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Updated by Joseph Okite on Apr 17, 2020

TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android

TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android

TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android | Tubemate 2.2.5 APK Download - TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android is one of those free online app that one can use to download as well as watch YouTube videos, it has the capacity to find videos online which could be watched on an android device.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android is an easy to use application which directly downloads videos, it’s simple interface remains one of the reasons why most people will always prefer TubeMate YouTube downloader to other online download platform.


Tecno Camon C9 Specification (The Review)

Tecno Camon C9 Specification (The Review)

Tecno Camon C9 Specification (The Review)

Tecno Camon C9 has the most updated modern technology, mainly built for the high demand of technology in our daily activities. I believe that Tecno may have seek to quench the gap in the need for a high tech mobile device.

Tecno Camon C9 as designed has the latest Tecno operating system (OS) known as HIOS V1.1, and then the camon C9 5.5FHD Screen that could capture even the sun due to its size and then it works on an Octa- core processor, amazing isn’t it? One thing I can’t forget is the 16GB Camon c9 comes with which could as well be extended to a 128GB and then with a 2GB RAM to go with.


Install Cyberfox Web Browser 48.0

Install Cyberfox Web Browser 48.0

Let’s do a quick review on the latest internet browser on web space, Cyberfox Web Browser 48.0 has been developed, updated and redeveloped again. Powered by Mozilla’s source code, it works mainly on any 32 bits and 64 bits Intel or AMD processor

The Cyberfox Web Browser 48.0 is by design compatible with a 32 and 64 bits system, it has a working interface as Firefox, easy to use on the web. One would think that the cyberfox is a no good browser, But I call it an option to Firefox browser, Cyberfox Web Browser 48.0 download has a unique feature where you can customize just as you have it firefox, although a little bit fast and more efficient.

I earlier mentioned that the Cyberfox Web Browser 48.0 can only be installed on a 32 bit system and also a 64 system, nevertheless, the is also a for a portable version, probably which could be used on mobile devices (not certain yet). Now before the installation of cyberfox, one needs to understand the Cyberfox setup wizard, understand the cyberfox interface or may decide to leave the default Australis interface, complete the cyberfox setup by choosing the right scheme that works for you.


UC Browser For Android

UC Browser For Android

UC Browser Android Download | Download UC Browser for Android APK - UC Browser Android Download is one of the most mobile friendly internet browser one can use for online activities. I have used a couple of web browsers, but the difference between UC Browser for Android and other browser is quite there to see.

Website at

ABest MPEG VCD DVD Video Converter | Download Free VCD DVD Converter - ABest MPEG VCD DVD Video Converter is quick as well as fast DVD video converter which is designed for easy access to online videos.


Vidmate Video Converter download

Vidmate Video Converter download

Vidmate Video Converter download | HD Video 2.43 Android Downloader - Vidmate Video Converter is a software video converter with no much difference from the previous article I made titled on Vidmate download.

On that post where I stated clearly that vidmate was a YouTube video downloader as well as video converter which could be used on any android device. This post on Vidmate Video Converter download | HD Video 2.43 Android DownloaderVidmate Video Converter is directly explaining more on the previous article.

The Video Converting software Vidmate is a free to download application which could be downloaded from any credible app store. Mainly you get to download this application from one of the most popular android app store known as 1mobile market. From this detached mobile market, you get to download most of the accredited android games and apps without much interference, and also some other Blackberry apps.

The Vidmate Video Converter is without doubt one of the best amongst the rest, a perfect software for converting video files into several other files, designed to be specialized in DVD and video encoding. The good thing about Vidmate is that the vidmate video downloader apk is free for all, with several other vidmate downloader for PC (Laptop) as well as other devices such as the vidmate video player (songs player).

Vidmate converter converts files into formats that are supported by several mobile devices, these devices includes iPhone (iOS) Android device and even blackberry. The vidmate app is designed to handle multiple downloads at a go, this means you get to save your time, as against others that will download one after the other.


Google Chrome Download

Google Chrome Download | Google Chrome sign in Account | Update - Google Chrome download – Here is all you need to know about how to download Google Chrome for an iPhone, android device, Windows 10 as well as Mac devices.

