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Casual Kaftan and Jilbab - Wahat Aljalabiya offers a wide range of taste and comfort through it''s many styles of jilbabs and kaftans. Journey with us and take a glimpse into the first type of our jilbab and kaftan designs...the casual line.

Beauty Secret Unique jilbab with ribbons on both sides and embroidery

It is an outstanding jilbab... its design is unique and the assortment made between its floral colorful fabrics is simply great. To be unique charming look

Amazing in Traditional Elegant cotton fabric jilbab with embroidery

In a traditional charming style and cotton fabrics in red, yellow, blue colors, golden touches and ribbons on the sides, comes this jilbab to contribute to your

The Sky is Mine White and blue cotton fabric jilbab with embroidery

In elegant colors and amazing artistic touches comes this jilbab to be a breathtaking piece. The beautiful assortment between its blue and white cotton fabrics

I am Cute Nice jilbab with printed cotton fabrics floral embroidery

Be unique in brown, blue and white colors! Yes, this assortment is simply amazing combined with printed patterns on comfortable cotton fabrics and adorned

Secret Note Beautiful jilbab with golden silvery handmade embroidery

This beautiful jilbab is designed of a luxurious printed cotton fabric mixing between beige, crimson and black tones. It is embroidered with touches of golden

What I Want Elegant jilbab with printed cotton fabrics and embroidery

In tones of purple, white, brown and grey printed cotton fabrics this elegant jilbab to amaze you floral pattern on the sleeves rhymes perfectly with the simply

Best Buy Online Brown Jilbab In USA

This luxurious dress is made from a beautifully printed beige cotton fabric. It is accented with an amazing handmade embroidery on the chest mirroring an unequal elegance and beauty.

Pink And Purple Breeze Elegant jilbab

This beautiful pink and purple jilbab designed with a floral luxurious chiffon fabric is not only attractive but also comfortable. It is embroidered on chest

Usa Yellow Sparkle Jilbab For Womens

This breathtaking jilbab is made of a yellow cotton fabric. It is embroidered on the chest with different assorted colors among which are: turquoise, pink


Black, orange, red and yellow are the colors of this elegant piece made of comfortable cotton and chiffon fabrics. This jilbab is embroidered on the chest

Buy Animal Print Jilbab in Singapore

This outstanding jilbab reflects a powerful skill of creativity and professionalism. It is designed of a luxurious satin fabric with a butterfly cut


This perfect white chiffon fabric jilbab with red floral print is unique. The special cut of the cuffs adorn it with an outstanding look that adds to the beauty

Amazing Me Elegant chiffon brasso jilbab with beautiful belt

The charm of this piece takes us back to the uniqueness of the Moroccan style. The touches of blue and silver on the chiffon brasso fabrics and the simply

Black And Green Jilbab in USA

This charming jilbab is designed of a luxurious floral brasso chiffon fabric. It is embroidered on the collar and the cuffs in an elegant way reflecting

Chiffon Satin kaftan With French style sleeves

"Turquoise Dream", The charm of this model is due to mixing satin and chiffon fabrics along with the wonderful design of the French style sleeves. The embroidery on the throat and chest and the waist belt ensure an attractive appearance.

How Jilbabs Can Be Suitable For All Occasions

Sparkle like a beautiful star wherever you go. This comfortable jilbab is a precious piece made of a pretty and comfortable colorful cotton fabric

Buy Online Moroccan Dresses For Women

In the late years, Islamic dress has risen as tolerating locales of the dispute in the relationship between Muslim people group and the State.

Cool Islamic Clothing Styles For Muslim Women This Summer

"Royal Spirit", This jilbab is luxurious thanks it its deluxe fabric and original cut. The collar style fits perfectly with the sleeves cut ornamented with layered lace. The belt adds to this classy piece a touch of grandeur.

Where Can I Buy Islamic Clothing

However, a word of caution to the first-time online shopper; always buy from a reputed online store such as Ensure that the site has a secure payment mechanism and also read the testimonials posted by other clients. This will ensure that you get exactly what you pay for.