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About New Sincerity

New Sincerity - A News Site Celebrating our Cultures & Identities

Welcome to a news site that’s about culture, identity and #allofus. We’re taking a radically inclusive approach to the news. A place for inspiring stories about our cultures and lives, and where we can come together and help one another out. New Sincerity is about telling stories of supreme acts of compassion, creativity and love. Check these people out-- they’re like friends you haven’t met yet.

New Sincerity found in modern day literature and music

David Foster Wallace was one of the pioneers of New Sincerity, a piece born in the 80s and 90s as a force to reject postmodernism and irony.

Meet Linda, a Muslim-American for Black Lives Matter - New Sincerity

Linda Sarsour won’t sit still, or be quiet. Unlike some common Muslim female stereotypes, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and make sh*t happen. Yes, she’s from Brooklyn.

Tim Robbins And His Gang of Actors -

We know you know this guy. You probably suffered a bad case of jaw-drop from his lead role in Shawshank Redemption. Well, maybe you didn’t know that he’s an activist, and an awesome one at that.

Svante Myrick is a Mayor leading with compassion. And social impact. First, he pulled Ithaca out of a $3.5 million deficit after just 2 years in office. But maybe his most innovative accomplishment is in public health: Svante and Ithaca have set up the country’s 1st supervised heroin injection site.

Jennifer Makes Learning Fun For Everyone -

Thanks to Jennifer Pierre, school recess is about to get a lot more fun. Jennifer is the co-founder of ‘Melanites’, a new doll line for boys. The goal? These dolls are thinkers, doers, makers, and performers and they aim to bring confidence to boys of all colors and interests.

Meet physicist Whitney Ingram, breaking down barriers in nanomaterials and gender roles. Today she’s sharing her research on invisibility cloaks with New Sincerity.

This Refugee is Leading U.S. by Example -

Ilhan Omar is a refugee who takes the idea of America as a ‘land of opportunity’ to heart. Come Fall, she is likely to be the first Somali-American to take public office, serving in the House of Representatives for the State of Minnesota.

Back To School With Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff and his team at Salesforce just dropped $8.5 million and 20,000 hours of volunteer time into Bay Area schools. No big deal, right? Well, no. It’s a pretty big deal.

Jennifer Is For Everyone

Jennifer Siebel Newsom is a filmmaker, activist and innovator that’s smashing stereotypes and empowering us all. Her most recent film on the impact of masculine media culture, called Miss Representation, inspired her to start a successful non-profit called The Representation Project (RP).

RIP Alexis Arquette: Cosmic Genderfluid Actor

This week we remember actor and trans rights activist, Alexis Arquette, who died on Sunday in the arms of his/her family. Per Alexis’ request, they cheered upon his/her passing.

Prisons Are Being Turned Into Youth Community Centers - New Sincerity

This program is reducing recidivism by helping youth get back to their roots, literally. When six prisons closed near his home in rural Laurinburg, North Carolina, Noran Sanford didn’t want the spaces to remain dormant and unused.

The Oldest LGBTQ Organization in the US - New Sincerity

Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) is the oldest LGBTQ organization in USA. They've been helping LGBTQ youth get off the streets for nearly 40 years.

Q&A: Destiny Eames on Body Positivity and Social Justice Art - New Sincerity

Accept who you are, and be unapologetic with your colors. This week, we had a convo with visual artist extraordinaire Destiny Eames on why she creates.

Mormon Musician Dan Reynolds Throws Festival for LGBTQ Youth - New Sincerity

Festival for LGVTQ: Dan Reynolds, the frontman for Imagine Dragons, believes art should start conversations and create real change.

Rashad Nimr, Man Who Stutters Proudly, Reminds Us We All Have a Voice - New Sincerity

At first glance, Rashad Nimr doesn’t stick out in a crowd. He’s light-skinned, well-dressed and walks with an air of confidence. But when he starts to speak, you’ll notice a strong stutter. This doesn’t slow him down one bit. In this day and age, everyone has a voice, even if they don’t know it...

Don’t Miss Your Chance to See Two Piano Journey at SF War Memorial & Performing Arts Center Jan. 20th

Don’t Miss Your Chance to See Two Piano Journey at SF War Memorial & Performing Arts Center Jan. 20th. Mark your calendars, SF folks! On January 20th, 2018, a special benefit show by Two Piano Journey will be held at the SF War Memorial & Performing Arts Center. All proceeds will go towards Wu Yee Children’s Services.

Kendrick Lamar and Late Photographer Gordon Parks Span Time to Tackle Social Justice Issues

Kendrick Lamar and Late Photographer Gordon Parks Span Time to Tackle Social Justice Issues. Rapper Kendrick Lamar is, as many know, a pioneer in the music world. A self-made rap icon from the streets of Compton, his humble personality mixed with his willingness to deal with dark topics have drawn people to his music.

First Lutheran Trans Pastor Practices Radically Inclusive Faith

When the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America began accepting openly trans pastors, Megan Rohrer was one of the first seven to become ordained. Today, this 37-year-old pastor uses faith to bring folks together, not to divide. What started as a response to hate became a passion to do so much good. Rohre is now...

Rebirth Garments, Setting Trends with Gender Non-Conforming Threads

Fashion Designer Sky Cubacub has been fantasizing about gender-inclusive fashion since they were 13. Now, at age 24, they have a clothing line built around that very goal. Rebirth Garments offers clothing and accessories for people of every body type and gender.

Diversability, An Organization for Disabled and Non-Disabled Folk Alike

Tiffany Yu’s side-hustle just may become her fulltime gig. What started as a college group is now an organization with chapters in several cities across the country and pretty much everywhere in the digital-sphere. Diversability empowers those with disabilities by connecting communities, starting conversations about disability, and putting on curated events.

L.A.’s Harmony Project is Helping At-Risk Teens Get a Fair Shot at the Future

LA-based Harmony Project was born from a belief that playing music can be a key to a successful life. It's Helping At-Risk Teens Get a Future Fair Shot.

Why One Neo-Nazi Left Behind a Life of Hate

A much-needed reminder that no matter how far down a dark path someone is led, there is always hope. Why One Neo-Nazi Left Behind a Life of Hate. In the wake of increased incidents of outward white supremacy and general acts of hatred, many of us wonder if we are about to repeat history. How did we get here?

AOL Founder Brings Tech Money to States America Left Behind

As tech experts and investors begin to see the entrepreneurial potential in flyover states, the tech boom may no longer be a hermetic wealth bonanza isolated in coastal metropolises. In states where many residents feel they’ve been left behind by the decline of industrial jobs, the alternatives are starting to look promising. Skeptical? Here’s the scoop.

NY Employing Teens to Fill Dearth of Caregivers for Aging Baby Boomers

NY employing teens as caregivers for aging baby boomers.The plan will lead to a uptick in jobs and help lower risk of isolation and depression among elderly