Google chrome browser can be place in those categories of browser which has the capacity of combining a minimal design with its sophisticated technology which enables it to make for an efficient and a very fast web browser, quick, modern, safer, as well as easier.


xVideoServiceThief Android Download

Mobile Videos Download For Android 3GP Mp4 HD - xVideoServiceThief Android Download can be named amongst the so many online downloading application we have today. With some specific functions such as its ability to handle multiple downloads at a go.

xVideoServiceThief Android Download as it were is not as popular as other online software used for downloading, apps such as TubeMate, Vidmate download as well as other downloading applications. One amazing thing about this app is that xvideoservicethief is designed to download error videos for android device from different downloading websites.


Firefox Declares War on Flash

Firefox Declares War on Flash | Firefox Mobile Download - Firefox Declares War on Flash - The ongoing war in the cyber space has just taken a new turn, and this time it’s between two cyber giants, Firefox and Flash.

Now, according to the announcement made by Firefox a fortnight ago, the brand will be shutting down the use of flash on it’s firefox platform as from August, 2016. It seems Firefox Declares War on Flash and that’s no jokes.


Free Opera Mini Blackberry Download

Install Opera mini For Blackberry z10 - Opera Mini Blackberry Download, I felt I should write a post that will address the difficulties in Opera Mini For Blackberry Download, since I have written one that has addressed Opera Mini For Android devices.

Having gotten a lot of complain as to the stressful and how difficult it is for one to download Opera Mini Blackberry in a blackberry device, I begin to wonder if it is still the same opera Mini that am using on my Blackberry Q5.


WhatsApp Messenger for Android

WhatsApp Messenger for Android | Download WhatsApp 2.16.182 for Android - WhatsApp Messenger for Android is the whatsapp messenger version for android APK, it serves as a communication app which connects people from different works of life.

Whatsapp is as popular as any other app that can aid the act of communication, the app is now on both Blackberry and now android device, whatsapp messenger for android full version free download is available for any type of android device, whatsapp messenger could be downloaded from Google play store with a limited mega byte.


Adobe Photoshop Free Download Full Version

Adobe Software Download - Adobe Photoshop Free Download Full Version, remains one of the best when it comes to superlative editing and ultra designing of images. Most of our daily activities are embodied with the use of images, photos and other view able items.

Tech Pent

Tech Pent - Latest Technology News and Tips on TechPent.


Opera mini Download

Download Opera Mini For Android | Opera mini Download - Opera Mini Android, Lets quickly do a run down on this mobile browser called opera mini for android, opera remains one of the lightweight web browser with which one can access the internet space.

Opera Mini For Android can be placed in the same category as other browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, UC web browser, internet explorer etc. Opera mini android is first amongst oother mobile browser, built with comfort and speed. The latest version Opera mini should be the best since opera browser began its opera mini series.
What Is Opera Mini Android?

Opera Mini For Android is a mobile application that is used for browsing through the internet, it has the ability to browse fast and provides a safe and secured encryption of websites and blogs that has large logs and graphics. Although it has similar features as UC Web browser, I believe that opera mini is as fast as you can get.

Why I will always recommend Opera Mini For Android to anyone is because its easy to use feature, this means with little or no knowledge you can still operate and run the mobile application hassle free. Opera mini for android apk gives users data when in use or whenever they need it.


Candy Crush Saga Android

Candy Crush Saga Android

Candy Crush Saga Android | Free Google Play Game Download - Candy Crush Saga Android – One thing is to have an android phone and then another thing is to have the android phone fun filled with apps that will light it up all for one.

This amazing addictive game known as Candy Crush Saga Android, will make you stay glued to your mobile device for hours, without you even noticing the time you have spent on your mobile phone. That’s why it is called an addictive android game.

16 android for mp3 videos android for mp3 videos download | Waptrick Games | Themes | Movies - can simply be seen as knowing the right place to download all your mobile application which most times seems to me like the new world order,

there isn’t much about it, although most people still frown at the fact that they get to download crap application from crap websites, Not anymore!! Now you can use the ever credible android mobile to download all kinds of waptrick android games, waptrick music, waptrick full Mp3, videos etc

You may have heard of the download site android mobile where many has been using for a while as their mobile applications download portal. On this article I’ll discuss some features and application that one can download from the platform games here.

