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5 Wonderful Nanjing Attractions for Families: To Keep Everyone Happy

Educational and thoroughly enjoyable for the whole family the following attractions in Nanjing are geared to keep the entire family entertained. Discover and enjoy as you explore the verdant city.


Gan's Grand Courtyard

This is a beautiful white walled estate complete with grey shingles. There's a labyrinth of 46 rooms that are today part of the fascinating Nanjing Folklore Museum. The building itself is a marvellous piece of history since it is over 200 years old. It was once the residence of the areas affluent Gan family. Culture buffs will truly enjoy a browse of the well restored 20th-century building that today is adorned with watercolour paintings, elegant Mahogany furniture and Chinese lanterns dangling from the ceilings. Head over to the west wing and you will be fascinated with the interactive displays that deal with Chinese marriage, child rearing and other folklore. There are also skilled artisans who show you how intricate handicrafts such as bamboo carvings and the making of beautiful opera masks are made.


Nanjing Palaeontology Museum

Probably one of the most fascinating places in Nanjing, the museum's' most famous attraction is a 9 meter tall 22-meter long skeleton of a dinosaur. The plant-eating dinosaur was discovered in China and is synonymous for its extremely long neck. There are two floors well displayed with ancient fossils of animals, insects, plants and bones. The museum is only open on Saturday and Sunday between 9 am and 5 pm.


Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre

This ultra-modern stadium was built in 2005 in commemoration of China's 10th National Games and was host to the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics. The stadium is truly a fascinating place to browse being home to a 60,000 seat outdoor stadium, an Olympic length pool, a diving pool that is 6 metres in depth and also a children's wading pool. Of course, if swimming is not your thing there are facilities for ping pong, snooker, and squash. The Stadium is quite close to the Somerset Youth Olympic Nanjing located in the vibrant business district of Hexi. As such from the comfort of your Nanjing serviced apartments you can easily access the sports centre for some recreational activities.


Hongshan Forest Zoo

Head over to the gorgeous tree lined forest reserve of Hongshan and you will come across over 3,000 species of animals. Amongst these are the rare and extremely cuddly looking giant pandas as well as ginger furred snub nosed variety of monkeys. Some of the random displays that take place at the zoo include an Australian section where critters from down under are on display. A heads up though would be to let you know that local visitors may shock you, as China's zoo ethos includes kids banging on the glass of the gorilla reserves and adults dangling their kids over the tiger pens for a better view. The zoo is open daily from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm.


Nanjing Underwater World

This aquarium is home to over 200 marine animals; and is made up of 4,000 cubic metre body of water, which is traversed via a 74 metre long underwater tube. There you are treated to shark feeding and performances by mermaids.