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Updated by John Wick Mattingson on Aug 08, 2016
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Singapore's Top Street Food – Your Dining Checklist

Singapore's multi-cultural community add loads of variety and exotic flavours to the category of culinary delights. A huge variety of dishes await the foodie and here are some you must try.


Frog Porridge

Before you turn up your nose and skip to the next item you should know that Frog Porridge will be one of the tastiest dishes you will sample in Singapore. It is not a horrible looking dish of frog parts; instead this delectably sweet and succulent dish is created by first marinating the frog parts in soy sauce, wine, spring onions, mild ginger and exotically spicy chilli. The tender meat is full of flavour and comes with a good dollop of porridge and delicious green onion sauce. The best Frog Porridge and other frog dishes are available at the Eminent Frog Porridge restaurant on Geylang Road.


Bah Kut Tech

The name translates to 'meat bone tea'; it's a dish that was introduced to Singapore by the Hoken immigrants and is today one of the country's most popular dishes. The dish is a simple combination of succulent pork ribs that are simmered in a thick broth. Bah Kut Tech is often served with oolong tea as a means of cutting the fatty content. Although preparation may sound simple Bah Kut Tech requires meticulous preparations. Before being simmered for hours the soup must be made up with the right balance of star anise, cloves, cinnamon, fennel, garlic and a local ingredient known as dang gui. Additionally fried dough known as youtia, mushrooms and tofu are added. The Song Fa restaurant on New Bridge Road has been popular for this dish since 1969.


Sambal Stingray

Locally known as Ikan Bakar or barbequed fish, sambal stingray had its origins in Singapore. Before the invention of this dish the sting ray was an unpopular fish due to its lack of flavour, until of course there was a genius idea to smear the fish with sambal sauce. The result was this flavoursome dish that today is a staple favourite. The fish is grilled on a banana leaf spread with delicious shrimp sambal. Try this dish at BBQ Seafood located at the Taman Jurong Market. As unique as this dish is a stay within a bungalow house in Singapore these offer the quintessential charms of a colonial style bungalow that captures the essence of a laid back Singapore. If you are on a leisure or business trip look for a bungalow apartment hotel such as The Heritage Singapore centrally located within the Singapore business district.


Mud Crab

A definite must try when in Singapore; Mud Crab is available in two varieties chilli or pepper. It's basically quite hard to choose as both are just as delicious; so go ahead and sample both. The chilli crab is prepared in a thick sauce and was the first to hit the markets via a small food cart in 1956. The pepper version followed suite in 1959; both garner an equal amount of popularity amongst visitors and Locals.


Chicken Rice

An invention by Chinese immigrants from Hainan Island in China this flavoursome dish is another staple amongst Singapore's everyday food. It has even gained mileage over been voted the best dish in Singapore. Preparation includes a fat juicy chicken cooked in a broth of pork and chicken bones which is later sliced and served on a bed of rice cooked separately in an equally delicious broth.