierra.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Useful Files on Mac

It happens many times when we delete some important files accidentally. It becomes crucial to recover this data as data contained in deleted files can affect performance.