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7 Good Places To Go Fishing in Shenzhen – Time To Go Fishing With Your Family & Friends

China is increasingly rising in its popularity for fishing and provides idyllic places where you can engage in this activity. Here are some great spots where you can give it a try.


Huaide Fishing and Barbeque Ground

This is a fantastic place to go on real fishing along with your friends or family. There are two different sized ponds here and the best place for fishing is found at the place where both ponds merge together. You can enjoy having your family retreat here as facing to the right of the big pond there is a superb place for recreation. This is quite a treat to go fishing, enjoy barbeques and buy chicken from the local chicken farm. To top things off, there is a beautiful orchard that you and your children would love to spend time at. The peak season runs from April to November and the off season runs from January to March. The type of fish that can be found here are carassius cuvieri, tilapia, chubs and carp.


Donghu Fishing and Barbecue Ground

This is another splendid place to go fishing with two ponds for people to engage in their fishing. However, remember that the bigger pond is having only a small number of fish while the smaller one is flooded with Carassius cuvieri due to many years of continuous breeding. The lengthy pond is covered with greenery and provides quite a serene atmosphere. The type of fish that you can find here are Carassius cuvieri, tilapia, bullhead, carp and mud carp.


Fairy Lake Botanical Garden Fishing Centre

The Fairy Lake is situated in Wutong Mountain with panoramic surroundings along with fresh air. Even though it is located at a high altitude, it's quite convenient for those who want to go fishing here because cars can be driven up to the location near fishing points. It is quite a deep and wide lake with several points for fishing. Some of the fishing points are made of wood. You can get the best results in catching fish using a hand rod here.


Kuichong Reservoir (Kang Da'er Training Center )

This is located in a secluded peaceful remote mountain. Nature is on full display here with the sound of birds singing and insects calling with the air being absolutely clean and fresh. The water is clean as well and there is a variety of fish for your catch. The place is open 24 hours for fishing.


Dragon Lake Fishing Club

Dragon Lake is situated in the Longgang Botanical Garden close to the green golf field. This natural lake covers an area of 48 hectares. There are three islands in the centre of the lake connected with curved bridges. While fishing, enjoy a fascinating view of the green grass of the golfing ground.


Dapeng Relaxing Fishing Village

Located at Dapeng Town, Longgang District, this large fish pond has several types of fish transported in from many fish farms. Baited fish are strictly not permitted to put into the pond due to environmental pollution. The type of fish that can be found here are tilapia, grass carp, carp and silver carp. Tourists who stay in apartments such as Somerset Grandview Shenzhen as an ideal alternative to Shenzhen hotel accommodation can plan a trip here for their favourite past time, fishing.


Meiguan Dafapu Fishing and Entertainment Centre

This is a fabulous fishing and entertainment centre located in Bao'an District and covers an area of 80,000 square metres. Meiguan Dafapu is equipped with restaurants, fishing cabins, private rooms and parking lots. This place offer bait and is used as the competition training base with beautiful scenery and fresh air which is ideal for a family retreat.