17 Games Download

Waptrick Music | Apps | Themes - is by far one of the best online platform where one can download waptrick games, mp3, themes and some other android apps.

as far as the this era of online mobile download, one will never put a site down for any reason. Now the truth is that the era for serious search when one wants to download mobile phone applications has past, these days the easy access to the internet has eased the act of online downloading especially now that is there for everyone to download as much as they can.


Yahoomail Account Signing in will be my focus on this article as I’ll be outlining the prerequisite for registering a personal yahoomail account as well as the techniques required for yahoo mail login.

I’ve written articles on how one can register a yahoo account as a result of difficulties people encounter when it comes to registering an account. There is also another articles that centres on how to register yahoo account through mobile phone particularly Java phone.

As well as writing on registering a account, I’ll throw more light on some fact about yahoo website which is the sign in the official Yahoo mail website and home page. This electronically made mail has been around for some time now and I was introduced to it by my high school class mate who happen to have registered one through the help of a cafe attendant.

Edafe will always take me to the cafe after school hours, i got to learn a few things then which is still implement now and will show you on this article. Now Edafe was almost living in the cyber cafe yet he had a limited knowledge as he will always call on the cafe attendant to help him on the registration of account through

The durability of the yahoo account is unquestionable as I registered my first yahoo mail login account nearly 15 years ago, a mail I still use today.


Download 2go 4.0 For Android on

Download 2go 4.0 For Android on

2go 4.0 Download – Download 2go 4.0 For Android on - I reckon you may consider this article not necessary because to so many having seen download 2go version 4.0 2 and download 2go version 3.7 as they do not stand a chance as against other social media, but then the purpose of any social network is to connect people, this 2go download for android has not failed to do.enter link description here

Download 2go 5.0 Version On For Latest 5.0.2 | 5.0.3 version

Download 2go 5.0 Version On For The Latest 5.0.2 And 5.0.3 version Hello everyone, this is the most anticipated version of 2go been released by


Download Instagram for Free On Android

Download Instagram for Android Free | Install Instagram APK Social APP for Android - Instagram is one of the most popular social media network in the world today<!--more-->, just like I said in the Article Instagram for PC and How To Install Instagram. I will give a short tutorial on how to Download Instagram for Android Free of charge.


OpenTable for iOS | Opentable Login | iPad Restaurant Software

OpenTable for iOS | Opentable Login | iPad Restaurant Software

OpenTable for iOS - Over the years I have come to a conclusion that at every point in time, we will always look for relaxation centre, recreation centre or even a restaurant reservation, Hotels are not also left out.
OpenTable for iOS is an online app that makes it easy for one to make reservations in any restaurant anywhere in the world, one may think the possibility is slim to have such, but trust me OpenTable was well designed for the sole purpose.

23 Login | Create Hotmail account

Hotmail email can be accessed solely when you go through login, this I believe is the most convenient way of doing it, then you can Create hotmail account when logged into that website, once Hotmail account is ready, you will be provided with your Hotmail login details, you can now sign into your hotmail account at will. was perhaps previously known as windows live hotmail, by sign in up on hotmail, your hotmail password and username has the ability to also log you into Microsoft Windows live services, yes it can, these Live Windows services ranges from OneCare, Calendar, Spaces, Gallery etc.
Things That Will be looked at On this Post (Post Highlight)

Since there are so many things to share as regards www,hotmail,com login, I’ll have to do a scale on how I’ll do the sharing, here are the things to consider;

The meaning of Hotmail
Brief history of Hotmail
How to create a hotmail account
And many more

24 | Outlook Web App | Outlook Sign In | Outlook mail Sign Up | Outlook Web App | Outlook Sign In | Outlook mail Sign Up

Outlook mail Sign Up Sign In - I have decided to take out some of my time to write on one of the most important electronic mailing platform known as may sound new to a lot of people out there, that’s the main the reason I have even decided to write at least an article that will address a lot of the confusion the portal may have caused some. First I list a few things this post will focus on as you can see below, as well as explain relationship with